City of Boston apologizes for ‘accidentally’ emailing out names of unvaccinated employees.”


Private Jets

Flight map showing over the 140+ private jets that left LA after Super Bowl LVI within the first 5+ hours after the game ended.


From the Days of Sail

This has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day at all, it is part of the tradition of the Love Token. At the same time, it somehow fits this day.  These are what is known as Sailor’s Valentines.

Most of the earliest pieces date back to 1830 although there are also some earlier and older pieces. These gifts were mainly made in Nantucket, New Bedford, and Massachusetts. They are glass-covered octagonal wooden boxes in which shells were glued in beautiful patterns.

The boxes were covered with glass so that they were protected from the harsh weather conditions in the oceanic waters and the beauty of the shells remained intact for their loved ones.

Sometimes the peasants added a special sentimental message that a sailor would demand in the design, hence the name Sailors’ Valentines. The feelings typically only occurred in the smaller 9½-inch double Valentine’s Day conversations, which often featured a heart motif on the opposite side. Some of the most popular were “To My Sweetheart”, “To My Love”, “Home Again” and “From a Friend”.

The larger 13½ to 14 inch Valentine’s Glasses rarely had slogans, but on both sides, they had more elaborate shell constructions. And as you can already see, these elaborately crafted Valentine’s were for the sweetheart, wife or girlfriend at home.

Sailor’s Valentine – “Forget me not”, shell, cedar, glass, metal, cotton, tintype, ca. 1895. Courtesy of Strong Museum.

And since the Victorians enjoyed collecting and seeing what many a sailor made for his beloved, it quickly became an industry. They. were produced in the West Indies until the early 20th century. Historians believe that most of the Valentine’s of sailors came from the New Curiosity Shop on McGregor Street in Bridgetown, owned by two English brothers, B.H. and George Belgrave, who hired locals to do the Valentine’s. And they liked to be brought home as a souvenir. This is why it’s so difficult to say today which is an original from a Semmann and which is an industrial product. Whereas when Valentine’s says “Gift from Trinidad” or “Present from St. Lucia,” or those with sailors’ photographs, are generally more trinket-oriented and are clearly a souvenir. The real Valentines are extremely rare.


Sailor’s Valentine – 19th century. Possibly  Barbados


Devil’s Bridge (not far from the White Wolf Mine)


Canada: When the freedom convoy eventually does end I’m excited to see what new authoritarian laws are put in place to make sure it can never happen again.



    • It will be a great day when she and Slick Willy stand before the Bar of Judgement and leave us in peace here on the Third Rock.

  1. Rugged, beautiful, and deadly country up there! Re the Sailor’s Valentines, some of the museums in the NE had a few of them on display. Most seemed to be from the late 1800s.

    • Blood will tell.

      @Mx. Fed: that means “like father, like son”. Because “blood” basically means “genetics” in this context. It is NOT an incitement to harm anyone.

  2. Mike Rowe just did a Dirty Jobs show on hunting and killing iguanas in Florida, I think it was. Pretty interesting.

    The sailor valentines are pretty neat, too. Very interesting.

    Devil’s Bridge is gorgeous.
    You all be safe and God bless.

    • There are iguana hunting videos on yousetubbies. Fun to watch.

      Or you can just let it get down below 40 degrees and go out and pick them up off the ground.

      Supposedly you can eat them, free range and all, and some say they taste better grilled with the skin on.

      • Free range iguana is clearly more wholesome than that vat-grown meat that Bill Gates is trying to peddle.

        • Ingredients:

          Beef: Beef, range fed or otherwise.

          Mystery Meat: 25+/- chemicals and other things, mostly sunflower oil and stuff not good for a person. The new Soylent Brown.

