It’s a wonderful time of year


Virtual Mirage in Retrospect

February 2016 – Time to take a journey in the way-back machine (here). I will say that if this is not familiar to you, you simply have not spend enough time in Asia, and more particularly in China. Are you worthy to wrangle these worthy beasts, consumed in LARGE numbers in the Worker’s Paradise? That’s not chicken in your chicken chow mein. What with the Chinese Plague and restaurants trying to bump up their bottom line… you may have eaten and enjoyed.


Fun with Maps

Electricity Consumption Per Capita, 2016 est. Now that it’s 2020, we need to cut California and its rolling black-outs and green energy away from the rest of the US. With black outs, less energy will be consumed. I think that’s part of a goal.


Where do countries stand on the Uyghur genocide currently underway in China?


Changing Demographics in Texas

The fact that Irish Bob (Beto) O’Rorque, nearly beat Ted Cruz should worry you.


The “equilux” is the day where the hours of daylight and darkness are closest to 12. Each year has two such dates that are either a few days before the Vernal (March) Equinox or after the Autumnal (September) Equinox. This map shows the Fall 2020 Equilux date.


And at the US Space Force Dock


Memes with Meaning



Parting Shot


  1. That’s a pretty good “shop” on the shipyard.
    Elect Somalia, become Somalia. Bust her now for ballot harvesting, corruption, immigration violations! Now! Jail. Prison. Gallows. Something.

    • I’d be rather pleased if the first US Space Force ship was a Corellian corvette.

      Also, I may have just outed myself as a nerdy bastard.

      • Barrett, you are not the only nerdy bastard who hangs out here.

        WWW and Ed, I’d prefer some sort of firing squad for Omar with a lottery to see who gets to participate. I’d put $10 into a raffle ticket. Or a lot more if it was a sure thing. Enough raffle tickets sold and you could pay off the national debt – Pelosi, Schiff, Comey, Hillary, the squad. I’ll tell you the idea is HUGE.

        • Another nerdy comment based on a scifi story – divide them into two teams, arm them with machetes, and tell them the winning team will be deported while the losing team will be staked out on anthills. Sell tickets for bleacher seats and set up a pay-per-view show as well.

  2. LL, this is probably a stupid question but I’m gonna ask it here anyhow: Why do muslim-majority/shariah countries like Saudi Arabia support China with how they treat the Uighur? Looks like the entire middle east is green in support of these policies.

    Also, thank you for another informative post. Hope you’re staying safe out there.

    • Saudi Arabia feels about the Uighurs in much the same way as many American Jews feel about Israel. Which means that they don’t give a rat’s ass. The Chinese view the Tibetans and Uighurs and ethnic minorities as great candidates for forced labor.

      Don’t forget about the “floating population” (homeless in China). There are roughly as many homeless in China as there are people in the US. They do a lot of the big construction projects where the Chinese need an army of meat with shovels and picks.

      • Thanks, LL. I didn’t realize the average US Jew had that much apathy towards Israel, but I also never gave it any thought. Makes sense.

        Also makes you wonder with how much effort CAIR puts into it, for their own betterment rather than the goodness of all Muslim-kind.

        • It’s an industry, Barrett. A lot of people have a vested financial interest in the business.

          MANY years ago, while wearing a badge, I personally uncovered a direct link between the American Nazi Party (Stan Widick, President), The KKK and White Aryan Resistance (Thomas Linton Metzger) , and the Jewish Defense League (Irv Rubin, President). They all backed each other to milk money from their contributors. I don’t know that the conspiracy was illegal, but it was a mutually beneficial relationship.

          I’ve never done anything with CAIR, but I sense that they play the same game.

        • I can’t speak of (much less for) “the average US Jew” but certainly several of my Jewish friends have a very schizophrenic view of Israelis (the persons) which then bleeds over into how they feel about Israel the country. Basically they find Israelis rude, aggressive, and condescending, and feel that the Israelis look down on them. There is probably some truth to all of these — on average. But if you are a non-Jew and you merely repeat what they just said to you about Israelis, they get very uncomfortable and start squirming.

          Honestly I think I get along better with many Israelis than do some of my Jewish friends. Partly because I see more value in Israeli tough-mindedness, ruthlessness, and unabashed ethnocentricity than do my friends. But probably the most important difference is that I don’t expect the Israelis to fully accept me, so I am not disappointed, whereas my friends feel they’ve been rejected.

