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Charles Grodin – RIP

The man had a very dry delivery, but a sharp sense of humor. Great comedian, and by all accounts a good man.

MIDNIGHT RUN, Charles Grodin, 1988

I enjoyed Midnight Run and really, all of his movies.


Savage model 99 rifle – A Different Breed of Lever-Action

Manufactured by the Savage Arms Co. of Arthur W. Savage c.1912~1998. .22 Savage Hi-Power / 5.6x52mm-R, rotary magazine, hammerless, lever-action repeating rifle.

Designed in 1892, this Savage lever gun included a number of modern innovations compared to its competition, notably the ability to safely use spitzer bullets. This was done in a bid to replace the Springfield trapdoor rifles in US military service, which never happened.


Tanks – For the Memories

The French Char B1, originally intended to be a breakthrough tank, later became more of a heavy tank.

Designed between 1921 and 1934, visually it is still stuck in an era of trench warfare. With long exposed tracks wrapping around the tank, and a long hull designed mostly for crossing trenches or shell holes, the French prided themselves being the only major European country to have so many heavy tanks capable of this task. Too bad, the vision was flawed.

With the outbreak of WWII, the B1 faced tanks that were about twice as fast. The B1 didn’t adapt well to the fast pace of mechanized war. Being mostly on the defensive in 1940 it proved formidable and hard to kill for the lightly armed German Panzer tanks at the time.

On May 16th, 1940 in a small village called Stonne, a single Char B1 was able to knock out 13 Panzer IIIs and IVs, while surviving 140 direct hits. The tank made it back to French lines with all crew unharmed.

It was designed by Renault, and there were 3 variants. The B1, the B1 bis, and the B1 ter. Each one with increasing armor thickness respectively in that order. Of the 405 built, only 11 survive.

It was armed with a powerful 75mm ABS SA 35 howitzer as it’s main armament, and a smaller 47mm SA 35 located in the turret, with two 7.5mm Reibel machine guns. One located in the hull, and one located coaxial.

80mm of sloped frontal armor, 60mm plate armor protecting the suspension, and 60mm of sloped armor surrounding the turret rounded out the defensive armor suite. This gave it good protection against German tanks. Nearly all the B1 tanks destroyed by the Germans were either knocked out by anti-tank gun emplacements or the Luftwaffe.

A Renault inline 6 cylinder 16.5 liter gasoline engine, pushing out 272 horsepower propelled the B1. It rode on a very complex bogie suspension, with interwoven vertical coil and leaf springs driven by 16 road wheels on each side. This was coupled with a double differential steering system. It had an effective range of 120mi/200km and a top speed of 13mph/21kmh off-road.

By the time the B1 saw combat for the first time, it had been outdated. Trench warfare had been replaced and the B1 had been designed for that.



I went to Flagstaff, AZ yesterday to do some shopping, get a haircut, hang out. While there I sat in my car, parked, dealing with work on the phone, texting, etc.  A Navajo man, younger than me, stood outside the driver-side window, signing. I rolled down the window. He said, “I’m Navajo.” I replied, “I’m not, what does that have to do with anything?”

He said, “What about giving me a dollar?” I replied, “Do I look like I’m dripping with money? You get a government allotment for not doing anything, what about giving me a dollar to help pay for gas?” He walked away, unfulfilled.


New Business

I’m starting a new company to provide a service to a specific market, and there is always uncertainty when doing that. With luck, it will be up and running by the end of June. I hadn’t planned on doing it, but with inflation poised to ravage the nation, another income stream would seem to be called for.


Which European countries are getting the most amount of sleep?



This map was submitted to Congress in 1922 to support an anti-lynching bill, H. R. 13, introduced by Representative Leonidas Dyer of Missouri.

The Dyer bill had already passed in the House and awaited a vote in the Senate. Issued by the Colored Women’s Clubs of Michigan, the “Red Record” shows the distribution of lynchings by state and specifically calls out Northern congressmen who voted against the Dyer bill.


Which Ride Sells?



  1. Re: Cars.
    I guess I’m a bit of a fish out of water driving my Chevy Silverado in Texas. Bought it new in ’01 in Kalifornia. Had to have some body work done at one point back there, and the Kalifornia C.A.R.B. approved paint is very much showing it’s age. 160K miles, have always kept up on maintenance, still runs great. They may not be selling here at present, but I sure see a lot of Silverados on the road.

    • From what I’ve been told, trucks are holding their value in the market. WSF may have more insight into that than I do. I own a Ford truck but am not planning on selling it.

      • my ram1500 went up in value by 8k since i bought it. paid it off yesterday. the dealer keeps calling me to buy it back, i’m tempted. they have 3 trucks on the lot, three. there are some empty lots and some with a load of small cars but no trucks. i ordered a part from harley for my bike, they said it would be 14 to 21 days, maybe more. at the bank they said it’d be a month to get my title in the mail. guess we’re reverting backwards to the ’70’s.

  2. I note with fascination that Russia, the greatest external existential threat to the US, has less wealth than minuscule Hong Kong. (The overall greatest threat to the US is of course trad whites.)

    It would be illuminating to subdivide the US’s 29.93% of the chart by ethnic group. I’m calling for it to show how the Black man continues to be marginalized. Any other demographic/wealth info that falls out would be entirely coincidental.

    • Then again, things cost less in Russia.

      Now take that wealth, index it to cost, and see what it looks like.

