Sometimes I run onto ideas that others present and I say, “Genius!” This grilled cheese food trailer is one of those ideas. The owner is a total a$$hole and my guess is that he/she/whoever makes a killer grilled cheese sandwich. For a buck.

You should be able to click the photos to get a better read on things if it’s too small in your browser.

I’d make one kind of cheese sandwich, white bread, bulk medium sharp cheddar, bulk butter, greasy and no options. Which I think the person is doing with this new business. No, it’s likely not your Mother who is flipping grilled cheese at a buck a throw. I know this because they’re not offering a side of tomato soup.


I’d make one dollar tacos that have meat that doesn’t resemble cat food wedged into the bent tortilla.

And blended margaritas particularly on Mother’s Day because you know that you’re the reason that she drinks.


Hey, I may not be a chef. I don’t cook as well as LSP. But I have some skills and imagination. I did come up with the idea for the book, “How to Make Money by Being a Government Informant.” I’d have the rats scuttling to to download the straight scoop and make a fortune by informing on their friends and neighbors. Come on, don’t judge. You don’t like your neighbors anymore than I do. And there has to be an uncle or an aunt who belongs behind bars, somebody you can denounce to a Democrat simply because they are always blaming your Mother for giving birth to you.


Happy Mother’s Day to your mothers, wherever they may be. They have my deepest and most heartfelt sympathy for putting up with their children.


    • I think that we all swam in those waters, Ed.

      The Grilled Cheese trailer is a work of GENIUS, a masterpiece.

  1. Looks like the kind of food truck I’d run. Kinda like the “Grilled Cheese Nazi”, or the “Billy Goat Cafe” on SNL.

    NO COKE!



    • I was thinking of the Soup Nazi when I was reading the warnings painted on the side of the trailer. A CLASSIC. That and Belushi/Akroyd slinging burgers on SNL back when it was funny.

  2. LL: My wife says to thank you for your Mother’s Day greeting.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  3. Like many others, my mom had the proverbial eyes in the back of her head. Geez.

    The Grilled Cheese cart is excellent…probably has a line around the block half the day and has zero whiny customer problems.

  4. I have two, extremely good, ‘How to get stinking rich’ books. And yet, here I sit, two margaritas down and none the wiser. Or richer. Bugger.

    • Have a third margarita.

      Come to think of it, are you drinking those HUGE Texas margaritas with six shots of tequila in them, or small margaritas?

      You may be thinking too small.

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