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Job Opportunity for the Vaxed & Woke

The weekend ended (the party is over) and the IRS is hiring big time.

A change of rules now empowers the Internal Revenue Service to take a look at your bank account without due process. No search warrant, no grand jury subpoena. Don’t worry friends, it’s only Sky Net taking a look-see.

What do you have to hide, citizen…and where is your mask and your vax passport?  Have you had the latest booster?

If you don’t have one, we’re going to have to freeze that bank account until you comply. We’re doing this because love you. We’re the government and we’re here to help.


I don’t expect that they’ll be looking at the accounts of your betters, but you have been on a list for a long time. You were originally assigned the bunk near to the stove but WSF and his fierce hound Banner have taken up residence. You’re going to have to content yourself with the bunk next to the piss trough.

They’re only freezing your bank account until you love Big Brother.

Or you could join the IRS, sign on and come in for the Big Win.


This came in as a late comment on Sunday, posted here for your reference:

Mr. Lambert- Please excuse this tangent.

Many of you may have seen this.
For those who haven’t…please think long and hard before getting one of the current Covid shots:

Read this…

Time stamps in the above blog post refer to the following FDA live stream on Friday Sept 18 2021:

…the blogger below ran the numbers for the Pfizer shot based on the data from the FDA livestream above:


OV-10 Pave Nail FAC

OV-10A Pave Nail

Flown as the Pave Nail by the US Air Force and as the Bronco by the Marines, the OV-10A-G+ was one of those unique and timeless aircraft.

And it’s back.

A quarter-century after the last OV-10 Broncos left U.S. military service – not counting experiments and a brief field test in Iraq involving a pair of heavily modified OV-10G+ variants on loan from NASA – U.S. Air Force Forward Air Controllers, now dubbed Joint Terminal Air Controllers (JTACs), will be working with these light attack planes again soon during training programs and exercises.


Something we can all agree on…


Commentary on Army Life:

h/t Claudio. I don’t think it matters whose army you’re in.

35 thoughts on “More Monday Madness

  1. Tanks for the info on the IRS. I had thought that was part of the 3. whatever dollar spending spree, err I mean bill, spending bill, that’s the ticket and allowed the IRS to inspect transactions down to $600. Is this something different?

    Always, well since high school so 50+ years ago, liked the OV 10s. Just something purposeful about them.

    Change the caption in the last meme from Army to Military life. I do think all branches of the service have their brand of make work. Would not want the young troops to have spare time to plot anything.

  2. Probably doesn’t make a difference but I only use Credit Unions.

    The new reporting rules is, I believe, designed to break small town independent and regional banks. The costs for them, as a percentage of their revenue, is disportiant compared to the large national/multinational banks.

    I’m no longer concerned about bunk assignments. At my age and level of fitness, I’m useless as a slave so I will regrettably be shot resisting arrest. “If only he complied………..”

    1. My bank didn’t send me anything. I expect that they rolled over on their backs and pee’d on their bellies to curry favor with Uncle Sam.

      1. My mattress has a lump under it, or should…banks are so tied to government reporting one wonders who’s money they think it is.

  3. Love the Bronco. We should have resurrected it, which whatever company Rockwell belongs to actually did a study and found it would be easy to resurrect and make a super-Bronco for far cheaper than the Tucano, instead of the Tucano, but politics didn’t allow the Bronco to be born again.

    Twin engines, excellent vision to the front and sides, huge payload capability, multi-use capability. Loved watching them fly out of then Patrick Air Force Base. They were like watching dragonflys fly and maneuver. And they could launch sideways off a carrier, land on a carrier without arrester gear, and didn’t take up that much space.

    Dammit, something old is sometimes something new. New engines, avionics, weapons systems, stronger modern wings and tail, fix the ditching problem and, well, sadly, what I want often doesn’t happen. Poo. The military should just listen to me, we’d have super Tomcats, super Eagles, super Broncos, a navalized Warthog, no LCSessessss, and a functioning Ford carrier! Dammit!

