Monday Follies

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The week begins. So where are we? What’s in store for the rest of the week? Today is a national holiday in the US but when you’re self-employed, it doesn’t matter. The days blend together.  And the older you are, the faster time seems to move. There is some sort of complex psychological theory behind that, but who cares?
I’m thinking of taking the motorcycle to Long Beach (CA) for some really good Greek food for lunch. Because the government drones are off work, traffic should be lighter. 
Around the world, Germans are looking to depose Chancellor Angela Merkel for allowing 800,000 military age Muslim refugees into Germany. The rapes of German women by the same military age Muslim males (who could have predicted that?) has roused a generally somnolent German public to anger. I’ve heard that many Germans are now naming their newly born sons, Adolph.  Makes sense.
DNC workers trying to set the stage for a coronation.
In the USA, preparations continue for the Democratic National Convention, which will be held later this year in Philadelphia. Organizers don’t know whether Hillary Clinton, the great Imp herself, will be in custody or will be attending the nominating party/orgy. Polls show that 20% of likely Democratic Party voters prefer Donald Trump to either Hillary, the Bitch of Benghazi, or Bernie, the 74 year old communist. That does not sound as though there is a lot of wind beneath Hillary’s bat-like wings, or the wings of the flying monkeys who attend her.
When you consider how many Clinton opponents died, Sanders might end up in an unfortunate accident before the nominating convention. If Hillary Clinton is locked up and Sanders is knocking at heaven’s door, I guess that they may want to run Al Gore one more time on a global warming/cooling/weather platform. It would require a rule change, but as Hillary always says, ‘rules are made to be broken’.

10 thoughts on “Monday Follies

  1. You have to go to Long Beach just to get some good Greek food? Take a side trip out my way. There are two places within a mortar shell's explosion you could go.

    If Hillary's elected, do we call her the Imp in Chief (or ick) or do we call her the Felon in Chief? So many choices….

  2. Yes, Long Beach. I know that it's a journey but I love good Greek food. There or Phoenix (tapping my foot trying to decide – one hour or six?)?

    You know there would be many names but the one I like best is the Bitch of Benghazi. It has a ring to it.

  3. I think the Germans should take a page out of their history and… put a herd of goats on the edge of town, advertise a free goat to anyone who wants one. When the Allah-holes show up, surround them with half-tracks, lower the gates and fire away until the barrels melt.

  4. They should not have allowed them in, but having done that, they'll have to go with your plan sooner or later.

  5. I prefer " old fat bull dyke crone" – it has one less syllable than " the Bitch of Benghazi." Rolls of the tongue, don't you think?

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