          That’s a long way of saying it’s not just apathy, there is sometimes a genuine antipathy on the part of American Jews toward Israel/Israelis. Only, like any “family fight”, if you put your Goy oar into those troubled waters suddenly you’re everyone’s target.

          As to the Uighurs and Saudis, etc. Look how various Muslim factions treat each other. (Hell, look how various Christian sects and factions treated each other.) Also, the Saudis are frankly abusive of all the Muslim “guest workers” they allow into the Magic Kingdom. so I’m not surprised they don’t give a fig about the Uighurs.

    • After the recent report of what is going on in Harris County (Houston), those light blue areas are where election fraud carried the day. Down close to the border, it was most likely a lot of illegal aliens residing in Texas that swung them Democrat.

      • The Democrat slogan could be “Make America into Somalia”. Think about it, it’s not the least bit racist.

      • Sure, put me down for a $10 ticket. Of course, participating in this sort of thing might castigate me as a ‘hater.’ “Fredd the Hater.” Kind of has a ring to it….

        • You’re know in some quarters as “Fredd the poxer” so it’s an elevation to be “the hater”, but it’s not a tectonic shift.

          • I think my poxing days are behind me. Now, hating, that has a real future. And it’s not a major cost to update my business card, since poxer and hater have the same number of letters, the printer will not hammer me. Or at least he BETTER not hammer me, lest he get me to seriously hate on him. Or maybe pox him.

  3. Having never eaten rat, I can’t pass comment on what it tastes like. I’m sure I could be fooled into believing it was a tasty bit of chicken thigh. At hunting camp I was given some (deep fried in oil drums) catfish which was very tasty but when I got to the middle it had a big bone .. hmmm.. “Fish don’t have bones like this,” I said. “That’s coz it’s a toads leg, pumpkin! Hahahaha!” How they laughed at me. Right up until I drank them under the table with homemade moonshine.

    To be fair, the toads leg was pretty tasty.

  4. Judge Barrett was vetted and passed with bi-partisan support in 2017, now she’s the most evil person on the planet. Dem’s are a fickle bunch, can’t make up their mind depending on who’s social ox is getting gored.

    Sidebar: Listened to Kayleigh Mckenany’s presser, man she’s a junkyard dog (love it!)…reporters (even Fox’s Roberts) showcased their “Give Us Barabbas” propagandist rabble mentality. These news outlets should be classified as domestic terrorist shops due to their clear tyrannical behavior.

    • The Dems lost me at Trump’s inauguration. The only prominent Dems there were the Obamas and Clintons. No Schumer, no Pelosi.

      I was a Democrat, even a precinct committeeman, for decades. That ended when Obama announced his choice for Attorney General, Eric Holder. IMO, a more slime soaked lawyer would be hard to find.

    • The Dems always danced on the socialist sidelines to buy votes. Johnson’s Great Society kept black people on an economic plantation. But today they align themselves openly toward communist front organizations. They support burning, looting, pillage, murder, etc. They crossed a significant line. Barack engineered a coup to take down an elected president and way too many Republicans joined him.

      • Heads will roll if/when Trump wins on Nov. 3rd. Dems et al are in desperate full court press to make all the graft disappear. Joe sad his and Hunter’s nefarious activities have all been disproven. So there you go, from the lying dogface horses mouth.


  5. Texas, Colorado, lots of states are sad because of all the demonrats abandoning Kalifornia and New York and other places to destroy good conservative states.

    Reminds me of all the muslims flooding Europe.

    A different sort of Biblical plague.

  6. Saw the “space force” picture and did a double take. Called my grandson over and asked him what it was in the picture. He told me right off it was a corellian hammerhead corvette. He was hopeful that we were actually building one but said maybe someday.
    As for Omar- any way would be a good way- I grow tired of the flaunting of laws with no punishment. I fear there are very few honest people left in the halls of power.

  7. I’m gonna say it….we’re at war with these people to restore America back to what the Founder’s envisioned.

    And it’s going to get pretty ugly, regardless of who wins in November.

    • Unfortunately I agree…there is that ruinous segment who can’t leave well enough alone, it’s their nature to be destructive.

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