What will the Republican Party Look like in 2022?

If they won’t put America First, they’re going to look very small indeed. Although with the voting machines working as they do, does it really matter?


Looking for Work?

(Carrier Advancement Training) I’m not looking for work, but if I was – IF I WAS – I’m sure that my recent transition from being an old, white man (right) to a young, Polynesian woman, would smooth the waters.

Coca-Cola is forcing employees to complete online training telling them to “try to be less white.” I’m sure that those employees are doing all they can to shed themselves of the white patriarchy – if they know what’s good for them. I’ve heard accounts of white people groveling, rolling on their backs and pissing on their bellies. We saw a lot of police chiefs do that last summer.  So if you decide to do that, you won’t be the first.

This week, a disgraceful New York school sent parents a “white identities” chart to find their level of whiteness. If they are too white, they may have to apologize and self-punish.  (h/t Ed for the link)


Taliban insurgency on February 17, 2021

The war was scheduled to end and then Jo/Ho took over and the military industrial complex stepped in and said, “Hold my beer.” And just like that, we started the war up. The Taliban were upset. But there is a big profit to be made by keeping the war going. War is a racket.


Where are we?

Fauci is predicting that the US will need to wear up to three masks well into the year 2023, so as not to die of the plague.

Johns Hopkins predicts herd immunity by April. …more here

“There is a 77% reduction in daily cases over the last six weeks,” said Makary. “You, as a scientist, have to ask why. We cannot explain that by vaccinated immunity. We can’t explain it by a sudden change in behavior. It is natural immunity and it’s now over 50% of the population.”

…Or they got it, treated like the flu, stayed home, and didn’t panic. Now they’re immune.


The Kepler 90 Planetary System 

Other stars have planetary systems like our own. The poster child for that system is Kepler-90. Cataloged by the Kepler satellite that operated from Earth orbit between 2009 and 2018, eight planets were discovered, giving Kepler-90 the same number of known planets as our Solar System. (unless you count Pluto)

Similarities between Kepler-90 and our system include a G-type star comparable to our Sun, rocky planets comparable to our Earth, and large planets comparable in size to Jupiter and Saturn. Differences include that all of the known Kepler-90 planets orbit relatively close in – closer than Earth’s orbit around the Sun – making them possibly too hot to harbor life.

Observations over longer time periods may discover cooler planets further out. Kepler-90 lies about 2,500 light years away, and at magnitude 14 is visible with a medium-sized telescope toward the constellation of the Dragon (Draco).

And as we know, the mere presence of a planet (rocky or otherwise). doesn’t suggest that there is life present.


What About Maps?


Locations of Canada’s national parks. Some might be a challenge to visit in the winter. One lump of land under 25′ of snow looks just like the next one.


All of North America’s skyscrapers. Every building over 150 m.


Subnational units closer to Washington D.C. than Hawaii.


It’s not surprising that there is problem with suicides in Russia.


  1. Some site had a meme that showed Dr Falsie wearing an entire box of face masks.
    Seems like that is the direction he’s going.

    • Fauci has a cash stake in the Chinese bioweapons lab in Wuhan and had been using them for research forbidden elsewhere. That has been documented. And yet we listen to the little guy.

  2. Masks until 2023? There was no real reason in 2020. Naturally the donkeys will holler “SCIENCE!” and demand we all comply for our own good.

      • I still shake my head when I see people driving with their windows up, and wearing a mask.

        The ones driving with their windows up, mask on, AND a clear face shield make me bust out laughing so hard I have trouble staying in my lane…

        • I feel like stalking them and robbing them, wearing a Pelosi latex mask with a mask on over that. I don’t do it. But it is tempting. Because it’s Pelosi, you know that they’ll hand their money over without a fight when you say, “Stand and Deliver!”.

  3. Well, we’re up to about 15 / 100,000 here, so… Belgium.

    It never would have occurred to me that Kamchatka is about as close to my house as Hawaii.

    I’d be happy enough to see the Republicans go. Happier still to see the Democrats go, not that that’ll happen. Happiest to see a US political party based upon devotion to Individual Liberty, the Republic, and the Constitution. Not holding my breath. Plus, as you say, we might very well have seen our last national election and are now in El Presidente territory.


  4. “Although with the voting machines working as they do, does it really matter?“

    No it does not. They succeeded in reversing a landslide victory. How do we get back to (somewhat) fair elections? We won’t.

  5. Dr. Anthony Fauci: this guy has been all over the place regarding COVID-19. Recall in January 2020 he assured us that North America had no worries about the contagion that was raging in Asia. Wrong. Then he said we might have up to 2,000,000 deaths. Wrong. Then he said that wearing masks was not helpful. He might be right about that. But since he’s on a roll, I say that this was wrong, too.

    His credibility has got to rival that of “Joe Isuzu” (remember that guy?). He will flip flop on anything he says depending on the prevailing political winds. His word is useless.

  6. Napoleon Fauci could tell the “afraid” people to wear a hazmat suit and they’d comply. Here’s a deal: Dupont Tychem 2000, $12 @ Amazon, buy in bulk for resale when the run happens. Throw in a roll of TP as a bonus. The full face respirator is extra.

    Canada- Kathleen Madigan had a funny bit “Canada, to me, is like our attic. Like, you forget it’s up there. But then when you get up there, you’re like – wow, look at all this stuff.”

    Didn’t see Algonquin Provincial Park west of Ottawa on the map. In ’80 spent a month in the region – in July – backpacking through little towns and canoeing around…an amazing place. Their attitude then was “You’re on your own in the backcountry”.

    Taliban uprising huh…Biden’s continuance of O’s foreign policy allowing modern locusts to proliferate. Amazing how quick it turns. The R’s will do nothing. Their “limp-wrist” appearance is a ruse…behind closed doors the R’s and D’s have the same agenda for America. Just wait until they blow past the State of the Union (should be this week but, crickets). Ol’ Joe can only last about 8 minutes before going off trail for the cliff. And he’ll fixate on how many masks we are to wear and his 56 EO’s undoing “bad” Trump policies. And people will buy it hook, line, and sinker.

    Get well…no heavy lifting…lots of Jello.

    • I’m on solid food, Camperfixer. The pain subsides.

      Canada is cool. I never went to Montreal until I went there for work in the first time (in the summer), and – what a great party town! You can get in a LOT of trouble very easily in Montreal. Ok, maybe not you. You’re sort of a man of the cloth. But me, oh yeah, trouble.

      • I have my moments, but not being a crowd person I have preferred “living a quiet life, being a burden to no one”, although, anymore a town visit is like eating a rotten peanut, so “only if I have to”…they can have what they wrought.

        You know, the Dane’s call Aakavit “the water of life”, a cure all for what ails…a few shots of that and you wouldn’t care, might even break out in song and a long speech.

        • I was simply reflecting back to good times in Montreal. Would I want to go there now? No. I’m back at the mine and absent a well paying gig, won’t be leaving anytime soon. I do have work circling about, but am just on the phone now.

  7. It will be interesting to see if Coke pulls ALL those polar bear ads, and what they will do going forward. Go woke, go broke does come to mind, considering how Pepsi is encroaching on their territory in a lot of markets.

    • I’m guessing that the new Coke ads will feature brown bears or the politically correct California black bear. Polar Bears are definitely toxic to their brand, as is Santa Clause

      • Because polar bears are not declining as asserted, so “whitey bear” is no longer one of Lefts’s preferred hyperventilation subjects. Brown Bears Matter from here on out. (Hard to keep

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