Lackner HZ-1 AeroCycle experimental combat reconnaissance vehicle. Their motto is, don’t fall.


JS Kongō, first of her class (こんごう型護衛艦Kongō-gata Goeikan) of guided missile destroyers in the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, is equipped with the Aegis Combat System, and is the first of few ship classes outside the United States to have that capability. Following a decision made in December 2003, Japan upgraded their Kongo-class destroyers with the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System. The upgrade involved a series of installations and flight tests that took place from 2007 to 2010. JS Kongo was the first ship to have the BMD upgrade installed.

JS Kongo


Exotic Aircraft

USAF ASD Boeing NKC-135A Big Crow – a test target for the aircraft below
NKC-135A Airborne Laser Laboratory (no longer in service)

These led to this – Boeing YAL-1A (no longer in service)


The TACMO (below) doesn’t operate a combat laser system. It talks to SSBN’s and SSN’s.

E-6B Mercury (TACMO)

Navy E-6B Communications relay and strategic airborne command post aircraft replaced the EC-135 and a Navy platform became a joint platform. Two squadrons, the “Ironmen” of VQ-3 and the “Shadows” of VQ-4 deploy more than 20 aircrews from Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma to meet these requirements.

And in B-52 news (old news now, but news all the same) “Ghost Rider” and “Wise Guy,” the only B-52 Stratofortress bombers to be resurrected from the Air Force’s “boneyard,” are undergoing maintenance before returning to Minot Air Force Base.

Both were retired to the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group in Arizona and were never to fly again, but they’ve been resurrected to bring the fleet back to the Congressionally mandated 76 B-52s.



Indirect fire and exploding shells made traditional forts obsolete.


The New Amerika

Jo and Ho, surrounded by 30,000 troops, and walls topped with razor wire.  I thought that walls didn’t work?


  1. This is a powerful homily, not least because of the MORTARS (we need some) and the pixelated armored vehicle in the header. Watch out, kids, no one can see us coming in Minecraft. I know this because teenage sons…

    • When I wear a camouflaged shirt it freaks my grandchildren out because all they see is grandpa’s talking head, as he sits on the porch.

      • I feel confident that as long as the PLA teaches their soldiers that it’s important to yell and make scary faces, they are not yet a peer adversary.


  2. Interesting the Japanese still fly the imperial battle flag on their ships. Imagine if the Deutschland Marine did the same today?

    • It’s a damned shame that they don’t. Be proud. And for the rest of them, who cares?

      I heard that they no longer sing the Panzerleid. Why ever not?

      • In the recent purge conducted by the previous MinDef, Mrs. Dr. von der Leyen, it has been forbidden to sing the Panzerlied. And other songs. The tradition of German forces now officially starts in 1955 with the establishment of the Bundeswehr. Everything before that date is not to be mentioned. If we really want to sing then the TeleTubbies song comes to mind as it has no connection to the past.

        • Please forgive the paraphrase.

          On the heath there stands a little flower, fine, and it’s named Erika

          At home waits a little girl of mine and her name is Erica….

          On my grave there stands a little flower and it’s name is Erica…

          Now alone is my poor little bride. Does she know that I’ve already died?

          In the homeland cries a little girl of mine and she’s named Erica.

          It’s a great marching song, a soldier’s song, a song of loss, and the human tragedy of war and of those left behind. I don’t know why it can’t be sung. It can be, I guess, just not officially. Maybe sing it while drinking beer with friends?

    • It is good that the Japanese fly the Imperial Flag. Their navy, even though it got beat down by ours, has a tradition of excellence and professionalism that shocked even our navy during and after WII.

      They took on the ‘A’ Team in the Russo-Japanese war and won. They took on the ‘A’ Team in WWII and it was a damned near close thing, only really won by America’s depth of manufacturing.

      And now, how many yards in America can build something longer than 200′ long?

      • History should not be erased.

        One of the good things about America was that we respected our defeated enemies, and largely spared them from persecution.

        Now that America is dead, the People’s Republic of Ameristan promotes grinding our boots into our defeated enemies faces, forever. We must erase all history, and all BadThink, and all dissent.

        Same old, same old.

  3. Walls for “me” and not thee.
    How many days before Biden cancels any good defense item for everyone everywhere?

    I despise our new overlords and the am angry with everyone who voted for them.
    I pray for their salvation, though our country is no longer free.

    • I seriously don’t know if Biden will arrange for the transfer of key tech to the PRC. A part of me doesn’t want to believe that he and the ho could be that craven. But they have shills like Swalwell who was doing it and we know that Biden was engaged in a pay-to-play scheme with the communists. Who knows how low he will go?

      • Part of me still can’t believe that the Clintons sold missile tech to the PRC. But, well, they did.

        Joe won’t sell anything. Jill, on the other hand…

        • She needs to build up her hope chest for after Joe. However as a doctor, I’m sure she’ll be working to cure the common cold or something. Not that kind of doctor you say?

    • Pretty sure in the new administration US aid will be rapidly re-directed from our friends to our enemies, just like last time.

  4. OMGosh! I want one of everything you pictured – including that big ass fence to put around my 5 acres.

    Why don’t they worry about the message being sent when they have to build a 12 foot fence and have 20K troops for a virtual inauguration? Are people really that stupid? Never mind, stupid question.

    So is this inauguration, being help in private, going to be CGI event? Asking for a friend.

