215 Measly Feet

That’s all that it would take.

Good-bye Phili, good-bye Baltimore, and good-bye Martha’s Vineyard – I don’t think that Barack can swim.

Pictured: Philadelphia with 215 ft of sea-level rise.

Source: conspiracyofcartographers.com

I’ll add Boston for Mike_C. (below)


MAC-V SOG in Vietnam

On the far left is Canadian bow hunter Bob Graham who took his hunting bow with him during operations in Cambodia.



The First Fleet in Sydney Cove, by Frank Allen ( 1944-)

On Sunday, 13 May 1787, eleven small ships, under the command of Commander in Chief Arthur Phillip, carrying a total of 1,787 people, set sail from Portsmouth, England, on an epic voyage of over 13,000 miles (24,000kms) which founded the nation of Australia. On the afternoon of Friday, 18th January 1788, 252 days after leaving Portsmouth, the brig HMS Supply, led the rest of the fleet into Botany Bay, which was suggested by Captain James Cook as a suitable place to start a settlement in Australia.

After finding Botany Bay unsuitable for settlement, On January 21st, Commander Phillip and Second Lieutenant, Philip Gidley King decided to take three longboats and explore Port Jackson, which was noted by Capt Cook as he sailed past there in 1770. Needless to say, they found paradise. Philip, King, and their crew arrived back in Botany Bay on the evening of the 23rd and then spent the next day packing up and prepare for the trip to Port Jackson on first light the following morning. On 25 January, a strong south-easterly wind delayed their departure, with only the HMS Supply managing to get through the heads of Botany Bay. She dropped anchor in Sydney Cove around 7 pm. The rest of the fleet dropped anchor there during the afternoon on 26 January, completing this epic voyage.

A celebration was held that evening with most of the personnel agreeing that this was the most beautiful and safest harbor in the world.

HM Bark Endeavour

Now the modern Nazis have locked down Sydney because it’s the cold and flu season. Wow.


Track Shoe Price Differential

They’re free in the US if you’re black. You just shoplift them.


Killing Babies (for fun and profit)


Official Results of Russia’s Duma Elections


Flordia – America’s New Mecca!

The 2010-2020 Florida population shift. Massive growth and very very little loss. The on loss there is is in the panhandle and the lake Okeechobee areas. It’s interesting to me that the largest growth is concentrated in the exact center of the state… around Orlando.

People should move to Florida in order to escape the liberal scrotes that plague the nation, not Arizona. There are enough people in Arizona.



  1. Kansas seems to be in a downward population trend. Admittedly it takes a special person to want to stand knee deep in mud and have dust blow into your eyes at 40 mph. It seems to keep most of the riff-raft out however!

  2. Make it 105′ sea rise, clean the place out of “debris”.

    My brother wants to start a new movement, I call it TAG – Take America Back. The lawlessness by officials at every level, the lies spewed with their perception management, leaving Americans to die horrible deaths in Afghanistan, the forced control using a stupid virus that any other year would be a nit on the scale of concern, forcing people to take an experimental DNA manipulator “vax”, and the propaganda machine that is the MSM. Everything is obvious this is the open destruction of the Constitution and our country. REAL Americans have had it.

    First up would be the border. When a President lies through his teeth, spouting whatever comes through his earpiece, that’s the beginning of the end. So…get anyone who can to line the border, effectively blocking those 1700 +/- miles and stop the Democrat gene-pool infiltration train in its tracks.

    Next up would be the removal of every politician involved…follow the money, see who got paid beyond their salary, and clean house.

    I’m in.

    • I’ve been reading state statutes and regulations. It occurs to me that the volume of such is due to career politicians. They live in an isolated bubble which becomes ever narrow the longer they ‘serve’ in office. They write laws for the real world yet they are ignorant of the same.

      Example: exactly ONE paragraph is the original statute. Following is SEVENTEEN separate amendments of that paragraph. Several of those amendments feature exemptions and special clauses i through xxiii. So imagine the length of paragraphs all which seek to ‘clarify’ the one original paragraph. Mind you, that one paragraph was at one time thought to be sufficient. Rumor is a new(er) revision is soon to come.

      Think of all the electronic trees to be felled for such weighty tomes of governance. Afterwards, the hoity toity will retire to crumpets and tea content in a job will done.
      My theory is because they are career politicians they do not think of the reality of the laws they pass. They do not because they are long time isolated from the world therefore do not possess the broad, well rounded understanding of such things. Contrast this to the Founders who wrote not too many words to govern an entire nation. Because the Founders had a broad knowledge of things and the faculties to understand.

      • Well stated.

        The crux is how to reverse the trend? When you aren’t getting the answers you want, check your premises. I tend to go back to basics, The Constitution gives us all we need to do that.

        This will get uglier.

  3. Have no fear – (p)Resident Biden will probably move the Afghanis (as well as some more Somalis, likely) to Florida, completely ruining a beautiful state

  4. Amusing, when people escape CA, they soon declare their adopted home full and need no more emigrants. Reminds me of my father’s remarks, circa 1970 in Steamboat Springs, CO, “An environmentalist is a man who bought his five acres last year”.

    • I lived in a very beautiful rural county. It is one of the ‘cow counties’ in CA. It was wonderful that is until the city folk ‘discovered’ us. They moved in in droves. You could oft tell the new comer by how loudly they complained of the new comers.

