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Good old Arnold has been sleeping with the Kennedys too long. He needs to get back in the rack with his maid.


Correctly Identify this Aircraft


Your Papers Please


-Hi, table for two, please.

-Sure, and your names?

-Mr. & Mrs. Camperfixer

-Great. And do you and your wife have your Vaccination Cards?

-Hmmm well first . . Can you tell us who our server will be?

-Um, looks like Brad will be your server tonight.

-Great. Can you show us Brad’s, Vaccination Card?


-And also, can you provide me with recent proof that Brad is not a carrier of HIV, Hepatitis A or B, or any other communicable diseases? Same for you and the kitchen staff.

We’ll wait.

-Um . . .

-Also, we would prefer not to be served by someone who is on or uses recreational drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, meth, fentanyl, etc, so if you could provide us with Brad’s most recent tox screen, that would be great. As a matter of fact, I’m going to need to see all of your employees’ medical histories.

-Um . . . Let me get the manager for you.

-That would be great, thanks. Make sure he has his Vax Card and medical records, please.


Charging Forward – into the Future…


To be fair, the press also asked Slow Joe what his favorite color is and talked about his dogs, and what he feeds them…but I don’t recall Joe knowing the answer to that embarrassing question. I’m sure the reporter was called onto the carpet for slinging a fastball at the old goof.



Nobody could have spit on the sacrifice of so many American service personnel who were there over an ENTIRE GENERATION more completely than this regime has.  My scorn-o-meter remains pegged. This cartoon ticked me off because that’s not what’s happening at all.  The leadership of Congress and the Executive Branch needs to resign from office and let the people reorganize the place. I know that won’t happen, but it is the only way to cure the political plague.


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        1. It is a modified Fw 200 V3. Originally configured as a 26-passenger Lufthansa transport (Works No. 3099), It carried the markings “D-2600” and was named “Immelmann III” in honor of World War I flying ace Max Immelmann.

          Hitler’s personal transport aircraft.

          1. I knew it was a Condor, but never would have guessed it was Hitler’s “Luftwaffe Eins”.


    1. My guess too. FW 200 Condor.

      Somewhere in a dusty box I have some copies of warbird magazines. There is a story in one of them about a unit of our folks whose task was to travel to freshly captured German airfields and inventory/examine, etc. whatever the Germans might have left behind. They were well aware of the danger of booby traps. One incident recounted was an FW-190 that they put up on jack stands to run a landing gear test. As the gear hit the raised position, two small charges detonated, and the right wing crashed to the hanger floor.

      Their standard mode of travel was a C-47. One day they flew over an air field and spotted an FW-200. After going over it with a fine tooth comb, and new markings, they appropriated it for their own use. It served them well, and they eventually flew it back to the U.S. IIRC, they checked in a Wright Patterson. Some officer came out to the ramp with a clipboard to check them in, and among other things, check for anything “un-authorized” on board. He took one look inside, tossed his clipboard and walked away.

      After that, the Condor was offered to anyone who wanted to fly it, test it, whatever, and was eventually scrapped. In the middle scrapping, somebody got a call. They found the booby trap charge. It was set to go off at altitude. Only reason it didn’t was that the detonator had failed.

    1. Ok, I’m fine with that. Add Milley and Austin to the list. Make it a public trial and then hang them for treason.

      1. When you give aid and succor to the enemy while abandoning citizens…
        Did I mention that I firmly believe that the intent is to reinstate the Caliphate because Trump destroyed it.

        1. The objective is perpetual war and what better than to have a Caliphate to conduct war against?

        1. They can stand trial and the court can decide. However, there must be fair and impartial officers on that bench. People like the New Supremes wouldn’t qualify.

      2. I should think firing squad would be more appropriate to the crime, a la Nicolae Ceausescu, perhaps. Spousal participation optional.

        1. The pockmarked wall should be kept as a reminder. Take the cadets from West Point there on a tour to remind them.

      1. Biden was paid by the Chinese Communists. He sold out cheap. The evidence of this is overwhelming. Of course, the mainstream media say, “what laptops?”

  1. Ahhnuld can go suck-start a school bus. Funny how Austrians always, ALWAYS, seem to prefer totalitarianism.

    What’s so special about that Condor? It flew? It lasted past the war? Dunno, pretty plane, sadly not utilized correctly.

    And, yeah, how many people would be alive today if HIV/AIDS and HepC were taken seriously as the health pandemics they were and are, rather than the posturing and stupidity of ‘not-the-flu-flu’?

    Besides not knowing who is cooking my food, not having control over the quality of the food is right up there with why I don’t dine out. Hell, it’s to the point that if I did travel, I’d bring my induction cooktops and crock-pots and cook in my hotel room, or better yet, considering how carpy hotels are anymore, cook in my van that I’ve set up as a sleeper van.

    And the selection? That’s the issue all along. How could a ‘candidate’ who couldn’t pull 25 civilians into a ‘rally’ and who was basically missing for most of his campaign actually win? Trump got more votes than anyone else, if you count the 5-10 million votes that were illegally shifted from him to Asterisk-Boy. Hey, eneMedia, you made him, you rat-bastards.

    The cartoon, if Uncle Sam is the People (especially Red State People) then the cartoon is true. If it’s Uncle Scam, representing the Deep State and our ‘betters’, then, no, the cartoon is not true, unless Uncle Scam is sticking a knife into the soldier’s back.

    As I said elsewhere, during the fall of Saigon, Vietnamese Men gave up their lives to hold the horrors away long enough to load as many women and children as possible. Yes, lots of men got out, but they took their families, and as many children as possible. What we are seeing in the Fall of Kabul is military-age men without wives and children running away, leaving their wives and children to the evil they didn’t want to stop. Just like in Syria. “Oh, Ima Refugee!” “Where are the women refugees, the children refugees, the old people, the sick?” “Oh, left them behind, they can care for themselves. I’m Safe NOW, give me money and housing or else!”

    Yeah, no. Fuck off and Die. Either you put your family before you or there’s no room on the aircraft.

    But… well… this is a perfect example of why Islam is not compatible with Christianity, which puts women and children first (supposedly.)

    1. Biden and Pelosi are good Catholics… just ask them.

      I’m not poking Catholics in the eye. It’s just that Christianity doesn’t deliver many Christians. Look at all of the good Christians who voted Democrat – for a Party that has as its central plank the murder of the unborn – and in some states like NY, the born.

      1. Thus the (supposedly.) My father-in-law was a good Christian man, according to him. I lost some faith in the Catholic church when he didn’t catch fire when he entered the church for my wedding. Never a more evil man I’ve ever met, and a good example of possible demonic possession or outright selling one’s soul to the Devil.

        As to Those Catholics you listed, no, most American Bishops and Cardinals do not consider them to be ‘in good standing.’ Or anyone else of the baby-killing faction.

  2. I am sorry to have missed this ‘mystery aircraft’ competition.
    A day late and a dollar short, that’s me.

    Anyhow, the “Führermaschine” was named “Immelmann III” at the personal request of Hitler himself as he was a great admirer of this WW I fighter pilot. The “Dora-2600” was lavishly equipped with with a plush upholstered plush armchair (armor plated), a wooden table and an emergency escape system which ejected the escape seat downwards. Each of the four “Führermaschinen” had two cabins; one for Hitler himself and the larger cabin for his staff. They were flown by Hitlers personal pilot, Max Baur.
    Some Fw-200s survived the war and were flown by the Allies until the late 40s.

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