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Exploring Old Mines is Dangerous


This from Jules – it’s her wolf,  Halo.

He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you have food.


Make it the way you Like it…


The Great Reset

We’ve been up to our necks in the reset since the plague. Now the plague is gone, the war is here and the effort to destroy the American Middle Class shifted. I only have one hint for this blog’s readers and it applies to Canadians to the extent they are armed. Don’t surrender your arms and ammunition.

The second Great Depression is on the way, it’s all engineered and you will survive it or you won’t. What will survival look like to you?

It’s coming whether or not you deny it.

38 thoughts on “Mid-Week

  1. Wandered into a couple of old mines when I lived in Montana, quit after awhile when I got to thinking of all the evidence of cave-ins there was in the mines. Knew it was just a matter of time before the cave-in happened when I was inside the mine. Amazing what people accomplished back in the 1800s. Some of those mines were death traps just waiting to happen.

    We have a brand new 10 round magazine limit in WA that goes into effect this summer. It is grandfathered so people who currently own what will soon be illegal mags can keep them with some restrictions when transporting them. Luckily a 30 round 5.56 mag is also a 10 round .458 SOCOM mag so all of my mags will still be legal. I will just have to remember to take the .458 with me all the time when I go to the range. Do not intend to get rid of anything but may switch to a wheelgun for self defense for this and other reasons.

    Soup lines are already getting longer as the number of homeless increase.

    1. Been through the 10 round mag drill while I still had my FFL in California. Just curious if your new law even addresses how they intend to tell the difference between grandfathered mags ones that are contraband.

      The California law allowed you to replace/repair a grandfathered mag. Many of us did a booming business in mag repair kits, consisting of a mag body, spring, follower, and floorplate, all packaged as separate parts.

  2. I’m an E5F.. Someone put in time to make that chart accurate. If I ever open a cafe, that’s going to hang on the wall. An aid for the bleary eyed.

    There are more open shafts left from yesteryear than people realize. Not just in the mining districts either. Only the other day were myself and another recounting explorations made in younger days. Both of us visibly shuddered ad various points of our conversation. Nearky as recent, my brother, a spelunker of spelunkers, admitted he no longer has the nerve for that pursuit.

  3. (The second Great Depression is on the way, it’s all engineered and you will survive it or you won’t. What will survival look like to you?)
    Who will benefit? We need to know so as to spoil their ill gotten gains and power.

    1. The concept is that there are two classes. An elite class that owns everything and an underclass of serfs who essentially own nothing and owe their souls to the company store. The underclass work for the benefit of the elites (like just about all the sci-fi novels – Brave New World is one)

      You, me, and Banner would be in the underclass if we survived the purge – unlikely in my case. I’m literally everything that the US (and Canadian) elites hate.

      There would likely be apparatchiks – a group of functionaries who handled the day-to-day management of the wretched class.

      1. It would be a shame if those sportsmen and women who fly into Saratoga, WY for a spot of fly fishing the North Platte River had their private jets damaged while parked at Shively Field.

        1. LL, I think most of the readers of this fine blog are also “literally everything that the US (and Canadian) elites hate.

          I have heard that it gets pretty windy up in WY, can even blow things like lead around up to speeds of about 2,000 feet per second. Certainly fast enough to damage an airplane.

    2. Who will benefit? Our new feudal lords and ladies, that’s who.

      Part of the Great Depression Pt Deux is the elimination of private travel. That means no personal cars for most people. Which means we peons are tied to the land or location, no freedom of movement outside of our zones.

      Once loss of freedom of movement occurs, this creates a new serf and peasant class. And debt-peonage, literally wage slavery and debtors’ prison work farms, is just around the corner.

      Of course, the feudal lords and ladies will have all the freedom of travel possible. Maybe even in brand new hand-assembled cars.

      John Ringo’s “The Last Centurion” and “The Road to Damascus” are, er, excellent stories that show exactly how our new feudal lords will enact their plans. TLC fails quickly, but TRtD is rather horrid and very Khymer Rouge-ish (the aliens are easier to understand and deal with than POPPA (the pseudo-socialistic-more-feudalistic organization that openly cheated itself into power.)

      Who benefits? Look at your community. Look to see who keeps getting reelected and does nothing, and then look at their family members who get richer and richer while normal people get poorer and poorer. Look to see who you aren’t allowed to say bad things about. Look to see who is always in a positive light in your local propaganda services. Look who is always first to condemn but last to take responsibility for a bad thing, but the first to take responsibility for ‘good things.’

      That’s who benefits, that’s who is being empowered by their leaders and controllers. Just look at people who’ve never been in your community who suddenly move in and start a bank, a loan business, a bail bonds business. Look to see who’s running for district or state attorney, for judge, for comptroller, for school board. Look to see who is connected to the trolls in every local big companys’ Human Resources and EEO offices, and see the connections to the local and county governments (no, seriously, I’m not kidding, you’ll find one or two extended families who control every HR and EEO unit in your area.

      Look to who can’t get fired and continues to rise in your local companies or governments.

      Look who can get a job without any background check being done, for high level positions with no experience.

      Look who can get away with DUIs and drug issues, with sex abuse and assaults, who gets parole and time served and released on recognizance for big crimes while us little people get shoved into jail for failure to appear for the 14th court date that’s been postponed and rescheduled without anyone telling you or your attorney.

      Seriously. Feudalism. It may be called something else, but it’s feudalism. And it’s hereditary and family based. Tom Kratman got it right in his ‘Carrera’ series. Lifetime and family. It’s why they get the good drugs and the good jobs and we don’t.