      We may be the richest country, but our costs, especially in labor (thanks Unions, for f’ing us there) suck the actual wealth out of the wealth.

      • The Russians are coming, Mike_C and Beans. Make no mistake about that. Just ask Hillary. She hit the reset button with them and then they stole the election from her.

        European labor costs are off the charts. They make US costs look tame.

        As to race and money, I want to know how the black Africans who sold the slaves to Arabs, who brokered the slaves to transporters “Blackbirders” (mainly Spanish and Portuguese) invested their money. The tobacco to rum to slaves triangle made a lot of Africans, and Arabs and Spaniards, rich. Let them pay reparations first.

        • And The Hologram is supporting their pipeline after on day one he canceled ours and 11,000 along with it. Russia is apparently okay…even after they hacked one of ours.

          The Lefty rules are a constant moving target…like playing capture the flag in pitch black, we have night vision, they run into trees and do faceplants.

          • For Biden and cronies, it’s always pay to play. Just accept that the Russians crossed his palm (and those in his crew) with a LOT of silver.

          • The level of hypocrisy is astounding. Come to think of it, ‘hypocrisy’ is a word I almost never used that often until the last two years, like reprobate, scumbag, etc.

  3. Wish I had a Model 99. A Model 88 Winchester would be nice too. Like RHT447 I’m driving a Silverado in Ford country. Mine’s an ’07 with 180K on the odometer and it runs just fine.
    Your response to that Navajo was the correct one.

    • No-such agencies are watching EVERYTHING we do 😉

      In the research world, the most common thing is to just ask people (usually by a written log kept at bedside). Or you can use “actigraphy” which is basically a FitBit type device. In some cases they do actual polysomnography where the subject gets hooked up to some machine. (I dunno about other people, but getting hooked up would alter my sleep pattern for sure.)

      Here is a link to a paper about sleep duration in MESA, which is good, well-run epidemiological study in the US. TL;DR is that everyone claims they sleep more than they actually do. Based on kappa statistics, people do a shit job of recording accurate sleep duration.

      • Not only does being hooked up to a machine change your sleep pattern, unless it is done at home, their instructions on what to wear, temperature, etc., changes it also.

        • Mike_C – You might sleep more soundly if you were part of the Democrat party nomenklatura – a commissar ensuring political soundness at a hospital.

  4. Savage model 99 rifle
    Western Slope of Colorado, back in my youth, this was the rifle hunters lusted for. During the time my father was guiding, one of his dudes let me shoot his. If memory serves, chambered in .303 Savage. Sweet!

  5. “On May 16th, 1940 in a small village called Stonne, a single Char B1 was able to knock out 13 Panzer IIIs and IVs, while surviving 140 direct hits. The tank made it back to French lines with all crew unharmed.”

    There’s a lot to be said for that right there.

    My dad drove Fords. Hubby will only drive Chevy; though we have a Lincoln Navigator because the price was right when we needed another vehicle at the time.

  6. The overall greatest threat to the US actually is trad whites, because they obey and vote liberal. Sure, liberals who pretend to be on their team — but liberals nonetheless. (Quick, list the number of trad white political candidates who intend to enforce the Constitution, including the Bill of Rights, in the way it was originally sold. Not Perot, not Ron Paul, nobody.)

    • From Arizona native RazörFist [language]: I’ve linked to the end just as a gag, but the whole thing should not surprise anyone.

      Voting “liberal” or “conservative” doesn’t matter any more. Our politicians (for values of “our”) serve the uniparty. The Constitution is dead as the Norwegian Blue parrot. But the persons who have planned, plotted and perpetrated all this are The Real Victims, as they will be the first to tell you. Ad nauseum.

  7. Nicely played with your new found Navajo pal. The chutzpah of some people.

    Wonder what the wealth map looks like for last year, between people hiding at home and government nudges locking the place down, can’t be good.

    Dodge pickup…1/2 mile from the Wyoming border…and I thinking of moving the stone border markers down little as the Colorado Front Range has been taken over by the Lefty loons and morons…a little dip on Google won’t hardly show up.

    Grodin was a great actor…that line in Dave when he’s leaving the White House “Get out as fast as you can!” May his soul be welcomed into God’s embrace.

    • He played Dave’s accountant buddy?

      Driving a Chevy here in Ford Country. We looked at numerous “compact” pick-ups, drove them all, and wound up with the Chevy. The Ranger had a reeealy cheap interior, the Gladiator was too hard for us to get in and out of, the Ridgeline had horrible brakes, and the Tacomas and Frontiers were out-of-date designs, and ludicrously expensive.

      My son has a Svage in 17HMR. Thing is a tack driver way out past 100 yds. Don’t know how much punch that round has, but if he can see it, he can hit it….

      • He did play the accountant…funny bit; “Dave, this whole place is probably bugged!” “Brats, I love brats.” His delivery was his own.

        The thing about vehicles is it has to fit, like a good cowboy hat. Rented a Chevy pick up once, got two miles down the road, wasn’t comfortable for me, turned around…they replaced it with a Dodge 1500 which was the same cabin layout and comfort I was used to. Probably had to do with the Chevy being a low base model (seat adjustment was horrid) and the Dodge was the Laramie model like my own.

        My wife got me a Marlin 17HMR for my birthday a number of years back, great round for clearing the pastures when the gophers show up, but geez, almost louder than my 270 Winchester.

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