The Vax & V-Safe

The CDC started a vaccine monitoring program back at the very beginning of the COVID shot rollout in December 2020. You might remember it. The program was called V-Safe. People were asked to install the V-safe app on their smartphones and then self-report if they have any negative effects from the experimental mRNA shots, which were released to the public under an Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA.

A lot of people were eager to help because world governments had scared many people very badly over the virus. Many thought that the COVID shots were a medical miracle in late 2020. More than 10 million people downloaded V-safe on their smartphones and then proceeded to get vaccinated.

That’s a huge sample size for a medical study. With 10 million people participating in the V-Safe self-reporting system, it gives us an extremely accurate statistical model to use when studying the 230 million Americans who have had at least one COVID shot.

The CDC tracked data in the V-safe program for the first 18 months of the vaccine’s public availability, up through July of this year (2022). But then, strangely, the CDC never published any data from V-safe. We couldn’t see it. We just had to trust the CDC, which had been caught lying repeatedly.

The CDC’s main webpage about the mRNA COVID shots still says, to this very day, “COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and free.” That’s the very first sentence on the website. Safe and effective! That’s been the CDC’s position for the entire time. The vaccines are safe, and they cannot hurt you.

If that’s true, why wouldn’t the CDC release the data until a court ordered it to do so following a lawsuit by the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN)? The data speaks for itself.

Of the 10 million people who participated in V-Safe – again, a massive sample size – 3.3 million reported Adverse Health Impacts (AHIs) immediately after their first vaccination. That’s 33% or one in three. Of those 3.3 million people, 1.2 million reported that they were unable to perform daily activities for a time after vaccination. 1.3 million reported getting so sick from the shots that they had to miss school or work. And about 800,000 reported being hospitalized by their COVID vaccination.

That last figure is the most problematic. 800,000 hospitalizations out of 10 million people? That’s an 8% hospitalization rate. It means that as many as 18 million of the 230 million people who received at least one shot may have been hospitalized with an adverse reaction.

A study published in June of 2021 by the National Institutes of Health – (where Tony Fauci works) – found that the hospitalization rate from COVID-19 for the total population was 2.1%. If you are under the age of 40, the hospitalization rate from COVID-19 is just 0.4%.

For the shots, the hospitalization rate has been 8%.

This means that:



You can read the NIH-published study HERE.

ICAN has set up a website to view the CDC’s V-Safe data online. The data was released on October 3, 2022, under a court order. You can see the data for yourself HERE.

There should be no amnesty for those people who repeatedly lied to the public and who are STILL lying to the public.


Bullet Points:

* If the GOP wins today, it means nothing if we do not hold their feet to the fire and roll back the damage that has been done to the country over the past two years. If the lesson they take away from this is “eventually we’ll get back into office no matter what we do” then it would be worse than losing.

* Pope Francis defends the appointment of pro-abortion atheist Mariana Mazzucato to the Pontifical Academy for Life, saying she would bring “a little more humanity”. There’s no way to defend this desecration of John Paul II’s work.

* Predictions? H-Reps: DEM Party 189, GOP Party 246, GOP by 56; Senate:
GOP:54 DEM:44 IN: 2 — Governors – GOP picks up Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, and Nevada

* Sun’s out, guns out, buns out? I realize that many people enjoy being nudists and it is those very people,  it seems, who shouldn’t be.  I was driving my Toyota through a somewhat remote desert area of Arizona (warm) only to turn the corner and run into about four dozen nudists running around. I know that this bullet point is nothing without photos, but I didn’t take any. I just turned the rig around and drove off. It appeared to be the beginnings of some sort of burning man celebration in Arizona, as opposed to the larger and better-attended version in Nevada.

* Marines from Russia’s 155th Naval Infantry Brigade wrote a scathing letter to their regional governor, claiming they had lost 300 servicemen and half of their military equipment in a four-day massacre in Pavlivka thanks to the catastrophic planning of Generals Rustam Muradov and Zurab Akhmedov.

Comment: A winter war where rivers and the muddy ground is frozen. favors armored warfare. The Russians seem to be unable to exploit anything and with the notable exception above with the Naval Infantry, are content with fighting a defensive war. Will the winter change the stalemate? I suspect that it will because it’s difficult for either side to fight a war of maneuver now, during the autumn rasputitsa.

The Russians have been building three lines of trenches and bunkers on the right side of the Dnieper. These defensive positions use natural and artificial barriers such as the Dnieper River and the numerous canals in the Kherson region. It opens up the possibility of an end-around those prepared positions, trapping the Russians who are unable to flee in a pocket.

“Fixed fortifications are monuments to the stupidity of man.” Gen. George S. Patton


Cartoon of the Day


Helsinki – Early Season…



  1. Bouncing around the internet, there have been a few times I’ve stumbled into pics taken at nudist colonies. I’m guessing the medical community doesn’t use these pics as emetics as they would be considered cruel and unusual punishment?

  2. My pessimistic prediction

    House: 290 Dems – 145 Republicans
    Senate: 67 Dems – 33 Republicans

    The cheat is deep and the Democrats need to update the Constitution by removing Article I Sec 4 (State Legislatures on voting) and Article II Sec 1 Paragraphs 2-3 (Electoral College) thru amendment, and modifying the 1st thru 10th Amendments and at least the 22nd Amendment (Presidential Term Limits). Or maybe they will just write a new Constitution of the United Socialist States of America.