    Speaking of military/combat type stuff – a young lady at church today was wearing a flowered dress and black combat boots. I know this is sort of a style now. I actually thought she looked sort of cute. So I showed pics of combat boots to Mr. A and he about had a cow and forbid me from buying my own combat boots. Sigh!

    • You need a pair of Corcoran jump boots and spit shine them to a luster. Accept no substitutes like Doc Martins, that are meant to give a vibe of the real thing.

      • Oh, Corcoran jump boots. Designed to keep your ankles in good shape even if the rest of your body is smashed to flinders from a bad shoot or being run over by a tank or…

        Used to wear them to do fighting in. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful, especially when you put a good pair of orthotics for arch support inside.

          • Mr A nixed the Corcoran boots too. Sigh. He usually doesn’t say much about such things, but years ago when I bought a rather long in length high waisted denim dress and was wearing it with little white socks and white sneaks, he sat me down and said, “Dear, you look like a squatty little old Italian lady in that get up.” It hit the trash in 3,2,1. Keep in mind I’m 5’2″, short waisted, long legged, with more than my fair share up upper body enhancements (wink, wink.) Believe it or not – sometimes the guy is actually right.

  5. Need a SawStop on that 1-Man helo conveyance in case of a slip n fall.

    Fence, troops, MSM hype…in half a dozen cities along with DC. Projection theater to keep true believers on their heels while sowing discord among the masses. No surprise, cheaters do this sort of thing to make things look legit.

  6. I could never understand the Army’s fascination with individual soldier “aero-cycles”. The one with the ducted fan was at least a bit safer to innocent bystanders…

    I’ve read here and other places that the JMSDF are quite competent. Nice to see they have some of our Good Stuff.

    Very familiar with Big Crow, and the several flavors of her.

    Heard some rumbling about restarting the B-52 production line, but that’s the same kind of talk you hear about putting the Iowa and her sisters back in service.

    I’ve always had an interest in mortars, but I wouldn’t want to be around one of those when you fired it….

    Back to the basement, and another episode of “Doc’s Old Radios”…..

    • The best rig was the jet pack, seemed like real flight for the few minutes the peroxide lasted.
      Now there are several turbine powered versions that look fun. Flying hangliders was pretty close to a flying dream – run, run, fly!

    • You have to weigh like 100 lbs to fly a jet pack and make sure that you don’t run out of peroxide while airborne. It reminds me of that Disney Movie, “The Rocketeer”. I liked the flick. Over-dramatized, but fun.

    • The Army has been big on tactical aerial reconnaissance since the American Civil War (tethered balloon corps, they even did some ‘bombing’ using hand grenades and dynamite.)

      Electronics weren’t good enough during the rotating pilot cuisinart times, but a lot of the current drone technology has direct tie-ins to that flying monstrosity. Now we have troops carrying mini-drones.

      The Japanese Self Defense Force is very very competent. They do not brook slackers or malcontents, especially in their naval forces. Tom Clancy did a good write up about them in “Debt of Honor.”

      One thing about the Japanese sailors, they never underestimate the seas. They remember the first enemy of any sailor is the water, then the other side.

        • Well, the end of “DoH” is, at this time, a very interesting idea…

          And the one that follows shoots the hell out of any government attempt to stifle the ability to travel.

          Clancy was a rather smart man. Sometimes went too gung-ho, but he researched what he wrote.

          • The first book of his I read was “The Hunt for Red October”, and I wound up reading it several times.

            And every time I see a picture of him wearing his USS Iowa hat I have to stifle a tear…..

  7. While knowing squat about things naval, land warfare I have some passing knowledge. Two key elements are reconnaissance and logistics. You need to know where the enemy is located, and the best routes to get into fighting/attack/defense positions. Then you need beans and bullets to exploit that knowledge.

    What useful tools drones must be.

      • One of the reasons the US Army is wanting to go to a 50mm main gun for their Infantry Fighting Vehicles is that the 50mm that is being proposed has a direct tie-in to a fire control system that can target drones, and there is a 50mm skeet round for anti-drone work (and I am sure it would work on soft targets, too.)

        • I hadn’t heard that there was a 50 mm skeet round. Interesting. Yes, they’d be good against drones, ‘pull’.

  8. Civil War mortars are just an amazing thing. One of the lesser known Union naval assets were semi-armored mortar boats, used anywhere they could be floated, mostly up and down the Mississippi and it’s various tributaries.

    The big rifles get all the glory, but the mortars, those stubby bastards, did most of the destroying of fortifications and fixed targets. They smashed Vicksburg.

    So, of course, after the Civil War, we got rid of most or all of our low velocity weapons.

    • The mortar boats (as I recall and despite some assertions, I wasn’t there) in use at the Crimean War came to the attention of US Army officers, serving as observers. They were an evolutionary step, sometimes forgotten.

      • But, funny, mortar boats (mortars on riverine monitors) came back in fashion in Vietnam.

        And some navies now mount auto-loading mortars for shore attack and for blowing up boat swarms.

        The need to lob a projectile over objects is a needful thing. Sometimes you can’t do everything with either high-velocity or missile or air power. Just chonk a bomb up and over…

        But that’s not ‘futuristic’ or something.

        Yet most marks of BOLOS (from the Keith Laumer BOLO! series) mounted auto mortars, and the larger ones had multiple auto mortars and VLS and and and…

        Oh, to have a couple Mark XXXs to let land in ChiCom right now…

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