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Bullet Points:

* I didn’t know this was “hurtful”.  Is quoting Foghorn Leghorn (cartoon chicken) or Yosemite Sam hurtful? It may be and I’m just too far out of the mainstream to understand it. A banana peel on the ground is enough for some universities to refer the matter to law enforcement, so maybe. Marvin the Martain is black.

Does quoting that cartoon character create grand mal seizures among black people? Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up. If the professor at UC San Diego wants to quote a cartoon character, perhaps he’d best learn a little more Spanish so he can deny quoting. Then he could be a cartoon denier.

The list of who is offended by what is so amorphous that it’s impossible to keep up. The grievances are so widespread that saying anything to anyone about any topic is risky. “Truth” is the first casualty of political correctness.

* The degree of gaslighting, of insisting one doubt one’s own eye, is now beyond parody. Example: the enemy is now insisting that they never called for curtailing or abolishing police funding. Oceania is at war with Eastasia. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia. ‘War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.’

* “We learn from history that we do not learn from history.” — Friedrich Hegel

* Ref: October 16 – VM Blog Checking in:

DSHARMON responds:

“Starting this month, the RCMP is dropping its requirement that applicants must be Canadian citizens. It will now accept permanent residents. An internal RCMP document said credit checks, the criminal background ban, the two-hour aptitude test and long stints at the training depot were potential barriers during the recruitment process.”

I look forward to the, uh… confusion when Muslim Mounties show up at domestic abuse complaints.

And just today, ‘Tragic and horrific’: Burnaby RCMP officer stabbed to death at a homeless camp. The female Mountie was stabbed and killed while assisting bylaw officers in the area, and a suspect was shot and wounded.

* Propaganda – Wikipedia took a cue from the White House and re-defined ‘recession’. Any mention of two negative consecutive quarters has now been scrubbed.

Wikipedia has changed the definition of ‘recession’ and locked the page from further edits. These changes were made during the week that the White House proposed a re-definition of recession to mean something other than two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth.

“Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.” – “The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”1984

* Vikings in America – An analysis of wood from L’Anse aux Meadows zeroes in on a cosmic event to reveal that the European seafarers were felling trees in Newfoundland in A.D. 1021. It’s an interesting article.

* When in doubt, double down! Democrats CLAIM that the barcode on the ballot, identifying the voter (hasn’t been a secret ballot for some time) made it impossible for anyone to vote twice. I have my doubts. Were these double ballot mailings made to elephants and donkeys?


Remember what they took from you …


School Shooting – back on June 13


Parting Shot


  1. T-4 Sotka – the Soviet ripoff of the XB-70.

    I have a picture (poor quality) of the surviving XB-70, the one that made it to the Air Force museum in Dayton, Ohio. I was in like 6th grade when the crash took out the first.

  2. It’s all very simple, you see. In the early 1980’s a good VCR was about $400, or roughly $1200 in 2022 dollars. From this we can conclude that things back then only cost one-third of what they cost now. Which means that a full-time job today was only 40/3 = 13.3 hours/week back then. Therefore it follows that a man working 40 h/wk in 1982 would be working 120h today. And a man making three modern salaries can live pretty well.

    And careful with the anti-billionarism, hoss. Those people have suffered so, so much on behalf of the rest of us. Far from taking anything from us, billionaires, through their wise guidance of capital into optimal uses, have improved all our lives immeasurably. As but one example, look at what the wise and kindly Paul Singer has done for not just the good people of Sidney, Nebraska, but the entire nation of Peru.

    Also, President Biden is the most popular president in history. The price of gasoline has continued to fall. And Epstein hanged himself to death.

    • Don’t forget Bloomberg, the tiny philosopher king. When the little people rejected him, he flew back to the penthouse in his G6, with his army of bodyguards, rode the elevator to the 45th Floor, looked out and sulked.

  3. Firstus: I firmly believe the waiving of citizenship (or subjectry, after all, they are titularly under The Crown) is due to Red China slowly taking over Canada. Prove me wrong.

    Secundus: The academic and soft-science world has been trying to deny or reduce information on Scandanavians in North America since, well, the 1800s. There have been rumors of evidence destroyed and there are definite proof of careers destroyed over ‘Vikings in the New World.’ Just look at the whole “Greenland isn’t green” argument (which is, well, Greenland is a barren icy wasteland NOW, therefore it was back then. When, actually, Greenland was very green (grass and small trees) until the 1300’s when Climate Change froze the Greenlanders to death.)

    • Despite Thor Heyerdahl’s expeditions (Ra & Kon Tiki, etc) there is the persistent academic insistence that nobody crossed the Atlantic before Columbus (and he turned out to be a racist). The evidence for Norse settlements in North America and expeditions through the Great Lakes region is compelling. The expeditionary voyages of the Chinese to the New World were documented and are compelling. Russian & Asian fishermen followed the land around the Alaskan Coast, down the Canadian Coast, and explored the Pacific Northwest. Irish Monks are said to have traveled back and forth. I think that some of the pushback comes from the LDS Church’s assertion that people from the Middle East traveled to North America and prejudice against them drove some of the strange obsession that no, “Just Columbus.”

    • Tertius: How the West viewed the past (its own past, and the pasts of other cultures) in the not-so-distant past was radically different from how the “professionals” currently view the past. The shadow of Franz Boas (1858-1942; responsible for cultural relativism and historical particularism) looms YUUUGE over the field of anthropology. He and his disciples (who were shockingly non-diverse) changed how we view the past. I’m no expert on academic anthropology, but I’m quite certain that the anti-white bias of the current “professionals” and “academics” mostly comes from that school.

