Captioned Photo – can you identify the tank?


Space Aliens

If this guy landed on your hand and said, “Take me to your leader,”  who would you take him/her to? Or would you squish him, risking intergalactic war?



Identify the Tank

Not a prototype. I think that it’s a tough one to identify.


The Situation


Not just bears crap in the woods…


Lost in Translation?




There’s Only a month left before Christmas.

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  1. The first tank is a WWI german unit, but I cannot recall the type. The second tank should be a French AMX-13.

    The Imperial-style helmet and Lorica Segmentata armor offer better protection, but otherwise both Legionaries have similar gear.

    • A7V ?

      I thought it was an AMX-13 at first too, but it looks like it has 6 roadwheels instead of 5? So, it isn’t a Kurassier, either…

      IDK, maybe it’s just a weird AMX-13 variant I’m unaware of.


      • Yes, the first is an A7V, but I think the second AFV is a British Archer TD. It had a rearward-facing 17-pdr AT gun and went to battle ass-backward. IIRC, the gun recoiled through the driver’s position, so he had better be sure to get out of the way.

      • If it works…ok. But the whole “green army” makes no sense from a progressive viewpoint because we’ll be dead in two years because of global warming (I have a count-down clock on my computer). Or maybe – it’s all just bullshit.

        • Dang, here I thought we had 3 years left…I got stuff to do between now and then, 2 years won’t cut it, and it must be true because…The Science!. The Fowch says he’s the science so what’s not to believe when he says it?

          • Even though America’s Doctor keeps changing his mind about the science, he’s clearly better than we are. Just ask him.

            He also made a lot of money while collaborating with the Communist Chinese, improving their bio-weapons program — something neither of us would have considered doing. He’s a genius, again, just ask him.

        • Could you picture it…”Hey enemy, could you wait to fire on us, we have to recharge the tank, let’s resume warfare in, say, 12 hours.”

          • Progressives don’t look that far ahead. Like what if you’re at home in California and the grid goes down?

            There are some really God-forsaken hell holes that the military operates in – far from anything. Maybe there will be trailers full of batteries?

          • The Green New Deal ROE, everyone halts until the tanks are recharged by the Prius towing the war-neutral communal diesel generator.

  2. Bug touch me, Bug gets touched hard.

    And the A7 was an interesting beastie. At least it wasn’t a K-wagon.

    As to the Archer? It worked… barely. But it worked.

    And the Romans? Many of them preferred the Hamata over the Segmentata, but, well, you wear what your issued.

    • I think that armor was recycled every since there was armor. If you’re fighting the Scythians and they have better armor, you strip them and wear it. If there is a big gash in the Hamata that your dead buddy was wearing, but it was otherwise better, you mended it and sold your old piece of crap armor. I know that you understand this, Beans, but many people don’t. The shields were painted the same to identify the unit. But if you found a better shield…you’d paint it. The pretorians were likely very uniform because they tended to stay in Rome for the most part, but field kit is field kit.

  3. Missing a dark red dot on the map at San Fran, regressing to a South American model.

    Billionaires- I thought America sucked?

    Every once in a while a Luna Moth shows up, huge, but docile. Yours looks like The Mengele Fowch ‘gain-of-function’ version from The China Lab….that he’s not part of, didn’t send money to, didn’t manipulate a Coronavirus to release on the world to tank America’s economy to thieve an election.

    SPQR – Yeah, but since I like the right-hand look better shouldn’t that be what movies show? (a metaphor for the times)

  4. That’s no space alien, that’s protein on the hoof (or literally on the hand, in this case). Or so our betters tell us. In future we will eat insects, own nothing, and be happy. Of course our betters will not eat bugs; there is probably some dietary restriction against that. (The real purpose of such dietary restrictions is to prevent assimilation. Being able to tell others “I can’t eat that; your food is dirty,” is an added bonus because it creates not only an us/them dichotomy, but allows the “clean/good” people to denigrate and “other” the “dirty/sinful” people as subhuman.)

