The Arizona Fraud Audit

Read all about it: here


Loki’s Fire

We’re wrapping the week, looking forward to the next. The official release of Loki’s Fire is tomorrow, but you can get your copy wherever books are sold today.  So much for the big reveal.



What is your favorite negro flavor? It’s a serious question. They’re going to want to know when you step and order.






PS – Let’s Go Brandon!


  1. I am on travel and will have to see if my connection is fast enough to support a Kindle download. If not, a copy will be mine as soon as I get home.

    Five years down the road all the court cases will be settled and proof of widespread voter fraud will exist not only for Arizona but for states like Georgia, Michigan, etc. People will be convicted and sentenced to a few years in prison at most and it will be too late to change the results. This will continue until the punishment is bad enough to deter people from committing the crime. These criminals are taking our voting franchise away. Shouldn’t that be a crime punishable by at least 20 years?

    • It should be a crime deserving immediate short drop hanging on the steps of the courthouse where the guilty verdict was rendered. These vermin are not fit to remain in society.

  2. AZ audit: Yeah, nothing to see there, elections in key states weren’t fraudulent, Epstein hung himself, and Mr. MAGU didn’t make an a$$ out of himself on day one, minute one, at some waste of time and resources “we’re the special people” chit-chat leader love fest that does absolutely nothing constructive.

    The Dem’s America is now a joke, going to be up to us normals to right the heeled-over ship before the morons and leadership criminal element sink it.

    Back at the homestead after a few days away, the high country threatening that Winter is on its way…will need some Loki’s Fire to keep warm.

  3. Tallahassee doesn’t count as a metro area?

    I expect that “w/o bank accounts” map overlays pretty accurately with a “w/o indoor plumbing” map.


  4. Florida population: Interesting like to U.S. slavery in 1860, but notice the population of Forida in 1860. (140,439!)

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