  3. Got my voting done. With luck I’ve helped flip a seat in my new congressional district as well as seating a new governor.

  4. I am more hopeful than I was earlier that the R’s will pull majorities in both the House and Senate, as well as many state legislatures and governorship’s.

    Just a sense.

    Prayer’s to effect a serious overhaul may get answered (I believe they WILL). We still have to do our half of the equation if He does his half, follow-thru is critical to success.

    Mountain lions have been spotted in Urbana, IL, today (40 miles from relatives). Not abnormal this time of year but….Hahahahaha. They must have heard that Illinois cities are cougar sanctuaries with a decent supply of lightweight mind-numbed Lefty’s in their Lululemon and North Face running gear. Of course when a lion is observed, the panicked go against their SJW proclivities of “saving Gaia” and from behind locked doors demand the DOW immediately do something about the predator…so they can feel safe. The CDC could tell them they have a vaccine to protect against predators.

    Waiting for this evening…tap, tap, tap.

  5. Hi, Larry. Bayou Renaissance Man here. I’ve just sent you an e-mail, asking about a potential meet-up on 11/13 or 11/19, as my wife and I pass through AZ along I-40 going to and from a convention in Las Vegas, NV. If you don’t get the e-mail, please check your spam filter, and/or reply via my blog e-mail address (it’s in my profile). Thanks!

  6. From Mike_C – by way of e-mail – somewhere over the USA

    Hard to imagine there was a time I enjoyed flying. Security was a mess of line-cutting Arabs, the women in black burqas, and the men in sweat suits. (This is DTW.) Some loud-talking Bangladeshis are in my assigned seat (chosen so I could sleep leaning against the window). Guess I’m not napping. Didn’t seem worth the doubtless grief to shift the interlopers. Instead, I’m now next to some big guy wearing an N95 mask. I’m sure he and I will have much to chat about, seeing as we obviously have such congruent worldviews. A child one row back is calling loudly and shrilly for his father who apparently is not on the flight. This should be a succulent experience.

    Update: stereo! Another shrill child a row back, on the other side, has joined the acoustic fray.

    Had a drink before heading to the airport (got a ride so it’s okay). But clearly, I didn’t drink enough. I’m sort of wishing for blotto unconsciousness about now.

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Business class costs 3x what coach does and for that, you eliminate a lot of the grief. Sometimes they feed you something worth eating, but they’re a lot more liberal with the (cheap) booze.

      My shoulders are wider than the seats in coach and I can’t scrunch them that much, which means an aisle seat where I am hit by the beverage cart coming and going and by everyone who gets up to take a trip to the head.

      • I feel for Mike-C. Flying is just not fun anymore. Thankfully I fly seldom enough that I don’t go broke upgrading to business class or sometimes higher. Also have the too wide for the economy class seats shoulder problem you have. Seats really seem to continue shrinking. I thought it was me getting fatter in my dotage but the darn things are still getting smaller and I have dropped quite a few pounds since I retired.

      • I’m a little guy in the West [1], so seats usually aren’t too small for me (though there was this Spirit flight years ago…). That said seat pitch is closer than ever.

        The man whose wife took my assigned seat turned out to have a novel trick. He had half a glass of ice. He’d Hoover up a mouthful, slosh it around in his mouth for about 15 seconds, then spit the chunks of ice back into the cup (with much saliva, of course). This went on for about 10 minutes. I had my eyes closed, trying to nap, and had the devil’s own time trying to figure out what the weird noises were. Imagine lots of dice being shaken inside a cup, then sploosh. Rinse and repeat.

        When we got off the plane I saw that he and wifey had left their seats covered in fragments of potato chips. Sigh.

        [1] it’s a trip being in Asia, there I’m a medium or occasionally large off the rack. Weird and unnachurul, that is. Here, size small.

        • I haven’t been on a commercial flight since March 2020, right as the covid snit was starting to hit the fan. And, I have no plans to return to such misadventures anytime soon, if I can help it.

          • I would expect savages to be gross. I’ve seen them in their natural environments and what you observed is them, on their best behavior.

        • Have you tried those noise-cancelling headphones like the tankers wear?

          Maybe the N95 guy was planning on doing a lot of sanding on his flight?

          My sympathies. I used to love flying, but they’ve made it into hell. Now they’re working on making everything else into hell too.


      • Good for you. Mrs. and I were on the way back from Portlandia about 10 years ago and delayed in Denver. We went looking for a sammich and two alleged cowboys about 20 years younger than my antique azz sat down next to our table and commenced to eff this and eff that and mother this and that, etc. Finally I slammed my sammich down on my plate and swung my chair toward them and give ’em a five count stare before saying, I have MY WIFE over here. Can I implore you two to keep a lid on the profanity until we finish our lunch and can get the hell away from you? Silence, then, yes sir, we sure will. Good times.

      • Hah! But “provocation”? Sounds to me you did the opposite of provoking Meth Head but were instead very civil despite his incivility. Either road, more exciting and potentially serious than some slob repeatedly spitting out and sucking in his own saliva.

      • EdB. – Scherie took his window seat, and my fellow passengers said “Well played”.
        They hinted that I had provoked him to get his seat for my wife.
        I agree, well played.

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