      The current creators of our popular culture (also shockingly non-diverse) are following the tradition. The trend is to take established (white male) characters, and to alter the lore so that a woman or a POC, or a sexual deviant, was first, or was better at whatever the character is known for. Here are some examples off of the top of my head:
      1. Dr Who, who always looked like a white man, is now shown to have been a little Black girl originally.
      2. She-Hulk, instantly able to control her Hulk-ness and her powers, and to transition between states at will, so much better than Bruce Banner who would hulk out uncontrollably.
      3. Spock (admitted a green-skinned half-alien and not a human, but still …) is now revealed to have been a dyslexic emo weirdo who was taught to become the unflappable, logical Spock we all know by a Black human female step sister.
      4. Princess Leia was a Jedi, and apparently better at it than Luke Skywalker. Rey Wosshername is also better than Luke (who tried to murder his own nephew, then abandoned his responsibilities and went into seclusion and a life of drinking alien sea-creature titty-milk). Whatta loser, that Luke.

      I could go on, but do I need to? You get the picture. The people who control our popular culture, and the people who in a sense control our past (via our knowledge of the past) seem to hate the descendants of the people who created the culture and society in which we live. I deplore this strange behavior, but I don’t hate the persons who indulge in this, as it may be their intrinsic nature. I do however condemn the people who knowingly let this happen.

        • Of course you can fix it. All governments are direct democracies because all politicians need the continual active obedience of nearly all of their subjects.

        • Domesticated chickens are corralled by a fence which they can fly over. Domesticated cattle are corralled by a barbed or electrified wire fence which they can push over. Domesticated horses are corralled by a fence which they can jump over. Domesticated humans are corralled by the media, the IRS, and the church. As with other domesticated animals, human corrals exploit mental blind spots. Only goats escape corrals to the limits which they are physically capable of.

          If only there was an Ian Fleming/Matt Bracken type person who started out as a commando/spy/assassin, then turned thriller fiction author like Tom Clancy/John Ross and wrote something entertaining which became a movie. The plot could go, ‘after the hyperinflation of the reserve currency discombobulates the economy, nerds rebuild Amazon as Silk Road and protect money and commerce with crypto. Lacking a tax income stream to fund oppression, the middle class discovers it is independently wealthy’.

      • The chickenhawk is red. I think that character is safe. Uncle Remus from the Song of the South is not on the list even though he’s black and the tar baby didn’t make it either. Heckle and Jeckle should have been approved but they’re not either. It’s a fickle bunch who decide.

      • Good point, although the dog always getting into it with Foghorn was more of a hound whilst the white sheepdog inhabited a different corner of the Warner Brothers cartoon universe.

        But what of the Disney dawgs? Disney had Goofy, who talked, dressed and acted like a human and Pluto, who didn’t talk or dress up and acted like a dog. How does that conflict with woke culture?

    • Thanks for the youtube reference – excellent footage. They were always playing catch-up. They copied about 80% from the West. Now, unfortunately for Russia, they’ve had their pants pulled down in Ukraine.

      When the First Guards Tank Army was routed south of Kharkov, it was the end. Now things just have to find some sort of rapprochement if USGOV allows it.

  4. “I’m offended!!!!!”
    Too bad. Recently had a situation with a woman on the same floor as Banner and I. She complained to the manager about having to use the same elevator as Banner and I. Seemed to think we should only use the stairs. My response, and the building manager agrees, that woman is offended by everything and everyone.

      • He hasn’t, but the red Irish Setter on the 4th floor has. The owner might have problems with the stairs in his wheelchair.

        • At least the Irish setter is red – unfortunately, it’s Irish and red hair on the Irish isn’t included in any sort of equity. I’d expect that they’d require him to negotiate the 4 floors of stairs in his wheelchair – or find a more inclusive dog.

          • The problem with management and the professional victim is the dog is a certified emotional support dog. The owner took four rounds to the midsection as a Phoenix police officer on a domestic disturbance call.

      • I hate to see people who likely shouldn’t be wearing a badge going into harm’s way. I’m sure that she was a great lady. Was is the operating word.

        • Fair enough. I also hate seeing people who shouldn’t have authority over anyone given badges. This morning at airport I went through the Rapeyscan then turned to look at the monitor to see what “lit up”. Cargo-pant pockets as I expected, and my left shirt cuff. So I raised my arms for the pat down. The freckled negro male in uniform said, “So you think you know what to do, huh?”
          “I’ve flown recently,” says I.
          “Then you should know you need to obey what we tell you,” said the freckled negro, somewhat ungrammatically, but with conviction.

          • You shoulda knowed betta, Mike_C

            Equating the mish-mash of people who are hired by TSA (a felony conviction is not exclusionary) based solely on equity requirements with the general population of law enforcement officers nationwide is a little unkind. HOWEVER, they are heading toward TSA as they lower standards to meet equity demands and to fill the levy.

          • I’m not *equating* TSA with various other law enforcement people. I was lumping them into one class. Much as the oncology RN, the cardiac surgeon, and the 65-IQ diverse beater of nursing-home patients (I meant “nurse’s aid”) are all assigned to the class “healthcare workers”. No offense intended.

            And the same is happening in health care, thanks to “Equity”. Apparently standardized tests (and standards) are rayciss.

          • Anything that makes a certain inner-city demographic appear to be less than equal to their peers is clearly racist. As a doctor, you understand that equity requires that they be given extra consideration even if it means that patient care suffers.

          • But we had to have Equity… equality was too equal.

            Plus, one fewer syllable makes it easier for Modern Scientific American Man to pronounce.



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