The Uncertain Roadmap

We have the Time magazine piece where the oligarchs were openly bragging about election engineering. We have the general officers and bureaucrats who were bragging about lying to President Trump about troop levels in various regions to prevent or forestall drawdowns and now we’ve seen what General Milley is up to – collusion and collaboration with Communist China. Is all that ok in our woke world? Where do we go from here?

“General Li, I want to assure you that the American government is stable and everything is going to be okay,” Milley told him. “We are not going to attack or conduct any kinetic operations against you.”

In the book’s account, Milley went so far as to pledge he would alert his counterpart in the event of a US attack, stressing the rapport they’d established through a backchannel. “General Li, you and I have known each other for now five years. If we’re going to attack, I’m going to call you ahead of time. It’s not going to be a surprise.”

Maybe General Milley botched the Afghanistan withdrawal at the request of his masters in Beijing?

How does the rank and file feel about working for a traitor?


Tank Challenge

Identify these two if you’re able to.



I realize that some of this blog’s readership don’t care much for the tank & aircraft challenge, but it’s become a kind of a thing.


  1. There have been dark mutterings on the interwebs about what should happen to General Milley. Nothing bad will happen to General Milley. Though he might receive an award. Hopefully it will be a nice garish one he can wear to go with his shiny foreign jump wings.

    In the spirit of love, understanding, and universal chumhood between all sentient beings, I have (thoughtfully) written the citation for General Milley’s award, whatever it may ultimately be:

    General Mark A. Milley distinguished himself by extraordinary and unprecedented acts at the risk of the security of the United States while serving as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. On October 30th, 2020 during a fraught presidential election, with utter disregard for orders, policy, his oath, and common sense, General Milley on his personal initiative, did call a senior military leader of a de facto hostile power and give his personal assurance that he would back-channel tactical and strategic information to that power despite complete lack of authority to do so. With complete disregard for his own honor, and at risk of his reputation, General Milley further conspired to undermine the authority of legitimate, elected civilian leadership under heavy cover from allied newsmedia. Additionally, General Milley with great intrepidity did repeatedly provide alternative facts to said civilian leadership. General Mark A. Milley’s extraordinary actions and utter disregard for his oath to The Constitution and his duty to the United States of America above and beyond belief are in keeping with the highest traditions of useful idiots of the progressive globalist cabal and reflect great shame upon himself, the Joint Chiefs, and the United States Army.

  2. Yep. Traitors. Who openly crowed about openly lying to the then-Commander in Chief Trump about just about everything regarding the military. They need to be hung from the outside of the Pentagon until their bloated bodies fall apart, as a reminder to the rest of the ‘senior’ military that they work for us, not themselves or other countries.

    Sheridan and M103. Both rather good ideas but… The M103 would have been a beast against Soviet armor, if any survived the initial surprise attack. And the Sheridan was loved and hated in Vietnam. Big assed gun with big assed explosive charge, but caseless ammo in an aluminum hull? Yikes.

      • Now and then I have to work and cannot surf the net.

        If I could earn my money with ‘mystery challenges’ (excepting jets and ships) I would be a millionaire and all of you would be invited to a grandiose barbecue.
        There is nothing I would rather do right now.

        Thank you for challenging brain gymnastics and of course for everything else — your blog is a prime source of interesting thoughts and background information.
        As the Brits say: carry on regardless!

        Vielen Dank!

    • The Sheridan was designed as an ‘airborne’ drop tank. For all that it was and wasn’t I liked the tank.

      As to the traitors, leave them hanging until the body drops from the head and then let scavengers strip flesh from bone. Unfortunately hanging is too good for them.

      • The Sheridan isn’t a bad idea. And I talked to a guy who was the tank commander of one. He loved it. Said it was fun to drive, neat to play around with. Reasonably protective, and as long as you got off the first shot you won, if fighting equivalent vehicles or fixed positions.

        It’s hard to find a bad vehicle. Even the M114 was considered fun to fart around in. Just tended to get it’s nose stuck in dirt banks. Still, woulda been better to do a cut down M113 like what the Canuks used.

  3. When are some o-5 and some o-6s gonna do their duty and arrest those traitors or better shoot them as they resist, then hang them.

  4. Regarding Miley, I love it (sarcasm) that officers in the same meetings as him weren’t willing to say anything about his treasonous ass until the news story broke.

    Those guys? I’d look at them real hard. Like, okay, testify against Miley and then you’re retired for not saying anything at the time.

  5. With regard to traitors and leakers*: it’s not waterboarding if one uses diesel fuel.

    *In my humble opinion, there is a decisive difference between leakers and whistleblowers.
    Per my definition, a whistleblowercalls attention to government or corporate wrongdoing after he has exhausted all other options of correcting the fault. The whistleblower has the best interests of society as his agenda, trying to save lives and effort.
    A leaker betrays his employer and his oath for personal gratification (vanity or money).

    Am I right in my view? Please feel free to correct me.

    • Here in the US, the difference has become whether the individual in question is a member of the right Party, much like the difference between a Peaceful Protester and an Insurrectionist.


  6. got the sheridan, used to work on them, saw one burn in less parachutes at ft.pickett, lol. flattened like a stomped beer can….the m103 got me. i thought i had worked on everything from the m42 to abrams. everything but the main gun said straight m60….the troops are pissed about the stan, and milley vanilly’s treason may just be the straw. idk, things are boiling all over. one small innocuous little thing will bring the big snap as the camel’s back breaks. Lord help us when it does.

  7. The “Guess the tank” game, I like it! I know nothing about tanks, they have treads, a turret and big gun… from playing the game here I see some have bigger guns that others.. real tanks vs pretend tanks? I’ll bet a small tank works great against people on the ground….

    I like the aircraft too, sometimes I even know what it is!

    Entertainment AND education! It doesn’t get much better than this…

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