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Nearly identical to yesterday’s map.

Ukraine counterattacks in Kharkiv Oblast resulted in the recapture of Leb’yazhe and Bazaliivka (SE Kharkiv).

Russia continued advancing South, on the Eastern bank of the Oskil river after capturing Borova, with fighting taking place North of the settlement of Lozove.

Ukraine forces pushed Russian units back several kilometers North-East from the city of Kreminna.

The granularity of war is a million separate events involving the participants and the country. You can capture the images of war occasionally, but it’s nearly impossible to capture the smell of war unless you’re there.

Once the Russians have gone back to Russia, will there be a Marshall Plan funded by their European neighbors? You could ask the Russians to pay, but that nation has a long hard road ahead even if the Chinese don’t seize some of their territories.

A number of mandarins are trying to make sense of what the unsuccessful invasion of Ukraine “means” beyond the obvious. Some suggest that it’s a symptom of deglobalization with the disruption to the petroleum, grain, etc. trade from Ukraine and Russia. Deglobalization is already beginning because of the Xi reign in China. In boardrooms across the planet, people are discussing the value of reducing the length of their supply chains as the time to leave China has long passed.


From the Days of Sail


Midshipman Blockhead, Mr. B, mastheaded or enjoying the fresh air for the 304th time, by George Cruikshank 1835

Even if it looks like the young midshipman is enjoying the view from up there, he is not.  On the contrary, he was punished– mast-headed– That meant he had to stay up there until the officer of the watch, and that had to be a lieutenant, called him down. That was one of the little punishments that were pronounced quickly and without the Captain, especially when the midshipman had behaved badly.

If it was already something worse then he could be tied up in the mizzen shrouds or he had to meet the Gunner’s daughter. This meant that his buttocks were spanked with a cane while he was bent over a gun.


Not in America – but a good solution

(Daily Wire) British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced last week that the U.K. had reached an agreement with Rwanda worth $157 million to fly individuals who illegally migrate to the U.K. to Rwanda so they can be resettled in the African nation.

“Uncontrolled immigration creates unmanageable demands on our NHS and our welfare state, it overstretches our local schools, our housing and public transport, and creates unsustainable pressure to build on precious green spaces,” Johnson said in a speech last week. “Nor is it fair on those who are seeking to come here legally, if others can just bypass the system.”


A Few Memes?


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  1. So that’s where “The Gunner’s Daughter” comes from. It’s also the name of a beer (stout) by Mast Landing Brewery in Westbrook, Maine (near Portland). Good stuff, but then I’m partial to stouts and porters.

    • I share your preference for porters, etc. The Gunner’s Daughter — Churchill said that the Royal Navy ran on, “rum, sodomy, and the lash”.

  2. And why is Mickey’s hand on it? Sick people. Walt was very careful to protect the image. The new leaders, not so much.

    As to Ukraine, well, since it wasn’t a short and victorious war, it will settle into a long, bitter slog, possibly lasting… years. Which I don’t think Russia has after exposing its western belly to the Chinese dragon.

    • It’s only a matter of time until the Russians will be forced to withdraw. They won’t want to give up Crimea.

      • Some bloggers think that Russia will be pushed into the nuclear option before it withdraws.

        I hope that Putin and his cretins have more sense than that.

        Though I can see them going nuclear if Communist China gets froggy in Siberia.

        Russia doesn’t have the population base to support endless-wave attacks and attrition like it could even in the 70’s. They don’t have a sugar-daddy supplying them with endless supplies like we did during WWII (thanks, FDR, you dumb-ass, you should have let them starve and let them bleed out against the Germans, you socialist pansy.)

  3. The howls of the (P)regressives are approaching levels of the Trump derangement. Did the Ukraine displace the Cayman Islands as the elite’s firewall?

    • I don’t know how much Disney could get. I expect them to re-open the Epstein Island for America’s elite under their logo – soon.

      • Why not? They already have a private island that their cruise ships stop at for the kids. One for the kids, one for the adults.

        I miss the pure-clean Disney. The Disney that Walt controlled until he died.

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