The actor may call himself President but he continues to be just an actor and not a good one, with a script, a director, and very sophisticated technology at his disposal. No costs are spared to sway people’s perceptions and opinions in his favor.

It’s just a Hollywood production.


Blood Clots

(Link) Pfizer’s flagship Covid drug can have dangerous interactions with common medications, a review has found.

Paxlovid gained emergency use authorization in the US in December last year as an antiviral drug to treat mild to moderate Covid in high-risk patients.

It has been given to millions of vulnerable Americans with underlying health conditions — reducing their risk of death by up to 90 percent.

But Paxlovid can cause serious health problems when coupled with common heart disease medication such as statins and blood thinners.

Researchers from Lahey Hospital and Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, and other US institutions found the Covid drug can increase the risk of developing blood clots when taken with blood thinners.

It can also cause an irregular heartbeat when combined with drugs for heart pain and when taken alongside statins it can be toxic to the liver.

Isn’t that special?


How Deep is the Rot?

During questioning from Special Counsel John Durham, Brian Auten, a supervisory counterintelligence analyst with the FBI, revealed the FBI offered Christopher Steele one million dollars if he could corroborate allegations in the Dossier, but that Steele could not do so. Auten repeatedly admitted under questioning from Durham that the FBI never got corroboration of the information in the Steele Dossier but used it in the initial FISA application and in the three subsequent renewals.


The Pain is Intentional

(link) Aluminum spiked 7% after the report of the U.S. ban on Russian supplies.

LONDON, Oct 12 (Reuters) – Aluminium prices on the London Metal Exchange (LME) soared on Wednesday after Bloomberg reported that the United States was considering a ban on Russian aluminum in response to the conflict in Ukraine.

Benchmark aluminum was up 3.3% at $2,309 a tonne at 1612 GMT after briefly spiking 7.3% to $2,400 a tonne.

The Biden administration is considering raising tariffs on Russian aluminum to levels so punitive they would effectively ban Russian aluminum producer Rusal, Bloomberg said, citing unnamed people familiar with the decision-making.


Icarus Remembered

All the wide sky 

Was there to tempt him as he steered toward heaven. 

Meanwhile, the heat of the sun struck his back,

And where his wings were joined, sweet-smelling fluid,

Ran hot that once was wax. – Ovid

Do you think that after years of imprisonment, feeling the sun on your face and the open air beneath your wings, that you would be able to focus on anything but the joy of being alive and free?

Do you think that if you were given the opportunity to go where nobody has  been before, that you wouldn’t want to push it to the limit and to dare to be the first to try what no one else has ever even thought possible?

Tell me that if I strapped a pair of wings to your back that could take you wherever you wanted to go whenever you pleased that you’d be careful and sensible about it. You are not better than Icarus just because you have the benefit of his example.


  1. Covid drug reactions, that is just the tip of the iceberg that we will never know the full extent of.

    FBI. The entire FISA warrant program seems to be just a bureaucratic rubber stamp process with no repercussions if the program is misused. I almost believe that the “cure” to prevent terrorism is worse than the terrorism itself. And yes I know saying that will probably get me on some watchlist or another. Same thing with the euphemistically titled Patriot Act.

    Icarus. Man has always tried to excel and to stretch the envelope, whether it be flight or deep diving or space exploration or whatever. That is what makes life worth living. If we as a people don’t do these kind of things then we are just existing and not living.

    • Most likely anyone reading or commenting on this, and other, blogs is already on “lists”. If I am not, I’m very offended.

    • I almost believe that the “cure” to prevent terrorism is worse than the terrorism itself.

      At least the terrorists aren’t claiming that they are doing what they do for our own good. Give me an honest enemy over a hypocrite (or even a sincerely deluded would-be do gooder).

  2. Yes. Given a set of wings I wouldn’t exceed the parameters. Of course, suffering from vertigo and other issues will keep me close to the ground.

    As to the FBI/Justice Department? The non-indictment of Hillary was the last straw. Past that, everything is tainted, even more than normal. Screw them, screw them all, preferably to any available vertical surface.

    • Indeed. Where is Vlad the Impaler when we need him?

      Meanwhile, back at the taxable ranch, we’re the ones getting screwed……

    • Yet every month they are finding that old, established medicines work to stop Der Covid.

      Metformin, a diabetes drug, will stop Der Covid. So will Benadryl. And Nyquil. And so much more.

      Covid is so deadly it can be killed by OTC allergy medicines and cough syrup. Sooooo deadly you have to take a test to find out if you’ve had it recently.

      • Now you did it, this is California Covid misinformation according To Hair Gel Man, The Friggin Boys Inshorts may make a visit to your place at 6am with AR’s pointing in your face.

  3. very few people, if any, have ever learned from someone else’s example
    if you never get your fingers burned, you don’t know what to avoid or how to avoid getting your fingers again

  4. I think it was a Far Side cartoon that had two bears looking down a slope at a nudist colony, with one bear saying “Well, there goes my appetite.”
    I can see young men, getting their wings, flying over any local nudist colonies….and probably losing their lunch when reality doesn’t align with fantasy.

    • I worked at a hot springs resort for a while, operating and upgrading the off-grid utilities, and occasionally an Oregon Air National Guard chopper would circle around looking for naked people. They should’ve just driven up from Salem for a day visit, they would’ve gotten an eyeful. I’m talking yoga babes.

  5. When I have dreams in which I’m flying, I always get tired and have to land.

    Never met anybody else like that, so far.



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