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    1. The founding fathers might have a different take on things in regard the Electoral College if they were alive today.

  1. We need to be vigilant…the Dem’s are cooking up something, having projected some of their agenda. “Come on, Man”.Biden is less than useless, Harris is not a contender, and Pelosi is faltering with more brain short-circuits each day. Trump is out there everyday running cicles around the lot of them, so The EC may be still be on their hit list as they don’t have a snowballs chance to winning Nov. 3rd. (Then again, still appears the rabid mask-wearers are Biden types, and there seem to be a lot of those who have been nrainwashed.)

    1. I remind people I meet that a face mask without eye shields is inadequate. People listen to me, fear in their eyes.

      1. “The Convicted Hard Stare”, learned from your line of work, unnerves the protected bubble urbanite who do their hunting at King Soopers.

        A local realtor has clients with large budgets looking for rural ranch property, no suitable properties available here in Northern Colorado so are going door-to-door (sort of). Rural properties in western states are at a premium, a lot of Montana is no longer “cheap” or Red…Ted Turner started that trend with his Hollywood pals, COVID has further peaked the “we’re getting out of town” semi-panicked supply/demand market.

        1. There isn’t much in Rural Arizona either. Lots of BLM land but patent land is at a premium. Somebody bought a piece of land near me. There were surveyors out pounding stakes with red ribbons on them.

          1. Oh, heavens! Don’t move to Colorado! It’s 100* and zero humidity every Spring and Summer causing HUGE forest fires, followed by -15* temps and three feet of blowing snow for the other six months!

            Nope, don’t want to come here. And we’re so far from nowhere that the Internet sucks, too! Very laggy and bad for gaming and streaming!

            Terrible place. I don’t know why anyone would want to live there!

  2. It’s so damned depressing to me that the Montana county my wife and I have planned on retiring to went for Hillary last time. It’s mostly due to Californication, but also it’s a college town, plus the degradation of K-12 “education”. We probably won’t be able to retire there without winning the lottery now, simply because of the staggering increases in real estate prices and consequent property taxes. As late as 2008, it was solid red. Even in the town I was born, it hasn’t go blue yet, but if it doesn’t this time, it will next time.

    1. I don’t know what happened to Montana. Californication? Really? If so, that’s just bad. I know that they’ve been electing donkeys to represent them lately. You can always drift south to Wyoming.

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