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Bill Clinton

Slick Willie and Sex Slave

Slick Willie is now the moral rudder of the Democrat Party, which I find both amusing and just a little surprising. The man who dipped his cigar in the Oval Office is now lecturing everyone.

Here is a picture of President Clinton (above) getting a neck massage from an Epstein sex slave before he boards the pedophile’s jet to pedophile island.

And then there are the extensive video tapes of Slick Willie and Democrat big shots on the island itself, doing what they do there. Maybe playing cards or something? I don’t know. They haven’t been released yet.

Many if not all of the pedophiles who visited the Island received the Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama. That’s interesting, isn’t it?

Of course, Jeffrey Epstein can’t testify to what happened because he died under mysterious circumstances in his jail cell, where his minders turned off the CCTV and left the area completely. Yeah, Bill Clinton is that rock that the Democrats cling to.


Sometimes the trivia on this blog is way too trivial

US States containing “Scott County”.


A Retrospective



The United Kingdom


Biden reviews His triumphs during the 8 years of Obamanation.

15 thoughts on “Monday Madness

    1. I can only take a stab at the answer – wiser readers of this blog may differ. The English a blend of the Anglo-Saxon remnant, Danes, and Norman French (essentially a blend of Vikings who settled there). The Britons were displaced by Saxon, Norse and Frankish migrations.

      Of course, today, with the greater melting pot of Empire living in England, who really knows?

      1. I would say anyone from the island of Britain is British. It breaks down further after that. Just my humble opinion for what it’s worth.

        1. It would be interesting to know what criteria the person used to collect the data that went into the map.

          1. It never occurred to me that there might be a difference. But when I hear “English” the first things that come to mind are “There’ll always be an England” and “Mad dogs and Englishmen”. Then when I hear “British” the first things that come to mind are Lexington/Concord and Tarleton rampaging in the Carolinas and Johnny Horton singing “we fought the bloody British” in the town of New Orleans. I can’t tell you why, they just bring up different word associations now that I think about it. I think I’ll quit thinking about it.

  1. Never call a Scot, Irish or Welsh English, all the more so if they’ve had a pint or three. They’ll get quite mad, very violent, and things will go south from there.

    1. That’s always a sticky issue. The Scots have a lot of grievances with the English, going back to the first people on the rock, I think. And from the time that I lived there, I think that there’s a lot of justification for it.

      1. Of course, if the Scots hadn’t been such male reproductive units, the English would have loved to leave them alone.

        But, noooo… Silly Scots had to get stupid and keep going south, and then they (Scots) whine still about the English forcibly telling the Scots to sod off, with great meaning.

        Silly Scots.

  2. Well, I didn’t really need to see that header photo first thing, although it does epitomize the “insanity made normal” we find ourselves. I have Scots-Irish in me, might be more prominent than the other ancestral parts, whenever I hear Celtic music it strikes a chord…picture myself running through the Highlands in a kilt. Maybe a former life. For now a Guinness suffices.

    Clinton’s life is catching up with him, he looks skeletal…evil rots from the inside out.

    1. Just living with Hillary may be punishment enough for Slick Willie. I can’t imagine tolerating that shrill, scolding, hag every day…or ever.

  3. It’ll be interesting to hear what Ghizzie Maxwell has to say, if she lives that long.

    And what’s with all these commies blocking roads in Wisconsin with AKs. Isn’t there a law against that?

    1. I think that it’s considered “progressive” if Antifa, BLM, or anarchists do it.

    2. If it’s a federal highway, even if it’s in the middle of a town or city, blocking the road or even walking on the road (except for emergency reasons) is a federal offense.

      The failure of the cities or states to enforce federal law (that they are charged to) is one of many grievances that the Feds have with local people.

  4. “Many if not all of the pedophiles who visited the Island received the Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama.”

    Well, they all have quite the reputation for “making free” with things…

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