Russian Missiles

I don’t think that anyone is surprised that Russian missiles went off guidance and struck inside Poland unintentionally. That they killed two Poles and that the Russians admit nothing, deny everything, etc. does not play well.  Apparently, they were intended to strike a target in Ukraine 60 miles distant.

According to the AP news agency, a senior US intelligence official said that the missiles were of Russian origin. Poland’s Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, has convened the Committee of the Council of Ministers for National Security and Defense Affairs “as a matter of urgency”, government spokesman Piotr Müller confirmed, with local news sites claiming this is likely the result of the explosions. A spokesperson for the Polish government said the readiness of their military units is being raised.

However, Russia’s Ministry of Defence were quick to deny the missile strike, instead claiming that the reports were a “deliberate provocation”. They went on to claim the “no strikes were made against targets near the Ukrainian-Polish state border by Russian weapons” – despite the multiple missile strikes hitting Lviv, a Ukrainian city about 62 miles south of Przewodów and only 50 miles from the Ukrainian border, just hours earlier today.

It would have been better if Russia had expressed regret and would have offered appropriate reparations, but that’s not how they roll.

(Breitbart) The Hungarian government, a party to the NATO alliance which has hitherto urged a peaceful resolution to the war in Ukraine and pragmatic engagement with Russia, has meanwhile confirmed that it is convening its Defence Council.

The Russian standard for the accuracy and for quality of missiles and rockets is not the same as everyone else’s.


  1. While I don’t support the Russians, I look at “our” people that support Ukraine and say a pox on all of them. Lump Zelensky in with Biden, Pelosi, and those of similar ilk.

    • So a few years ago the “dan pearlman” (lower case their preference) company created a stunning and brave ad campaign in Germany. The theme was “Typisch Deutsch” (Typical German). Here is a sample:

      I envision a new campaign: типовий українець (Typical Ukrainian).
      Volodymyr Zelenskyy, типовий українець
      Ihor Kolomoiskiy, типовий українець
      Alexander Vindman, типовий українець
      and so forth.

      We could probably throw in the man of the hour, Sam Bankman-Fried, plus Caroline Ellison (his girlfriend/CEO of Alameda Research) as honorary typical Ukrainians. The things that Wikipedia tells you about people: SBF is vegan and Ellison is polyamorous.

  2. I’m with NFO and S. L. Plenty of people saying it was a couple of Ukrainian S 300s that went astray or a deliberate hit-a-tractor-get-more-aid ploy. To be fair, photos look pretty S 300. Then again, maybe the Russkies just missed.

    But whatev, we can imagine Article 5 and the draft. Poor DIs, having to sort through all those pronouns! Miserable.

    • 1. The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was based on much thinner information and it resulted in 55,000 American KIA in Vietnam. However, the defense contractors did make bank.

      2. No Afghans hijacked aircraft and flew them into buildings on Sept. 11. It was planned by Wahhabitss in Saudi Arabia, but it would have been bad form to have wiped out our “ally”.

      3. The Invasion of Iraq was predicated on weapons of mass destruction that Saddam Hussein. was said to possess but didn’t. And USGOV knew that he didn’t have them.

      So why wouldn’t a couple of errant S-300 SAMs dropping in Poland start WW3?

  3. These people think they can “manage” this.
    I honestly cannot be sure if they see nuclear war as a positive outcome or not.
    We have the weakest, most incompetent government in our history, and I’m not sure if they are actually running things. Who, or whatever it is apparently is experiencing an alternate reality.
    We are at our most vulnerable since 1812 without the cohesion or competence.
    This can get rapidly out of hand, and we will be lucky (?) to survive

    • I’m with you Sam, I believe they have a plan and think they are in control – whether they actually are is an open question.
      I strongly suspect that they aren’t as in control as they think they are.
      I am quite interested in who “they” actually are would surprised to actually find out.
      My suspicion is that “they” are a number of people who sometimes work together and sometimes fight…

  4. Breaking news! Demorats sent over 50 billion dollars to Zelensky, who with his cronies took their 10% cut and then invested the US taxpayer money heavily in Crypto currency (FTX), who then laundered the money back to the dem politicians in the form of campaign contributions totaling over 38 million for the midterms. Oh wait! Look over there! A missile strike in Poland! WW3! Forget the money laundering! Nothing to see there. Wag the dog.

      • Well that’s just peachy…let’s just include ALL the lunatics in the world in this Administrations “adults in the room” foolishness which has the added sharp stick in the eye effect of We The People taking it in the shorts at the hands of The Stye Incompetents.

        Gotta figure out a way to eliminate my Federal tax burden, Starve The Beast.

        • that’s easy, and hard. fill out your w-2 as non-withholding or twenty seven dependents, sell everything, and lease/rent in cash if possible. or become a drug trafficker etc.

          • Do what the Vietnamese-American immigrants do. Put everything in the name of a dead relative in the old country. (pick your old country) and work under a different name – the bastard never pays taxes. It’s proven to work. The welfare queens have been doing it for generations.

          • When the DC thieves tax SS “income” that we were taxed to pay into – a now empty coffer because thieves can only do what thieves do – especially if we had privately invested those same funds…you can almost never get away from their grabby tentacles.

          • LL- I could identify as a birthing person, “get pregnant”, then pick up some monthly Welfare checks. I heard Hello Fresh takes EBT. Heck, might even get a free Obama Phone and ObamaCare that others pay for. Do this enough times and I’d be sittin’ pretty (as an ugly chick)…all tax free. Win, win.


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