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And what if?

I suspect that if I’d been around in the 1400’s in England, I would have been an archer. With a yew bow and a war hammer… raiding and pillaging the French. At Crécy on 26 August 1346; 19 September 1356 in Nouaillé, near the city of Poitiers in Aquitaine; or 25 October 1415 (Saint Crispin’s Day), at Agincourt.


Don’t Forget to Wash your Hind


Just like in Rhodesia and South Africa. It would never occur to them to work hard, buy the land and work it, would it?



If masks work as well as the Democrats claim that they do, couldn’t the prison system just issue masks to convicts?



A Picture is worth 1000 words

Sig with hydra shok loaded in the mags


    • It worked great. Just add a communist tyrant, watch the productive people leave and everyone who is left is (a) a slave (b) is starving.

  1. Mish-Mash, We’re takin’ a bath, and it’s all about election night. (Couldn’t help myself)

  2. Nice SIG 220. Mine is an older model without the rail. Talk about blind hogs and acorns.

    A customer of mine found it online and transferred it through my FFL. It was a factory re-man (red box. SIG re-man’s are excellent BTW). A few months later, I casually mentioned I was in the market for something like his SIG, and he replied he was thinking about selling his. I asked why, and he said it shot low. I told him sights were available in different heights and that I had access to the proper sight tools, but no, he was convinced he wanted to sell it. OK, then .

    “How much do you want for it?”.

    “What I paid for it, plus I’ll toss in the extra mags I bought”.

    Well damn, Mabel. Slap me with my own wallet. I bought his SIG re-man 220, two stainless SIG mags, and three blued Excel mags for $550.

    • That works too, but I’m working on the assumption that he with the most firearms and ammo wins.

  3. What young black farmers? Do they exist?

    I live in Alberta and farming is damn expensive and a lot of damn hard work.

    • No, I don’t think they exist. They like the idea of stealing what you have and then shorting the sale to somebody else.

  4. I’ve got a 226 in 40S&W, and it’s an amazing pistol. Beautifully made, dead reliable, shoots better than I can, and I just don’t care for it. I love it as a machine, but I’ve done 99% of my training with a 1911, and while I can use the Sig very well, if TSHTF, I’m grabbing my 1911.

    And if it really hits the fan, my 870, too….

    God forbid I have to get my Garand out…..GET OFFA MY LAWN!

  5. Nice Sig. A friend had one and we put a lot of rounds through it, excellent pistol.
    My EDC is a Smith 442 which I have always found adequate. But these days violence seems to be more and more a team sport so I have considered moving it to backup and taking the 1911 out more.

    The 870 stands next to the bed, for close encounters.

    Interesting times.

  6. Throwing open the prisons during a revolution is standard procedure as Bull Simmons noted in Follet’s book On Wings of Eagles. Information he used to get Perot’s people out of Iran.
    History is a useful tool for politicians and soldiers.

  7. South Africa will become a future disaster and the elite will do what they can to spend money on the destruktive forces that drive the country to become the worst place on Earth. Similiar to Chicago there is no hope and the only light in the tunnel is the train heading towards you.

    Farmers are moving and leaving the country in increasing numbers. They leave the land alive instead og staying and being killed.

    I guess there is no solution available and the demography heads towards big problems. The politics sucks and corruption thrive.

    Like many other countries in Africa the nature offer great opportunities. But whatever reason it seems impossible to make it prosper with the humans living there. At least for now.

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