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Q – LL, has this stopped being a gun blog?

A – Man does not live by holiday soup alone, so no. It’s still a gun blog.

It is a weird cross between a STEN and an AK resulting in the Yugoslavian M56. And then Skoda knocked it off…or was it the other way around?


Putin’s Post Soviet pick-up Work

(PJM) The article is worth reading. In the course of an interview he gave for an upcoming Russian documentary about the country’s recent past, Vladimir Putin made a startling revelation. After the fall of the Soviet Union, he said in interview excerpts released Sunday, “Sometimes I had to earn extra money. I mean, earn extra money by car, as a private driver.” Specifically, according to Agence France-Presse, “he worked occasionally as a taxi driver to boost his income.”

He doesn’t remember his time as a driver with any fondness: “It’s unpleasant to talk about, to be honest, but, unfortunately, that was the case.”

Read the whole article.


Hillary – hitting the reset button – again?

Do you think that Hillary really wants to run for president again?

She’s lazy and is looking old and weepy these days, but what if the democrats drafted her out of retirement and then if Trump was successful again? She would make it all about her and see it as another personal rejection of her dark, empty soul.


Israel vs Iran

As Iran gets closer to completing the nuclear weapon that they promised to drop on Israel, the IDF is getting ready for a shooting war with Iran.

As part of that preparation, the ministerial committee for military procurement opted to purchase eight KC-46a Pegasus refueling aircraft – though the initial idea to purchase the jets was generated several years ago by then-Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman.

This is the first time the State Department has allowed Israel to purchase new tankers, the first of which is meant to be delivered by late 2023. Israel, however, has been checking the temperature on receiving that first delivery in the next year instead.

The Boeing planes would give dozens of Israeli bomber aircraft the ability to remain in the air for up to 12 hours at a time at a range of about 6,800 miles. Aircraft with such capabilities are essential to any operation against Iran, which is just about 620 miles away from Israel’s border.

The Pegasus serves as a flying service station but they can also carry stand-off weapons as all US Military airlift aircraft are being retrofitted as bombers.


French Anti-Vax Protests Continue

(Gateway Pundit) Civil unrest in France is escalating into a street war between law enforcement officers and civilians as citizens of the European Union protest the government’s sweeping COVID mandates.

It’s interesting that a vaccination so effectively requires the government to alternately beat and bribe people to take it. And then the endless boosters. In the US, the plague killed .06% of the people who contracted it AND the median age of the culled is 85 years.



  1. Hillary has always thought that she already was the President, although she’d really prefer “Queen”.

    As for “running”, that died with elections by the citizenry. She just wants the nod, and age and senility seem to be positive features there.


  2. If they’re digging up the she-bulk again, the Dems must be really sucking hind teat on a week-dead sow.

    As to Israel, stupid Biden administration has pushed the world to the edge of atomic war. Bet he’ll get a Nobel out of it.

    And France? Lose the people and the heads will roll. That’s the way France has been operating since Charles the Hammer united all the idiots way back when.

  3. there are nearly daily riots all over europe and australia but we don’t hear a peep. i want the 87,000new irs agents to look at where the 10% for the big guy went, like that joint account with hunter that joe uses to pay household expenses out of. ….and how much tax does pocahontas pay?…we should be giving israel everything they need, lest we face the iranian bomb here. …they let hillary out in public for a reason i’m sure. joe wakes up dead, kamala pics the blob as vp, suddenly kamelface has to resign to save the nation from scandal, omg. hillary prez, pics pelosi for vp. i wondered why pelosi was packing her bags, she thinks she’s moving up i bet.

  4. I never would have predicted it but it really does seem as if Hillary’s re-emergence is an effort to get in line for the job. Whoever it is that make up the junta controlling the addle-brained cadaver have the power to put her there. Biden can’t last much longer—I see zero chance he can make even another stealth campaign and Kamala is a total no go.

    A lot of dems would enthusiastically get on board for Hillary and she absolutely would consent to puppet status as long as she can claim to be the President.

    There really is a possibility that this could happen. Oh, she actually might have a chance to run as the incumbent in 2024 since the controllers could manage a Gerald Ford sort of installment.

  5. Today it’s “gun soup” recipes…works for me. That one may not be pretty but it is effective.

    HRC – Just what America needs is this hag in the Oval Office. Magically the Clinton corruption stories disappeared from the news, like the Waukisha murderer. Then again, the MSM did say it was the vehicles fault…and that Hillary was healthy.

    Watched Tucker’s 2-part interview with Roger Stone…love him or not, the guy is bright, a re-affirmed follower of Christ, and was (as he is) very direct about the past 5 years as well as 2022/24 and DJT running. Then again, maybe AOC’s end of world prediction will come true and DC will slip off into the Potomac before then, leaving the rest of us alone for a change.

    Facts don’t matter to Covid Cult Religion adherents and its overlords, the scared masses will continue to blindly follow whatever is spouted about this charade, like making their kids eat outside in freezing weather.

  6. I agree with Bandmeeting: Hilary could very well be the next President of this country (with Buttgieg as Veep)
    it ain’t who votes or how, it’s only those who count the votes that count
    I keep attributing it to Joseph S. but would like to know the origin

  7. Despite my surname I much prefer guns to soup. The picture/descriptions of Mexican food is an entirely different story. I could drool over those on a regular basis.

    Hilary running for President, possible but unlikely in my opinion, she is disliked by far too many voters, the Democrats really would be scraping the bottom of the barrel as Beans mentioned. On the other hand maybe she would make it in to the Oval Office, there are a huge number of votes that magically appear during some elections, particularly of the Democratic ilk.

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