      Brash, insolent, carrying their big city attitudes to the hayseeds. I happen to spy a car with a vanity license plate; I HATE LA. Since it was in a parking lot I had the chance to ask the owner about it. Oh I wish I hadn’t for he launched into a tirade of how terrible that city is. That I reminded him that we aren’t there seemed to reignite his fuse. To carry that animosity seemed a badge of honor to him. Oh, and he glared at me with cunning suspicion as if planning my demise or at least the target of his wrath.

      Ending on a good note, it was typical of many that they returned to their vile haunts within a year.

  5. One wonders if a Khan Noonien Singh will show up in Australia around Botany Bay any time soon…
    Or is the problem that he HAS shown up, and taken over?

  6. We’ll still be a 450′ after that sea-rise. Bus routes’ll sure be shorter, though.

    The time to move to Florida is in the past. The place is now filling up with Pinkos fleeing the places they’ve already ruined.

    Also, most of Florida is barely inhabitable, IMO.


  7. That Conspiracy of Cartographers site is way cool!

    I find myself on Hale Island this afternoon (Boston map).

    Might have to buy that one.

  8. “On the far left is Canadian bow hunter Bob Graham who took his hunting bow with him during operations in Cambodia”.

    Does anyone remember monthly school assemblies where you were exposed to all kinds of different things? One I remember involved bows in military operations. One of the presenters discussed how bows were used during the Korean conflict by recon units.

    • I think that the only thing many kids see these days is men dressed up like women who encourage them to do the same.

    • I remember those. One time we had a quick-draw artist doing a demonstration. Afterwards, there was a question and answer session at a table set up with his hardware on display.
      Grade schooler me looked at the revolvers, with the cut-away trigger guards, beefed up hammer with extra metal to ensure secure cocking, tape wrapped around the handles….you get the picture. Anyway, I asked how much they were modified from stock revolvers and he claimed ‘these ARE stock revolvers’. I just looked up at him, quietly turned around, and walked away. Figured there was nothing he had to say that was worth listening to.

    • Friend’s dad’s helo was shot down in Vietnam by a crossbow.

      They keep telling me bows haven’t been used effectively in wars since before 1900. But there’s Mad Jack Churchill, the Canuck above and lots of Vietnamese who used bows…

      Once again, more stuff my teachers flat-out lied to me about.

      • You are correct regarding the use of bows, in South Vietnam, except those in South Vietnam who traditionally used bows were not of Vietnamese ethnicity, they were Montagnards, and the bows they used were crossbows. They utilised these for both hunting and tribal fighting. Although they were armed by us, and before us the French, with modern weapons for war fighting, they still used crossbows for hunting and, where we used suppressed pistols and suppressed submachine guns, as required, they used the crossbow. The Iban, in Borneo, with whom I worked during the Indonesian Confrontation, also used crossbows, as well as blowpipes, for both tribal fighting and hunting. When working with us they used the crossbow and blowpipe in the same way we used suppressed weapons.

  9. I appreciate the inclusion of the flooded-Boston map. The cartographers had fun with the names, and good on them. Thirty years ago I was a grad student living on Arlington Isle, but if the seas rose 215 feet today I’d be fish food.

  10. I don’t want the sea levels to rise (and they aren’t) but some ground subsidence, like what’s happening to New Orleans, Venice (Italy) and other places? Sure, go ahead.

    If the oceans have risen as much as the leftist whackos said they have in the last 100 years, my mom’s house would be underwater, most of the islands in Micronesia would be underwater, Miami and lots of other places would be underwater.

    We need common-sense liberal control.

  11. As to Florida, if you don’t love freedom of choice, freedom of life, freedom of air, then stay home in your polluted festering over-taxed craphole. Seriously, if you love New Joisey or New Hork City so much, then stay there. Don’t bring your yankee liberal unethical lifestyle down here. We have enough problems with foreign invaders (like snakes, iguanas, tegu lizards, various birds, Canucks…)

  12. A very close friend was showing me a picture of a wild pig he had taken the prior weekend with his new compound bow.
    He paused and said, “You know, the last time I killed anything with a bow was one night when I shot a Viet Cong sentry through the throat while he was taking a long hit on a marijuana cigarette”.
    Best not to under estimate old men.

  13. Larry,
    One of your irresistible links took me to November 30th, 2016.
    According to one comment:
    “Suz December 1, 2016 At 1:30 am
    Actually Detroit has been slowly increasing in manufacturing again. Shinola watches and bicycles are made there. I hope Trump does send more jabs/plants there, it will increase the tax base and decrease how much the rest of MI gets hit paying for Detroit’s past nonsense.

    Suz December 1, 2016 At 1:30 am
    jobs not jabs…
    Stupid computer!”
    A prophetic electronic device?

    • Florida Man is a mythical creature. Look further into all instances and they are NOT Florida but kicked out of wherever they came from and ended up in Florida Man stories.

      Like all the dead bodies found along the Jersey Turnpike. The media calls it a Florida Man story because Florida Cops and Florida Prosecutors actually caught, charged and convicted the murderers, who were from New Jersey. The murderers were just stupid enough to come down here and do something illegal and our cops actually are allowed to deal with criminals like they are criminals.

      Typical Florida Man story reads like “Florida Man named Joe Dingus committed tree buggery while naked and drunk alongside the Florida Turnpike. (ten paragraphs later) Joe Dingus was from East Craphole, New York, and had a history of doing the same up in NY but was never convicted, pleaing to lesser charges of inappropriate trimming and paying fines.

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