A Good Judge

Kathryn Kimball Mizelle worked for the firm representing President Trump in the election steal and was confirmed by the Senate in November 2020, only days after the steal occurred.  She was the youngest of President Trump’s nominated judges.  We didn’t know she was one of the brightest and most courageous judges ever appointed.

Yesterday, Judge Mizelle ended the unscientific and senseless mask mandates put in place by tyrannical bureaucrats within the US government.  Federal judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle struck down the national mask mandate for transportation including airplanes and trains on Monday.


The Red

Jen Psaki recently sat down for an interview with podcaster Jessica Yellin. Psaki told the leftist podcaster that anti-groomer laws bring her to tears.

“I’m going to get emotional about this issue because it’s horrible … This is an issue that makes me completely crazy,” Psaki said when she was asked about laws passing in Republican states restricting schools on transgender issues and sexual identity and giving parents more control of their child’s education.

The laws, like the one passed in Florida, prohibit discussions about sexual identity and gender in school classes with young children and prevent school officials from transitioning a child’s gender without the parent’s consent.

Psaki said the laws were “cruel” and did not represent the majority of Americans.



Today is Day 56

The War in Ukraine approaches two months and it feels as if it’s been going on forever. Or maybe that’s just me.

This was two days ago. Russia has been bombing and shelling Mariupol for most of those two months, and still, the place resists.

The Russians have begun their offensive in the East, trying to consolidate territorial gains in areas that should have been easy wins for them within the first couple days of the invasion.

Nations that have sent foreign aid to Ukraine. If it surprises you that China is included in the list, don’t be. They’re trying to hedge their bets now.

And this, lifted shamelessly from CDR Salamander’s Blog:

China’s not doing enough to make the list, but there is a dribble so that they can claim that they were there for the refugees.

The Potemkin Village that the Russians created around their army has fallen to a great extent. The map below shows how their advance faltered.



  1. You never know who will be the courageous ones, especially when, going in, knowing the Social Media/MSM/White House Cancer will try to destroy you afterward. Judge Mizelle was presented a case that rightfully proved the CDC had no authority to issue such an edict. It’s that simple. And, of course, exploding Lefty heads everywhere, “WE LOVE OUR PRECIOUS MASKS! (for you)…DON’T TAKE AWAY OUR PRECIOUS MASKS!” (for you)

    The Angry Redhead speaks truth- “Makes me completely crazy”

    Good to know she was only operating “partly crazy” this whole time. At least the subversives are self-identifying in this seriously bad play that even Gorilla tape and Timberloks can’t hold together. The wheels are coming off their wagon, they’re getting desperate.

    Vlad is having a bad couple of months. Still wary of Zelensky, he’s not who the fawn-ers are presenting. Won’t stop the war-idiots from trying to get us directly involved “to save the day”. They send one soldier into that manufactured fray – as projected by that moron the other day – and heads will roll.

    • If the Little Red Lying Hood self-identifies as “completely crazy” who are we to differ? Since by her own admission she needs a complete psyc eval, perhaps she should be given one, good and hard. Clearly she needs a vacation. Maybe that would teach her to run her mouth.

        • I’m not Mike-C, not a distinguished healer. But I’m willing to put myself forward to handle the surgery on Psychochi to fix her. All I need is a 40 year old bottle of fine single malt to steady my hand. I have knives, a sledgehammer and riggers tape.

          • Mike_C and “a distinguished healer” are two distinct people, just so it’s clear. (Reminds me of a joke personals ad: “I’m six feet and four inches. Those are two separate measurements.”)

            In any case, not much healing going on today. Lots of paperwork though. Sigh. In related news, the hospital is thinking of “relaxing” the universal mask mandate. Except for unvaccinated scum such as myself who shall have to continue wear masks at all times. And now weekly PCR tests.

          • Mike-C…Sorry you have to deal with such putzes, they just can’t let it go.

            LL- Riggers tape belongs in every toolbox, never know who…err…what you might have to tie…err…tape up. “If the woman don’t find you handsome, at least they should find you handy.”

  2. Where the warning was once “Beware the Ides of March”, today’s politicians need to be told “Beware the Short Victorious War”.
    Meanwhile, over at the WEF, we hear that something needs to be done to remove all the unnecessary population. Why don’t the ones calling for this lead the way, give a great example, and off themselves?

    • They could be heroes by leading the way. Make sure the ladies of The View, Oprah and the squad are on the list

  3. Perhaps President Trump’s greatest legacy is the number of judges he got confirmed and on the bench (234).

    • If called to use my skills to fix Red Liar medically, she may need to fly to the White Wolf Psych experimental Surgery Center. I don’t accept IOUs, Green Stamp, or personal checks. Krugerrand only. But it’s worth it. Free carbon credits to all patients.

  4. Very interesting to watch that map. Russia came sooo close to Kyiv, but to have to back away all western ‘wins’ to support the eastern front must have really hurt.

    As to the steel factory, well, one of the greatest propaganda victories was the tractor factory at Stalingrad, which held out for forever against Germans. Now the tides have turned and the Russkies can’t take a steel factory.

    Very interesting.

      • All those occupied roads and places gradually disappearing kinda reminds you of the French experience in Indochina post-WWII, wot? How do you say “street without joy” in Russian?

        By the way, L-L, thanks very much for cajoling me into finally getting into Fall’s writing a while back. Great writing, what a shame he got killed so young.

        • It doesn’t translate into Russian with the same nuance. You have to throw profane words in to make it real street dermo. When you do that the meaning vanishes and it becomes “another flocking Ukrainian street an a burning T-80 on it.

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