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October 1, 1975, marked one of the most brutal fights in heavyweight history. The final, legendary battle between Muhammad Ali and Smokin’ Joe Frazier: The Thrilla in Manila.

I stood in the rain in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and watched it play out at a store window (closed). The store sold TV sets and one of them played the fight. I’ll never forget the experience.


From Ed B

2022 was the “future”, but now we are here…how exciting.



Identify the Aircraft


Old Russian Armor

Russian Soviet-era T-62M and T-62MV, tanks are being used in Ukraine. They are outdated – the armor is thin and they are not good at all against modern weapons, the main gun would have trouble penetrating even some modern APCs armor. However, the Russians are using them as self-propelled guns (artillery). They have a lot of ammunition and they fire HE. In that role, they seem to work as well as they’re going to work. I doubt their capacity at pinpoint accuracy, but they might be able as a massed formation to do some sort of time-on-target saturation. Ok, that might be asking too much. It’s spray and pray…






Demonstrations erupted throughout Iran as Mahsa Amini protests expanded to involve at least 20 Iranian cities in 17 provinces on October 1.




When the Russians found themselves unable to establish air superiority in Ukraine (let alone air supremacy), it told me that things had gone horribly wrong with the Russian Air Force. Most of their sorties are one or two aircraft and as often as not, they’re shot down by either Russian-made SAMS or AAA or by the new Western MANPADS in the hands of Ukraine.


Camela (VEEP) can’t tell the difference between the ROK and the DPRK. Then again, she slept her way to the top and none of her boyfriends asked her those sorts of questions. Maybe she wanted to answer but had her mouth full. I can’t say, I wasn’t there.




  1. veep- it’s clear from some of her responses when questioned that she slept her way thru law school as well. i would say dumb as a rock, but even a rock knows when to shut the heck up…russians can come here, via our open back door….they always told us we were vastly outnumbered by soviet/chinese aircraft. hmm…..i saw a documentary on siberia, where they were flying over vast fields of such armor as far as the eye could see from the helicopter. it gave me chills. they called them abandoned, but i knew that they weren’t abandoned and so dirt simple they could be re-animated in a jiff. and i got another chill. maybe they are outdated etc., but 10,000 of them rolling thru the fulga gap at 3 a.m. would still be a bad morning.

    • I had a discussion about Heels-up-Harris with a prosecutor in California recently. There was a rumor at the time that Willy Brown had a quiet word over lunch with the State Bar and they allowed her to “pass”. So there is nothing surprising or even interesting.

      The engines on most of that armored rolling stock would have to be replaced if not heavily serviced. The Russians did that with some of the T-64s that appeared on the Ukraine front – likely took half a dozen donor engines and tried to get one working. As you point out, even at that, they could get more than a few hulls operating at least to the point where they could simply be cannon fodder. Send them in as a spearhead and let the enemy expend ordnance on them. Of course, the Russians may have a problem finding crews who won’t simply abandon them and run away rather than sacrificing themselves for Rodina.

    • There were about half a dozen other men and young men also there in the cold rain. The point is that I couldn’t leave. It held me.

    • I like kimchi. But I don’t know of a map. I’m going to try and can/jar kimchi at home. I have never done that before, but it can’t be that different than pickling cucumbers – except with chilis. I’m guessing it will be a lot like making saurkraut.

  2. …aaand people voted for these two idiots…some excuse their “decision” as “we were lied to” or “we didn’t knowwww ’bout Hunter’s laptop”. If I ever said to my parents “I don’t know” or “It wasn’t my fault”, I was toast. But stupid seems to be rampant these days, so is excusing away decisions as someone else’s doing.

    I watched that fight with my dad, who as a Philly boy enjoyed boxing, something about that era of men. Even dad said it was brutal.

    • Brutal.

      I liked boxing and still like golden gloves. There are still state boxing commissions that sanction such activities. MMA has all but eclipsed the sport these days.

      • I like old-school boxing. And bull fighting. I remember watching bull fighting on tv. Used to be on “Wide World of Sports.” Today’s useless slack-jawed leftist twits can’t handle bull fighting, or old-school boxing.

  3. A fantasy Russian(Soviet) aircraft. It really doesn’t look like it would fly, at least well. All I could find was one Youtube video with it in the video. Supposedly an attack aircraft that would destroy stuff with its sonic boom.

  4. Property Taxes.
    Noticed Teton County, WY. That is what happens when you are infested with trust fund snots and congresswomen.

    • Same with that darker green spot in North Central Florida that is Alachua County. Our ‘betters’ here have never seen a tax that won’t make poor people less poor, from fuel taxes to more and more and more sales taxes and school taxes and and and and and.

  5. Remember the fight well. Don’t remember who my Dad was rotting for, but it was quite a slugfest.

    No ID on the Russian aircraft. Looks interesting, though.

    Took me a second to get the McDonalds map.

  6. I’m shocked, shocked to see corruption in Russia.

    Latest rumors are 1.5 million, yes, million uniforms are missing from inventory (or were never there to begin with, see above statement on corruption.)

    It sucks to be Russian soldier, no matter who is in charge. Russia just… sucks.


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