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The Signs of our Times

From the Scientific American (link)

Accepted dogma holds that—although every cell in the body contains its own DNA—the genetic instructions in each cell nucleus are identical. But new research has now proved this assumption wrong. There are actually several sources of spontaneous mutation in somatic (nonsex) cells, resulting in every individual containing a multitude of genomes—a situation researchers term somatic mosaicism. “The idea is something that 10 years ago would have been science fiction,” says biochemist James Eberwine of the University of Pennsylvania. “We were taught that every cell has the same DNA, but that’s not true.”



Oh Canada (link)

“The ban will be enacted through regulations approved by an order-in-council from cabinet — not through legislation. Trudeau said the government was ready to enact this campaign promise months ago, before the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the legislative agenda.”

Where is this headed, Canadians? Is it something that you are comfortable with? Will they let this stand? Or will the people of Canada decide to do something about it?  (h/t John D)

7 thoughts on “Mish Mash

  1. “When you don’t get the answers you expect, check your premises.” – h/t Jesse Stone

    Never believe the “experts”…science, yes. But experts? Not on your life. (Who the hell died and left them the Grand Poohbah’s of our lives? Themselves.)

    Watched Pandemic: The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid 19. Besides the fact that Fauci is exposed as a weasel and operative (in case anyone was wondering), this looks like corroborating information regarding “Event 201” from last October.

    As in: Why masks now? – or – Why are “they” running roughshod over our Constitutional rights and freedoms?

    None of it makes any sense to rational thinking people. (I discount the sanctimonious ones as having sold their souls out of fear.)

    What I have suspected all along is this has been a total play on the public to tank America…and not a shot fired. It will end very badly if allowed to continue much longer.

    1. And the subversive hits keep on coming. Truth is not allowed when an abuse of power takeover is in full swing. (had a typo in my post above, it’s “PlanDemic”…) They tried to silence this woman, put her in jail for a time. She’s on my courageous list, along with the Dallas hair salon and Boston gun store owner’s.

      “PlanDemic video interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits apparently being taken down by Youtube…”

  2. The time is rapidly approaching.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  3. Meanwhile in Canada, cops beat up a 19 year old girl wearing a Stormtrooper outfit to promote a business on May the Fourth, because she had a “prop” blaster (as if there were real blasters…).


    1. Those officers should be ashamed of themselves. What an black mark on what used to be professionalism on their part.

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