The Duty to Care

Forgive me if I sound naive, but isn’t one function of government to protect the helpless in society – or at least to stand as an advocate. Yes, I refer to the very young and very old, who often do not have a voice of their own.

There is little that depresses me more than walking through a nursing home. They all smell of shit and bleach. So long as I have a firearm and the strength to pull the trigger, I won’t be going to stay. But what of the implied social contract?

In New York, New Jersey and elsewhere, the scandals involving the neglect, the duty to care and the standard of care, are being openly replaced by sexual scandals. Look, a squirrel!

The measure of a society is how it deals with these people who can’t care for themselves and we have been weighed, measured, metered, and have been found wanting.


The Progressive Agenda

The devastating fallout of the Biden administration’s job-killing rampage continues after he canceled the sale of 80 million acres of Gulf of Mexico oil leases that was scheduled for Wednesday in New Orleans, KLFY-TV in Lafayette, Louisiana, reported yesterday.

“It would kill our state. It would kill workers,” Mike Moncla, president of the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association, said of the Biden administration’s move. “It would kill jobs, and it would be a terrible thing.”

According to the Moncla and the association, nearly 250,000 Louisiana residents work in the oil and gas industry, and 98,000 of them have offshore jobs.

Jo/Ho banned all new oil and gas leases on public land and waters for 60 days in an executive order on Jan. 20, the day he took office.

Never fear, there is still Middle East, Russian, and Venezuelan oil for sale.



Standing on Venus

If you could stand on Venus — what would you see? Pictured is the view from Venera 13, a robotic Soviet lander which parachuted and air-braked down through the thick Venusian atmosphere in March of 1982. The desolate landscape it saw included flat rocks, vast empty terrain, and a featureless sky above Phoebe Regio near Venus’ equator.

Enduring temperatures near 450 degrees Celsius and pressures 75 times that on Earth, the hardened Venera spacecraft lasted about two hours.

Two papers have dealt a fresh blow to the idea that Venus’s atmosphere might contain phosphine gas — a potential sign of life.

The claim that there is phosphine on Venus rocked planetary science last September, when researchers reported spotting the gas’s spectral signature in telescope data. If confirmed, the discovery could mean that organisms drifting among Venusian clouds are releasing the gas. Since then, several studies have challenged — although not entirely debunked — the report. They say some 100 ppb of SO2 could explain all of the JCMT phosphine signal—not unreasonable, given observations by the Venus Express orbiter that SO2 concentrations can spike to 1000 ppb.

Not much sci-fi involves Venus these days because it such a nasty place. Back before we knew about Venus, there were those possibilities.


  1. Always loved Ray Bradbury’s story The Long Rain, set on a jungle-choked Venus where it never stops raining-all the plants are bleached white.

  2. But what of the implied social contract?
    I’m increasingly of the mind that it is impossible (not difficult, impossible) to have any meaningful social contract without uniformity of culture. I don’t mean that each person needs to be, say, a Lutheran who enjoys bowling, fish tacos, and swing music, but the overwhelming majority needs to hold similar core values. Our society is ever-increasingly fragmented, both through foolish immigration policies, and from within due to pernicious influences in social-sciences academics, the infotainment complex, and various forms of lawfare.

    It’s fairly clear that this is deliberate. Whether it is a huge, well orchestrated conspiracy or not is a different question. I am of the opinion that it is not. Rather, it’s a convergence of many many individuals and small groups, a few of whom are doing what they do out of deliberate malice, and others out of misguided motives that they themselves don’t even understand. As but one example of the second category, the most pro-Muslim immigration, pro-BLM persons I run into are young white women from suburbia. Exactly those who stand to suffer the most should their causes succeed. Is this mass masochism? Doubtful. I think it’s mostly the effect of certain actors having weaponized the natural empathy of these young women against them.

    Who benefits from this sort of societal unraveling? Some are mere grifters out for the quick cash grab. Others are paranoiacs who believe that as minorities they do best in fragmented societies where there are dozens of groups all at each others throats. These paranoiacs work tirelessly to undermine their host society. Then there are the lunatics who just want to see the world burn.

    The measure of a society is how it deals with these people who can’t care for themselves
    This is true. However, one must ask how “people” is defined. It is easy to get around this if you un-person entire groups of people. This is happening at an accelerated pace now. It is handy to give the un-personned a label. In the past it has been “N-word” or “Judenschwein,” or “shiksa” for that matter (no it is NOT just a cutesy ethnic way of saying “gentile girl” — it is a dismissive insult and slander). A few years ago it was “Deplorable” and “bitter clinger”. Today, “white” is enough to un-person. Why else would certain persons be calling people like me “white”?

    On a more cheerful note, a Venus of boiling sulfuric acid be damned. Not long ago, SM Stirling wrote a couple of novels paying homage to “Planetary Romances”, set on a tropical jungle Venus (“The Sky People”) and a dying parched Mars ruled by a millennia-old dynasty (“In the Courts of the Crimson Kings”).

    • Those are great books! Lots of fun once you accept the premise. I hope Stirling writes some more as these are IMHO, better than his other series.

    • To the woke, you’re whiter than I am and dripping with privilege because of your heritage. I can’t fix it for you.

      They hate your whiteness, Mike_C.

    • The way I see it, those ” young white women from suburbia” fit into the useful idiots category. Subjects of brainwashing that don’t even question their mis-education.

      • You’re right that those young women (and persons like them, of either sex and any age) are serving as useful idiots. The question is what do we do with/about them? Do we simply write them off and walk away? Or do we try to get them to see that they’ve been force-fed fed poison their entire lives? (A fish is probably not even aware of being wet, of being in water. Having lived in water its whole life, the fish doesn’t know anything different. Analogously, how would a person who has lived in a miasma of falsehoods, lies, and malicious deceptions her entire life know that she is drowning in them?)

        And yeah, it is quite often young women who are the most enthusiastic about idiot notions. (As LL has pointed out, quoting Orwell.) The way to destroy a society is to destroy its women. Second-wave feminism was one arm of attack. Pornography was/is another (see, e.g. Al Goldstein, who at least had the character to speak honestly about his motivations). These are two factors that contribute greatly to development of “hook up culture” which I would assert is not only not good for women, but also not good for men. Those are only two examples out of dozens of the pressures brought to bear on young women in the West.

        • You’re exactly correct, Mike_C. Tribalism destroys civilization.

          We used to have melting-pot assimilation in the US, and it was what made us a great nation. Now it’s discouraged, and we’re disintegrating.


  3. Forcing the sick people in with the healthy in the retirement homes reminds me of the smallpox blankets given to the natives…
    I wonder if those old folks were predominantly one party or the other?

    • My last top off was at $2.79, a buck more than last summer. Across the state line it was in the $1.60s. As we used to say back in the day, BOHICA.

  4. I forget who said it, perhaps you, LL, but “a people and government that kills babies in the womb is capable of anything.” That in mind, why not put Americans out of work when foreign cash is greasing your skids? It’s not like being popular or actually having to get real votes means anything anymore.

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