Biden Crime Family?

(Link here). “Another contractor says he has a feeling the Biden administration has a hand in orchestrating the operation, before admitting he believes the government wants secrecy because they’re betraying the American people.”

Footage obtained by Tucker Carlson shows feds dropping off illegals at a small airport, to be transported elsewhere.

‘The US government is not allowed to abet the breaking of federal law. Sorry. And that’s exactly what they’re doing,’ Tucker says.


Impeach Biden?

America says yes. Something for Congress to put on the agenda after the mid-terms.


Employer – Employee?


A Cultural Shift?

(Epoch times – h/t Claudio) The article is worth reading and I think that the author hits the nail on the head. There is a lot of anger out there because vaxing didn’t work as advertised, masks were a joke as was social distancing. Everyone was fed a bill of goods and now people are waking up with their pants pulled down and no warm washcloth to clean up.

Times have changed. The soccer mom has been replaced by the COVID mom, the type of woman who protests against vaccine mandates for kids, mandatory masking, school closures, and the likes. These moms signal a profound cultural shift; they may very well decide the fate of the country, including Joe Biden’s successor. They are angry, justifiably so, and this anger will bring change.

I wonder how long the outrage will last? Maybe a lot longer with empty shelves at the store, runaway inflation,  high fuel prices and a doddering fool who whispers into the microphone at press conferences.


Chip off the Old Block?

A Likely Lad?

You be the judge…

Proud mom and dad with baby Justin.

The Prime Minister of Canada condemns truckers protesting mandates while going into hiding because he’s Covid positive, triple vaxed, and double boosted. It is the purest form of buffoonery.

Trudeau and friends are not addressing their own lies,  their outrage is directed against the people who didn’t fall for it.


Clapton Speaks against the Vax

Famed rock guitarist Eric Clapton says he was duped into taking one of the experimental COVID-19 jabs by “subliminal messaging” and “mass formation hypnosis” and others shouldn’t fall for it.

Clapton, 76, described the “disastrous” side effects he sustained after taking the jab, explaining his hands were “either frozen, numb or burning, and pretty much useless.”

He cited the work of Belgian psychologist Mattias Desmet, whose theory suggests a sort of mind control that has taken over society, “allowing for unscrupulous leaders to easily manipulate populations into, for example, accepting vaccines or wearing face masks,” the report said.



        • It’s important to start your kids in camo young. I started my girls with paintball so they’d get accustomed to shooting at live, moving, human targets when they were young. Now that they’re older they appreciate learning fire discipline and fire-and-move drills, understanding the difference between cover and concealment. Now they have children of their own.

  1. Great last meme. One of the things I like most when going and visiting my son and his family is going out shooting with the grand kids.

  2. The recidivism rate for the target in that last meme is exactly Zero percent forever, while the rate for target’s “friends” my be higher than that, I would bet that it has just taken a huge drop, much like their underwear.

  3. I bloviated enough in the earlier post, no point in repeating…however:

    +1! to all of the above comments (and all those who follow below).

  4. There’s a pic out there of a Canadian trucker taking a break, with a large sign saying “Stop Castro’s Little Bastard”.

  5. Look, I’m not saying that Justine’s Castro’s son, but I’m not saying he isn’t, either.

    Soccer mom’s in Calgary suburbs are going full trucker. I know this.

  6. I read the RCMP are taking the path of all good government employees. That won’t end well, since they’re far outnumbered, their efforts will lead to violence, and their masters will hide. In the end, they’ll be ineffectual, they will have no cooperation with the citizens, and the culls that remain will have to constantly watch their backs. Recruiting new officers will be interesting to watch, and if the pay is good, they’ll get more than their share of mercenaries, instead of peace officers.

    • Maybe the Trudeau regime needs more mercenaries? If I was going to institute a communist state, I’d want my apparatchiks to display the characteristics of mercenaries.

      • Maybe Justine is “back home” 90 miles south of Florida, recruiting and replenishing the ranks. Pretty high unemployment in Quber, from what I hear.

  7. turdeau is disgusting. today he released a statement that insinuated the truckers were racist nazi homophobic transphobic every other phobic russian agents. he should be considered abdicating the position and replaced. a leader should have to stand in the face of fury. they are trying to get the truckers towed but so far no tow companies will take that order. the police are controlling access in some areas to deny them food/water etc. the politicians double down. why? makes no sense. now they want to vax babies! the fda pulled monoclonal antibody therapy, approved the moderna jab. its like they can’t stop themselves. i noticed that every time foxnews has a controversial guest on, the audio cuts out, like they are being jammed.
    but good news? slojoes days are numbered. you can get away with murder but you better not call a reporter a stupid s.o.b. the ny times wants hunters laptop now. other media outlets are piling on, asking difficult questions. matter of time. time for el prezidente kamelface.

    • The marginalizing machine is massive, and dangerous to regular folks who want to live their live unmolested by elites, who are getting very afraid of losing their self-appointed privilege.

    • Wei-merica (thanks Hollywood degenerates and “activist” tools) is now heading for Amerizuela (and I don’t blame the left nearly as much as I blame vulture “capitalists” such as hedge funders and currency manipulators). I think Bracken coined “Rwanda times Bosnia”. Maybe eventually, but we’re on the precipice of Weimar times Venezuela, only with more deviance and perversion.

      I’m starting to see how The Most Evil People Ever (who did The Worst Thing in All History, Past and Future) gained power.

      • Bracken’s “Rwanda times Bosnia” is cute… but perhaps too worldly and archaic.
        Shall we make it personal?:
        * Detroit times Baltimore times any Los Angeles rail-yard.
        * Minneapolis times Ferguson times Seattle.
        * Portland Oregon times santo frisco.
        * Two weeks to ‘flat the curve’.

  8. As shown in the photos above, every single one of these people is connected to each other, like Hollywood…for years. It’s a club, and the nepotism is massive. Hence the need for a significant house cleaning from the top down, in every agency and every K Street grifter lobby club. The only way to wreck their agenda trajectory is to remove the players, it’s never too late (Even with Trump being undermined at every turn he showed what could be done inside six months of actual work).

    Unfortunately, as the last 100 weeks to “flatten the curve” indicates, the general public in America has gotten stupider by the day, and continuing to get stupider as they stare into their screens waiting for the latest nugget of stupidity.

  9. What scandals? The enemedia assures us this is a totally clean administration, just like the election was totally clean and the Bidens have been totally clean since SloJo was born.


    As to Fidel Jr., there’s an interesting photo composite, of him and Fidel, split half and half, and the only difference is Sr. is in black-and-white and Jr. is in colour (for the Canadians out there, else it’s just color.)

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