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Birth Rates

Continued from  earlier this morning.

You can’t have a national identity and a social continuity if you breed yourself out of existence.

I would argue that this contributed to the Russian decision to invade Ukraine. The prediction may be false, but China, Russia, and Japan don’t think that it is. Elon Musk weighed in on this as well, though he’s done his part by fathering eight children and being able to provide for them. The Musks are just another African-American family.

There’s more on Roe v Wade below including a bit from the Bee. There are places in the world that is encouraging live births for their very survival. How ironic that there is so much anger toward live babies in the USA.



she asked YOU for a boost to see what was on the top shelf, would you help her?


Raising Cane

better than KFC


Go Woke – Go Broke!

As Netflix continues to struggle financially, it has decided to cancel the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle’s animated series in an attempt to cut costs. I was shocked and dismayed. It sounds racist to me. They’re picking on her inner-city background.

Netflix had partnered with Archewell Productions, which is the company formed by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and Markle was originally announced as the executive producer of the animated series.

I don’t know if it’s landed on these massive egos that nobody cares about them outside of a tiny coterie of slavish sycophants.  The same can be said of the Obama partnership with Netflix. The blush is off the rose.


From The Bee

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Democrats have gathered in force on the steps of the Supreme Court Building to express their collective outrage at possibly having to drive a few hours to commit murder.

“A five-hour round trip just to be able to murder a baby? Does the oppression never end?” cried Senator Warren, surrounded by protesters. “No woman should ever have to fill up with gas in order to meet a hitman!”

After the news broke of Roe possibly being overturned, liberals initially took to the streets to protest women being jailed for having miscarriages and warning that women with pregnancy complications would be shot for sport. However, they later learned that overturning Roe would do none of those things, and would in fact only allow states the option to outlaw the killing of small kids. This discovery did nothing to diminish their vexation that women in red states would have to drive to neighboring blue states, where killing defenseless children for cash will still be allowed.

Democrats have vowed to fight tirelessly to ensure murder will remain as easy as possible. “It doesn’t matter what it takes, even if it means an insurrection to overthrow the judiciary—whatever we have to do so kids can have their skulls crushed without too much hassle,” said Senator Klobuchar.


Democrats, you know the people who championed the inability to define “woman” and replaced the term “mother” with “birthing person” in federal vernacular, have suddenly rediscovered what a woman is and at least part of what makes them unique — the ability to make another human.

After Democrats heralded their confirmation to the Supreme Court of a woman who said under oath she couldn’t define “woman” because she’s not a biologist, and on the heels of the Biden administration’s decision to replace “mother” with “birthing person” in their budget request, they are now very, very (very) concerned about women after Monday’s shocking SCOTUS leak that signaled an imminent end to Roe v. Wade.

From the House and Senate, unhinged calls came to nuke the legislative filibuster in order to protect women’s health and preserve only a “woman’s right to choose” for the “tens of millions of women” who they say need abortion to survive or participate in society. I guess that democrats know what a woman is now.


We need another Ice Age

Look at all that land that was destroyed by global warming.


Meme of the Day

34 thoughts on “More Blogging? Yes.

  1. I wonder if all the illegal immigrants invading the US were included in the calculations. If not that increase could bump us up several percent.

    I would be willing to give her a boost if asked but the flesh (or at least my knees) is a bit weak.

    Lunch looks delightful, only thing needed to improve it would be a good lager.

    When I was stationed in England we used to go for drives a lot (cheap recreation). It always bothered me that in the vast majority of places we drove, the river Ouse was actually in raised banks and that was the only thing keeping a good part of East Anglia from becoming a swamp.

    Senator Warren…too much has been said about her already, she is an attention whore, maybe if everybody ignores her she will go away.

    1. Warren’s Native American heritage had landed her some plush $300K+ per year jobs.

      Pub crawls are your right. That may be possible again with the passing of covid.

  2. If there ever was a time to use a rabies pole…that was it. The woman is a lunatic for sure, but what’s worse are those who keep voting for her, imagine them.

    Raising Canes is consistently great, a 25 Tailgater is good for six meals for two over a weekend.

    1. Sigh. Does not appear to be any in my normal WA, ID, MT stomping grounds. Maybe a road trip is in order.

      1. For those of us with the veil lifted that is the only answer, Satan is operating out in the open.

        1. The scriptures hint that Satan is a woman; “And Satan was a broad in the land.”

          1. Almost a worse groaner than mine below…about spit my beverage all over the keyboard.

  3. New ice age is coming.
    Current Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation weakest in last millennium
    The picture would not paste but the Gulf Stream is slowing and getting a little cooler.

