Times have Changed…

…since Judge Roy Bean dispensed justice from his store, as the only law west of the Pecos. The question that I ask myself is whether those days of yesteryear will return. Will people in the West require justice now that lawlessness in high places is becoming the norm?

Roy Bean also sold ice, beer, and jerky at his store.


Southwest Airlines

From Alex Berenson’s website

I can tell you, as a retired flight attendant, I have worked a few “work to rule’ slowdowns, they ARE effective. A glass (when we used to have glass) breaks in the galley…can’t just clean it up at the gate. No, no, the rug has to be changed out, maintenance has to come, someone has to sign-off the logbook, the flight is delayed, the crew goes illegal, etc. This is how it works. You are following the strictest interpretation of the FAA rules. I am beyond THRILLED to see these pilots do this. Selfishly, I don’t want to fly with a blood-clotting pilot. Sudafed used to be one of the few “allowed” meds- now a shot with UNKNOWN substances and short/long term effects are perfectly fine? Hard pass. Even though I worked for a competing airline and still have flight benefits, I will gladly join their picket line if they strike. And I am not at all pro-union. Bodily autonomy HAS to be the red line.

Screen Shot


Russian Stuff – Leaving Port

The distinctive “weenie pack” forward (SS-N-3b missiles) suggests that we’re looking at a Soviet Navy Project 58 Groznyy-class guided-missile cruiser (Ракетные крейсера проекта, RKR), also known as the Kynda class.  The later Kynda Class ships carried a second weenie pack aft.

The Slava class, Soviet designation Project 1164 Atlant (Russian for Atlas), is a class of guided missile cruisers designed and constructed in the Soviet Union for the Soviet Navy, and currently operated by the Russian and Ukrainian Navies.

They don’t leave port that often. And sometimes they need to be towed back these days, which is why longer deployments are accompanied by ocean-going tugs.


From WSF:


    • I have never thought there could be such a thing as “too fast”…but we are talking about the Army.

      • In the finest tradition. After the Civil War, repeating cartridge rifles were rejected because “the troops will just waste ammunition” (and partly because of cost). Instead they went with the Allin Conversion to convert the huge stocks of muzzle loaders to single shot cartridge rifles. Think Trapdoor Springfield.

        Ordnance Branch. Sticks in the mud. I was one, wore the flaming bomb.

  1. And white walls to boot… I would be embarrassed to drive that fast in whitewalls. I wonder if he got rejected because of his radical car?

  2. Roy Bean was an interesting guy and some of his decisions, to say the least, were creative. He also sold beer to passengers of passing trains that stopped at the local station. Judge Bean didn’t make change. If you handed him a dollar for that nickel beer, and you complained about that lack of change, he’d declare court in session on the spot and fine you 95¢ for disturbing the peace, or whatever other offense came to mind. He was a rather colorful character.

  3. Tucker, the same one who the Big Three forced out of business because his car was better? That same Tucker? Never knew that.

    I keep hearing from one of our more prominent longstanding Denver radio personalities there is “no evidence” of Southwest having to halt flights due to pilot and support staff taking sick days due to the vax mandate, that it was “operational things”. This letter suggests otherwise, along with other outlets offering proof (report over at pjmedia being one). This same guy, who I like, has also been harping that the last election wasn’t stolen because all those saying there is evidence haven’t produced anything credible, which is like saying your house wasn’t burglarized because they haven’t found the burglar or your stuff.

    News has become lies and propaganda to the point no one can tell what is truth or fact.

  4. Tucker Tiger – it’s really, really hard to find decent pictures of that thing. As for the “too fast”, I give the Army a pass on that one. They were just trying to avoid the entire War devolving into a series of “Hold My Beer” newsreel shorts. They had enough trouble with people being Jolly Jokers with the Hellcat. The TD one, not the airplane one.


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