    The term for subhumans who will go along with eating bugs and owning nothing is painted on the tank in the first picture: Schnuck.

    Being Japan, I’m surprised they didn’t work in an SS uniform and schoolgirl bondage into the Santa display.

    • There are some special things about me – though I’ve never claimed to be God’s chosen. I’ll bet twenty people call me every single day out of concern that my automobile warranty may have lapsed. That’s love, Mike_C.

      I’ve been told by Jews how dirty my cheeseburger is on a number of occasions and that by extension, I am dirty. So I put bacon on the cheeseburger. Why not go all the way to Hell if you’re already on the highway?

      I don’t know what it is about the Japanese culture that impels them to sex vacations, SS Uniforms, and schoolgirl bondage. However, it seems to be a trend. That and they like tall, blonde, Russian/Viking-looking hookers.

      • Now I want a bacon cheeseburger. Sigh.

        I’m hoping those were friends giving you grief rather than anyone being serious. I’ve never gotten crap from any Jewish person for my diet, but then again 90+% of the Jews I know are Reform and a few have expressed something between exasperation and bitterness regarding compliance with kashrut. “But it’s just something you have to do as a Jew.”

        Personally, most of the nastiness concerning diet that I’ve experienced has come from vegans, all-organic whack jobs, and gluten-free terrorists. All of whom have declared their eating habits virtuous, whereas people who eat as I do are apparently pretty much subhuman.

        • I have orthodox friends who wouldn’t read this blog – because they’re better than that. You can balance the particular value of “friendship”. They’re American orthodox. My Israeli friends are all active and former Shin Bet, IDF, and Mossad. Strangely enough, they tend to eat the same thing that I do.

          One of my daughters tried to be a vegan, but she was raised carnivorous and it didn’t work out for her. I give her points for trying and figuring it out for herself.

          I associated with one vegan many years ago. Not a nazi-vegan. I have a brother-in-law who is a vegan but he does it for health reasons. I think that it makes him less healthy, but I really like the guy and used to take him diving on my boat (if you’re a dive-partner, it means that I like you).

          You’re in the medical field so you’d run into them more often than I would. Most of the people in your orbit would consider me a dangerous Neanderthal, and who am I to gainsay them? They ought to have more respect for me though. If a revolution comes, me and those like me will keep them in business.

  5. The COVID scam is making the defecation map out of date. Many public restrooms are now permanently closed. Even port-a-lets now have padlocks.

    • I went into a fast-food restaurant some time ago and needed (urgently) to use the facilities. They pointed out that it was closed because of the plague, so I went outside. No choice really. So I guess we’re all Africans now.

      • Maybe the Left has no morals, decorum, or sense of smell (since they prefer horse n buggy over modern auto’s)? Nah, that couldn’t be it…just them using an Abundance of Caution. Long-suffering is good for you, sacrificing modern living to help Gaia not die prematurely.

      • The procedure July 1 hasn’t appreciably helped the frequency problem. Prominent in my vehicles is a relief bottle.

      • re — toilets chained closed
        We are all San Franciscans now.
        re — vegantarianist/glutenless whackazoids
        We operate a small organic teaching farm near the outskirts of Eugene, Oregon.
        And I signed-up for promo e-mails from Arby’s and others.
        A couple-three days ago, Arby’s offered sliders two-for-a buck instead of two bucks each.
        I immediately ordered six corned beef.
        (As a bonus, the recipe for two contained my monthly requirements of salt… all six, and I am good through 2024.)

  6. Interesting that Pakistan is not on the Billionaire Map.
    I’m betting “no data” rather than any lack of billionaires in Pakistan. Massive graft is no doubt a fine art there.

    • Likely they didn’t audit Swiss bank accounts… They’re right up there with the Greeks in terms of the art of the skim.

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