    1. Beans, if you become king of the world, you’ll need an evil viseer to run interference for you. I’ll apply for the job.

          1. New engines on the BUFF is a pipe dream from the 60s and 70s. This thought has percolated through R&D and the Puzzle Palace for decades.

            -It will enable more planes to be used in the future
            -They won’t have the visual smoke trail
            -They will have better fuel economy and will be able to loiter or strike more targets
            -They will have less required engine maintenance to save operating dollars.

            We’ll see what happens in the future.

          2. The new re-engine program started in 2020, with the final winner being announced within this month.

            Unless the current administration nixes it.

            One of the potentially neat things about the re-engine program is that they will have overall more power, so cruising on 4-6, carrying more weight, going slightly faster, all are possible.

            Or will be.

    1. The Tucson air museum at Davis Monthan has a electrically controlled cutaway 4360. As does the Evergreen Aviation museum in McMinville OR. Talk about an insanely complex device. It was a nightmare for engine test at PW to get them oil leak free long enough for acceptance.

      Any one remember when the ATF was trying to get the surplus OV 10’s? For what exact reason a domestic Tax agency needs a light attach aircraft remains a mystery.

      1. i think that it was maybe five years ago that the Social Security Administration bought over a million rounds of ammunition.

        The OV-10’s make great observation and spotter aircraft for wildfire fighting. They can get those big tankers right in where they need to be.

  4. “Come In For The Big Win!”……must be a Jungian thing about duality of some such…..

    Broncos are cool. I’d enjoy a ride in one.

    Oh, Lord…..CINNAMON ROLLS! Cinnabon are pretty good. We have several local places that make them. The Silver Grill in Old Town has excellent ones, and Vern’s up in Laporte has good ones. Johnson’s Corner had a reputation for good ones, but WSF tells me that since they changed hands, they aren’t as good as the used to be.

    @Beans – That part of North American Rockwell, who absorbed North American Aviation, was absorbed by Boeing, along with several other SoCal aerospace companies.

      1. Hahaha!
        That made my day.

        O/T: I happened to chat with an oncology nurse today, turns out she had 15 years of ER experience before switching to onc. She reported that she was head-hunted by a very large medical center in Maine to work in their ER. Contract is monthly, but pay is $190 USD per hour. Full benefits, signing bonus, and housing provided. Yes, that works out to $380k per annum if you work 40h for 50 wks.

        While it’s not verified regarding this particular Medical Center, nontrivial numbers of nurses are quitting rather than take the jab.

      2. Hehe, good one. While all those Fort Collins shops have great cinnamon rolls, my preference has and will always be Ralph’s Bakery sticky buns (slightly different, and Ralph has passed on). Pennsylvania Dutch style, and it didn’t hurt I happened to lived next door growing up. Warmed with butter. Wolferman’s version come pretty close.

  5. Folks I know flew the OV-10s and absolutely loved them! Rough field capable, you could shove four people in the back (if necessary), and stable as hell in the air. And you just HAD to put cinnabon rolls up didn’t you… drool…

  6. My dad would say….the sargent would tell you to dig a hole, then come back and tell you to move it “over there”.

    1. Oh, and the Covid “shots” are akin to Big Trouble in Little CDC…something smells to high heaven. If anyone thinks the mRNA versions are safe, labs have gotten very good at manipulating DNA…which is mind boggling to begin with, and dangerous. Playing God with natures building blocks is playing with fire while hoping you won’t get burned…and hope is not a strategy. Same goes with trusting anything the government morons tell you…no matter how hard they dress it up for selling. Like buying a vehicle at night.

      Mandating an injection at this era in our scientific knowledge is un-American and un-Constitutional. Shaming others to get vaxed is no different. What if they said heroin was a great Covid cure, therefore everyone gets a heroin shot by mandate?

        1. Youngest oldest actor who happens to be more conservative than most out in lalaland. I’d pay to see it.

  7. What delicious cinnabons! Then there’s the IRS. Such probity.

    Smart people don’t put their money inna bank.

    Not that we have any Confederate Gold.

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