  3. One of my ancestors, First Mate on a whaler out of New Bedford, gave his Captain a Valentine- set the poor bastard adrift in a whaling dory in the middle of the South Pacific, with full approval of the crew.
    Apparently he returned safely a year later, having been picked up by another ship. No hard feelings, according to the family history.
    I am indebted to my grandmother and kin for writing all these stories down, shows a streak of irascibility and independence has run through the family for a long long time.

  4. most of that 140 were likely globo-warmening dweebs, like miss theron. i’ve been watching c17s streaming in and out of ft. bragg. they seem to be in a hurry. i wonder how much globo- warmening they get out of those monsters. or a 20 megaton? chatter about putin kicking things off wednesday. more likely brandon will. its funny how the talking heads are going wacko about hillary. “greatest political scandal of all time” says rubio. this isn’t even a drop in the bucket of hillary scandals. even dems are piling on. still no word on kamelface going to europe to save the day and claim her nobel. and yes, little fidel pulled out the old emergency power. sure, he can make them leave. but he can’t make them haul food or anything else. beautiful bridge. i hope to get out west again before i die.

  5. Canada…elections matter. Vote in a deranged lefty weasel and kiss your freedoms goodbye when you disagree with their rampant oppressive idiocy. At least here the Left steal elections fair and square, out in the open, at 2 AM, and spy on opponents and a President they don’t like because he has the truth of your treacherous activities to undermine the man and office. What the hell did we spend $35 million dollars on to investigate when it produced nothing? Hell is expanding their eternal camps, they need the cots.

    Time for HRC to wear a prison jumpsuit, or better yet, a skydiving jumpsuit sans parachute. What a despicable evil piece of human debris. But we knew that already, this latest revelation just proves it.

    Went south into Fort Collins, errands with some reconnaissance after the mask stupidity was lifted Saturday (the 12th must have been a magic date as the Dems feel the heat this far out from November). Felt almost normal after two years of willful destruction. Odd though, about 30% haven’t gotten the memo, still clinging to their fear.

    On a better note, what a stunning piece of God’s nature. Lucky you.

    • I went into Flagstaff (AZ) to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Somewhere over half the people wore masks even though Arizona has been mask-free since the plague started. *caveat – some businesses required them but the State didn’t. Flagstaff is an outlier. You don’t see masks in many other places. Now, I have no problem with people wanting to wear them. It’s the mandates that I oppose.

      • @WSF & B- Was merely stating the obvious (with some spleen venting), sometimes ya just need to say it out loud. Thing is, everyone “here” understands. Maybe it’s the 80/20 rule in play, we’re the 20%.

        @LL- It’s the physical “mask” manifesting the psychological mask that some people like, allows them to hide. Okay by me, but not God’s prescription for living life elegantly and to the full.

  6. And how many are surprised by what Durham said? Especially since it was reported that the HRC team said all of that openly back in 2016, crowed about it in bars, at parties, in the media, everywhere they went.

    But it took 6 years?

    Next you’ll tell me the CIA didn’t know and were openly hiding the location of Osama Bin Ladin from Bush II so he couldn’t get the creds.

    • The OBL (Osama bin Laden) matter is sticky. How long did the US closely monitor his activities in order to be able to thwart moves and counter moves from AQ? I don’t know.

      • And how many in the Clinton-legacy CIA hid information from Bush because they didn’t want to give him the win?

        It’s like with Obama. Funny that a lot of the top thugs didn’t get whacked while under Barky the Lightbringer except when his (Barky) ratings tanked. And the actual OBL whacking came at a very very suspicious time when Barky’s ratings were continually tanking and he (Barky) needed a boost for the beginning of his reelection campaign.

        Yes, there’s the “Coventry” issue about killing the info lines, but when your top guy’s whereabouts are known and the kill order is on file, letting the top guy just run around is idiotic. Like us not bombing the Viet assembly building or whacking Ho Chi Mihn or other top officials when we had a chance. How would that have changed the progress of the Vietnam War? We had the ability, albeit in more a mass smiting than a precision smiting, but we had it.

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