Oligarch Suicides?

(more here) Nobody said that it would go on forever. There are no hearses with luggage racks. Then again are they really suicides? We all know that Epstein hung himself because the government told us that he did. But what about the Russian Oligarchs? Being a friend of Putin is almost as dangerous as being a friend of Hillary Clinton.

It’s good to be Putin’s buddy if you’re Russian — until it isn’t.


Global Cooling will Kill us All!

It may already be too late. Burning fossil fuels may be the only thing that saves us.

The way I see it, we have ten years to fix the problem or we’re doomed.


Arizona Life

The winter moisture is gone but it has left a lot of ponds across the landscape. There are very few running rivers and not much standing water by the time late spring and summer arrive, which accounts for the almost complete lack of mosquitoes. The oaks haven’t begun to bud but it still dips into the high 20’s (F) at night. Soon all that will change. It never gets that warm where I live, and that calls to the people who live in the Phoenix blast furnace. They get in their campers, fifth wheels, motor homes and so forth and they drive up the narrow roads into the mountains for relief.

My 2007 Toyota FJ is still my go-to for exploring the road less traveled.

There is very little bandwidth before the campers arrive, and since they have a vast appetite for streaming movies (but why?), there’s not much Internet access until they leave for home when the snow returns in the fall. I’m still waiting for Starlink, but the Ukrainians seem to need it more than I do.


Popular Mechanics Illustration of VTOL Airliner

(June 1993)

Identify the Tank


Identify the Aircraft


Inside the Beltway

Ravi Satkalmi, a high-ranking NYPD intelligence official, will be the Capitol Police’s next director of intelligence. Last year, Satkalmi, a member of the Gay Officers Action League, wrote an opinion piece for NBC News in which he discussed his disappointment in the New York City Pride celebration’s exclusion of LGBTQ+ members from the NYPD and other law enforcement agencies until 2025.


  1. I don’t think the next ice age will kills us all, but it will be interesting times as 8 billion people will be a tough go when the earth cycles back into the next ice age.
    But the war over the shrinking resources might kill us all..

  2. yes spring brings the noise of the lawnmower games to my area. large yards, large mowers, seems everybody is on a different schedule so it runs all week long. ug. i cut mine as seldom as possible. i would pave it over and paint it green but the wife vetoed that plan. i sometimes daydream of sabotaging all the mowers during the night, but they would run out and buy new larger/louder ones the next day. gas prices may slow them down some this year so there’s some hope for quiet yet.

    • I live remote. It’s the only time in my life that I haven’t had a lawn to worry about….and I love it.

    • The purpose of the close-mown yard is twofold.

      First is to spot predators at a reasonable distance so as to keep snakes and other thingies away from the house.

      Second, of course, is to provide a cleared zone for fire from the house.

      Just remember those things. Keeping animal predators and human predators away from your house. It makes mowing all the better.

  3. Never envy the very wealthy, especially those who like their bizarre floating city. Seems being stupid rich makes you easily dead to those actually captaining the ship. Zuckerberg, Gates, and a few others, should take heed and beef up their security details.

    Musk – on the other hand – has (excuse the directness) eff-you money, and is employing it and brain power to effect change from inside the Left’s protective bubble, and they can’t handle their playground being dozed under. Their cancerous time is over, and they know it.

    After our “return to Winter” over the weekend (it IS only April in the hinterland), the entry gate project begins. Signage doesn’t seem to dissuade, might have something to do with public schools teaching self-aggrandizement instead of something useful like reading and comprehension.

    That tank should be nicknamed “The Crusher”.

  4. Lawns; mine is more a clear space for brush fire mitigation. Once the sagebrush fire gets going it is pretty hard to stop. Besides, there is only one neighbor to hear my mower and they are a couple of hundred yards off.

    My theory is that the oligarchs were killed for the encouragement of others. No leaving the sinking ship.

    LL, nicely kitted out FJ, it will probably still be running 50 years from now.

  5. Didn’t Robocop fight that tank outside OCP corporate headquarters?

    Comments on the homosexual Brahmin (assumed based on surname) redacted.

    Asha Logos: Creator of some very interesting and worth-listening-to videos on YT. Videos begin with Gott Mit Uns (and MEHT), but if that bothers you, power through to the actual content. And if it does bother you, some reflection may be in order as to why it bothers you. (For the record, I’m fine with GMU. Not crazy about MEHT but the Left of today is at least as soul-sick and evil.) Exhibit number about freaking 5 million: Jeff Jarvis on 14APR2022 REEEE-ing about Elon Musk: “Today on Twitter feels like the last evening in a Berlin nightclub at the twilight of Weimar Germany.” Note that Jarvis is holding out Weimar Germany as the GOOD thing. Blue-checkmark people like Jarvis are the ones who have hijacked our culture.

  6. That would be a Brewster F2A Buffalo in dazzle warrant. First and only time I’ve seen it on an aircraft. I don’t see how that would work, really. For a ship at great distance on the ocean, I I can understand the merits of dazzle, but not here.

  7. A land mine detonating tank. Who’da think it?

    I like a nice green lawn, but without professional help, I usually kill it. Parts of the yard are still barren from my search-and-destroy/Agent Orange escapde a couple of years ago.

    This time of year you can count the number of houses getting new roofs by listening to the cadence of the nail guns and noting their direction.

  8. Hahahahaha! That Asha Logos post.
    I never would have guessed Mine clearing. I thought some sort of made-for-movie robot prop.

    You are far away from the Arizona fires, I hope, LL.

    You all be safe and God bless!

  9. The turret looks like it came from a Pzkw I. And the little flag on the plaque shows it as a German product. Weird. But looks like it might have worked. No worse than some of the weird stuff the Allies thought up.

  10. The thing above the Buffalo is a (the?) Minenraumer Alkett.
    It’s a tricycle !

    IDK whether to call it an armored car or a tank. Either is arguable.


    • Yes, it is a trike, but given function, much more of a tank than an “armored car”. Good job with the ID.

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