    1. If it becomes obvious that an ice age is approaching, we’ll start seeing nations further from the equator going on drives to get better territory.

      1. “Some people” used to say “Cape Town to Cairo in thirty days”. I wonder if there are any Ice People left with either the capability or the stones to carry that (or the equivalent) off.

        1. I have a friend who took that challenge on foot as a young (and stupid) man.

  4. We have a Raising Cane’s here, and I didn’t care for it. Thr fries were blah, the milksahke was blah, and the chicken was very juicy and tasty, but there wasn’t much flavor to the breading.

    Maybe I ordered the wrong thing, but I wasn’t impressed. Other people must love it, because there’s always a line to pull in to the place, and the city has put up “Congested Area Ahead” signs two blocks before you get to the place.

    1. We just get the Tailgater, make our own fries at home. The hour drive home and the fries would be a mess anyway.

      1. Hah! The night I went the line was so long down College that it took me about 45 minutes just to get IN to the place.

        And as far as I can tell, In-N-Out has never gone any further than announcing their intentions to open here. I went looking for more information about it after we drove past the one in Thornton. I found some articles in the Greeley paper and the Coloradoan about how there’s been no movement since the annoincement. Property is for sale, and apparently no takers.

        1. Though in-N-Out is not my favorite hamburger, they are very good, consistent, fresh, and popular. The manager of a busy In-N-Out makes $160K per year on average. Not bad pay. They retain talent and treat employees well.

    2. re — bland chicken breading
      1979-89, I owned a restaurant business, two diners plus two cloth-napkin.
      Our prep for chicken going into the Broasters® (the line of hot-oil pressure-cookers):
      * five days in advance, the boxes of frozen bird — we used an ‘eight-cut’ consisting of two legs, two thighs, two backs, two breasts — were dumped into sterile white fifty-gallon tubs on casters,
      * I added water to cover, with a mix of salt and MSG,
      * that tub, covered with its tight lid, went into the walk-in to absorb the chemical soup while waiting its turn in the rotation,
      * using a yuge spoon — female, with the slots — the tubs were ‘turned’ (churned) at the beginning and end of their shifts by my morning pearl-divers, Michael and John, a pair of eternally-bickering half-wits I absolutely trusted with the keys to the safe and everything else.
      * I used a breading by MJB, the coffee company, peppery and complex, with a finished texture similar to panko (but with flavor).
      Each order was cooked individually, requiring an eight-minute wait.
      I had no holding, a cook-ahead batch growing slime under the heat-lamps.
      My product was juicy, crunchy, packed with layers of complexity, offering a robust masculine ‘mouth-feel’.
      My product was utterly devoid of grease.
      Fact is, I refuse to consider ordering anybody else’s chicken, knowing I would probably chuck it back at the manager With Extreme Prejudice.

  5. No, I absolutely would not help her. I’d say, “Why don’t you go and ask that bloke who’s been staring at the prawn cocktail crisps on the third shelf for half an hour now. I think he’s got narcolepsy. Why don’t you climb up and give him a knock. Or, maybe you should wander over to the fruit section. If you eat better grub you might get taller and find you can help ‘yersen’ to things.”

    It’s a terrible shame about Doggerland. I’d quite fancy a pad on the outskirts of the Wegians trench.

    Doesn’t take much for the blush to come off roses these days, does it…

  6. Excellent bit from the Bee, nice one. And any post with DOGGERLAND in it is awesome. That’s what I think and I’m sticking to it.

  7. Regarding the BOOST (someone has to ask it) – does she care which way you’re facing while providing it?

    1. I didn’t pose that question, but it’s a good one. You’d definitely get a take on hygiene or the lack

  8. Woke companies going broke? Simply answer. You can’t fix the vote when people vote their wallets.

    1. A lot of the programming on Netflix and Amazon Prime is offensive. There are a few jems there, though and I watch those.

  9. Lt. Frank Drebbin, “That’s a nice beaver you got there.” As the girl wearing a dress on the ladder he’s holding climbs down with a stuffed beaver. Classic line that will live forever. RIP Leslie Nielsen.

    1. “That’s a nice beaver you got there.” …is one of my favorite movie lines. In fact, that entire film puts me in stitches every time I see it. There are a few other films that make me chuckle like “Dumb and Dumber”.

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