Historical References

A German anti-tank team during winter on the Eastern Front. The early version of the Panzerschreck did not have a blast shield, so soldiers were instructed to wear their gas masks to protect their faces. March 1944


The Battle of Imphal-Kohima March – July 1944: A British M3 Lee tank crosses a river north of Imphal to meet the Japanese advance. The M3 was considered obsolete for the European Theatre by mid-1943, but was more than adequate for the British vs. IJA tanks in the China-India-Burma Theater.


Early mechanization of the Royal Artillery; an 18-pounder gun towed by a Morris Commercial half-track in 1930.


The Piłsudski “tank” during the Polish-Soviet War, 1920. The vehicle was often seen sporting a US flag, as a mark of American support for Polish independence, expressed in Woodrow Wilson’s 14 points.


Beans goes camping


Bullet Points:

* Another conflict of interest? (say it isn’t so) In an analysis of documents obtained via a freedom of information request, key leadership for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) hold important positions in multinational food and agribusiness companies, according to Angela Carriedo, PhD, of the World Public Health Nutrition Association, and colleagues. The AND has also invested funds in corporations such as Nestle, PepsiCo, and pharmaceutical companies, and has accepted substantial corporate financial contributions, Carriedo and colleagues reported in the journal Public Health Nutrition.

The ultra-processed food industry uses its influence to hook people on its products and it is able to corrupt health groups like the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to legitimize and perpetuate its hold on our nation’s stomachs, and that’s why this is important.

* Taylor Swift has made millions of dollars from the poor choices that she made with men. She endorsed Pedo Joe.

* FDA approval doesn’t mean a thing now, except that Pedo Joe or Hunter made a business deal.

* A famous doctor explains how the covid shot may have made his cancer worse. More here.

* Thumb on the scale? There’s been a lot of chatter about the Arizona governor’s race with Republican Kari Lake facing Katie Hobbs, a Democrat. One of the interesting facets of the race includes the fact that Hobbs, in her current position as Secretary of State, will be in charge of overseeing the process and fairness regarding her own race. Those two million votes for Hobbs that come in at 3 am after the place is closed are certain to be judged to be “free and fair”. We’ve seen this move before.

* Top or Bottom? Or just too much information:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) should be proud that she has a queer husband. It’s very woke.


Bloody Mexico

I worked in Mexico for CNTPO for a few years. It was one of my last government jobs.

The U.S. Department of Defense Counter-Narcoterrorism Technology Program Office (CNTPO) has the lead for developing technology for interagency and multinational operations to disrupt, deter, and deny narcoterrorist activities in an effort to reduce trafficking in illegal narcotics and materials that support global terrorist activities.

This sort of thing was actually common:

A dog has run down the street with a decapitated human head clutched in its jaws after snatching it from a grisly crime scene in Mexico.

Terrified residents in the violence-plagued state of Zacatecas in the country’s north saw the animal fleeing a crime scene with the chopped-up head.

Officials said the dismembered head had been left at an ATM booth in Monte Escobedo late Wednesday, with a sign warning that ‘the next head is yours’.

One of my agents was beheaded at the Antares Mall in Guadalajara at about 1 am. True story. He wasn’t murdered because he was involved in opposing drug cartels. He had been fooling around with somebody’s wife (as it turns out) and the husband decided to deal with the situation in that way – because it was so common and horrible at the same time. I lost other agents and have mentioned it here on the blog in the past. Their deaths by torture were gruesome and words fail me.

CNTPO morphed into an Air Force program, of all things, after I left. Now I hear that there is another acronym for the same thing, but it’s disturbing because the drug cartels are now an extension of the Chinese Communist Party in a business sense. And today, under the Brandon regime, the border is open to embrace the unholy alliance. There was a time when being a good guy went with the job. Now you can’t be a “good guy” and be associated with the present regime. It’s all so sad.


  1. Is it any surprise that the USAF got it? Not to me, they don’t do boots on the ground, everything is airborne for them. And losses always suck…

    • I retired USAF. I was Combat Comm and in Joint Services where everything was boots on the ground except for the air transport to set up field communications in strange and unusual places.

    • Old+NFO, dang let people know before you try and “fire for effect” 😉

      Don’t know enough about the Counter-Narcoterrorism Technology Program Office mission to have a comment about whether the AF was a good fit or not but can speak to the fact that there is a whole lot of ground in the AF mission. Heck besides the Combat Comm people, there are SF which are basically light infantry, CE, Combat Controllers, SERE, CROs, Medical, and a whole bunch of other fields that only use aircraft to get from one place where they do their job to another place where they do their job. Even Finance and Contracting get in on the act. Before things settled down in Iraq and Afghanistan and SF44s (basically a government promissory note) became accepted, a finance guy (or gal) and a Contracting guy (or gal) would go out into the community by themselves to buy stuff that the base they were supporting needed. Just the two people and 20 or 30k worth of greenbacks. Oh and they only had M9s since M4s would scare the locals. I always thought that was absolutely insane but it helped get the job done.

      +1 on the losses always suck. They are your friends, comrades, or just someone who you didn’t know but got their ticket punched even though they did their all.

  2. I’m never going to Mexico, that blurb just solidified my decision.

    Lake-Hobbs: According to some AZ news outlet the outcome has apparently already been decided with Hobbs winning. Did Hobbs know how the vote went before the vote count? Likely she got a Tweet/email/text beforehand stating the “found” 2 mil votes had been included, hence no need to debate. That’s winning fair and square Democrat style.

    That Pelosi deal is his Chappaquiddick Part 2 (DUI was Part 1). The Narrative Control minions are standing on their heads spinning this thing to avoid visibility into the man’s disgusting sinful behavior. And he’s just ONE.

    Never envy the rich and powerful.

    • BTW, Lake is a masterful troll-er against those who think they are our betters:

      “I think the scariest costume you could put on for Halloween would be Liz Cheney. You’ll get no candy at anyone’s door.”

      That’s just great!

  3. From the second that I heard that at least one of them was in underwear, I knew that butt pirates and rump rangers were involved. Funny how the media is trying to make this an evil right-wing plot. Um, yeah… No…

    As to Mexico, this was the way it has always been. Just wasn’t covered as much in the media back in the day. When my dad was unmarried, he would travel across the border for his training squadron in order to pick up lots of booze cheaper than what could be bought on base. Beheadings, lynchings, evicerations, all of the ‘evil’ of modern Mexico was found in the early 1950s Mexico, again, just not reported and sensationalized. Why? Because, sadly, it was Mexico. Mexicans being Mexicans, sadly.

    Nice tents. I prefer a Norman wedge tent for historical reasons but those circular tents are nice.

  4. Nearly thirty years ago my shooting buddy was a member of an interagency drug task force (he was with the SO). He had done the CAMP thing too, but refused to fly in helicopters…”parts flying in loose formation” or some such blather.
    After about a year and learning some of what was happening in the drug business he requested a transfer out.
    He told me he had reached a point where he was about to be handed a thick envelope and told to take it and shut up or his family would be killed…painfully.
    Patrolling South County on graves was better than standing over open graves.

    Plata o promo.
    You want death squads?
    This is how you get death squads.
    Kill some cops and/or their families.
    Phoenix vets and the instructors for The School of the America’s had to go to work somewhere…

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