      When was the last time your child got a $900K a year job as a consultant that she doesn’t have to even show up to get paid?

      Feudalism. And we’re the serfs. And it’s not the polite feudalism of Norman England, where the serfs have rights. It’s the horrid feudalism of the Germanic states, of Anglo-Saxon England and Tudor England. It’s the feudalism of France during the bad times.

      Serious suckage. “The Hunger Games” ain’t got nothing on the coming New Feudalism. “Elysium” is more like it.

      We are heading towards a world of hurt. And Trump was right regarding we (the USA) are the last hope for humanity. We were Babylon 5. But we are being taken over by the Shadows…

      1. Yep Beans, on the money.

        Thus the electric car mandates, and the Global Warming mandates, etc. ad infinitum. The Germ Scare worked amazingly well for them.


      2. Spot on….happening at all levels. Doesn’t stop me from living life to the full…for now anyway.

      3. Christopher Stasheff, when writing the pre-story for The Warlock in Spite of Himself, detailed a society devolving into lords and serfs.
        Wonder if he saw this coming – he was a college professor before he made a hit with his book series, so he might have seen the downward spiral of what passes for education at that time.

  4. Speaking of “it’s all engineered” I’m at the airport again. Looking for a place to sit with my back to a wall I met a maskless guy who turned out to run a scrap metal business (among other things). His company is cutting up the pipe that would have been Keystone. It’s very sad. On top of that, he said “once it’s cut up it’ll go to a steel plant … in another country. Obama took care to make sure we don’t make steel here.”

    1. The goal was not to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline and then allow somebody to start it up. It was necessary to destroy it.

      1. Is necessary to destroy the Kulak village in order to save it, Comrade. Or, as that lifer Colonel said to Michael Herr, “why don’t you come on board for the big win?”

        Yeah, I know. Me neither. And the horse they rode in on, etc.

  5. I’d be an E1E on the breakfast chart.

    Gee, starting to look more and more like the 1930’s again. I’m one of the Hated Ones, too. At least I know I’ll be in good company. Glad I read all those old radio books so I can build a clandestine receiver if I have to. Should I build it in a coffee pot, or a canteen….hmmm…decisions, decisions….

    1. E165E Don’t be a hater. If you put it in a coffee pot, we can use it in the camp…Hogan’s Heroes.

      1. OK, now I have to go to the thrift store and find an old aluminum camp coffee part.

        Would you gentlemen prefer the AM Broadcast Band, or the 4~6MHz Shortwave Band?

        1. Always been a fan of Shortwave. Looked it up, a HH prop radio pot brought $10k at auction, rare. (Nice memory LL) Vermont Country Store has the Knapp Monarch perk unit for $40.

  6. The horserace of the apocalypse is really something to witness, folks. Death and famine took the lead from the gate as expected, both have been around the track for eons. But approaching the far turn is pestilence who appeared out of nowhere and is still making a move despite stumbling a few times. But wait, WTF? War has suddenly made a dash from out of nowhere and is neck and neck with the other horses…it’s a nail-biter folks. Betters with world collapse and calamity are already lining up at the payout windows.

    1. It would be more interesting to watch if the lighted YOU ARE HERE sign wasn’t pointing down at me.

  7. D 1 F. But make the toast two slices with mayo, bacon, cheese, and lettuce then we have a breakfast sandwich. The butter also needs to be sparse.

  8. D14E…Earl Grey, buttered toast with Lingonberry.

    Six years back was part of a team doing a stamp mill restoration and stabilization at 11,200 up from Alma, CO. Walking around the upper levels of the massive timber frame (done with hand tools, incredible workmanship) required clipping into overhead fall protection as the shear size of the structure and component degradation meant anything could fail either underfoot or overhead. Plus, many of these places are mini superfund sites and require reclamation before you could work on them. After quoting a number of other mine projects throughout the state, always at elevation (limited access and seasonal), proved that anyone exploring these structures is risking serious injury or their life.

    1. I hate bred that is only toasted on one side and served cold. It’s sort of like eating a cold, raw, fish.

  9. It’s all barreling down the pike with astonishing speed. Bread at 6 bucks a loaf, if you can find it, and gas at 8 will be interesting.

    1. I might be baking as lot of bread soon. Sure glad I have my recipes adjusted for altitude!

      Picked up some canning supplies the other day. Need some lids and rings now….

      1. We just made french bread at the WWM. No eggs required. It tasted delish and what is left over will end up as garlic croutons on salad.

    1. There’s going to be some pushing and shoving to keep your seat. Piss in place because if you stand up and walk out, no more chair. Like as not it will end up as firewood.

  10. D5E/F if E/F is tea, with milk or cream and sweetener. I like my tea to be dark and bitter, just like my thoughts. Coffee is… acceptable if nothing else is available, though I will drink my beloved Diet Dr. Pepper before coffee. Coffee is when nothing else opens my chest up, and yes I have driven to the local convenience store in a full asthma attack, turning blue etc, in order to get some good coffee (unlike that dreck served at Starbucks.)

    I thought, when Trump was cheated, that dark times were coming, that we’ve fallen as a country, that there was no hope. Can’t say that anything has changed my opinion of that one bit. So I’ll just look at nice things while the world falls around me, and roll to my gun with my last shot like a good soldier. More and more I do believe that I’ll be taking a death guard with me. Ragnarok is close, maybe full Armageddon. Can either be pushed back? Maybe. Will the levels and openess of cheat coming with the midterms doom us all? Will we even be allowed to vote? (It’s already started, redistricting that benefits non-socialists are being thrown out while redistricting that benefits socialists are being allowed to stand.)

    Sorry for being gloomy, both with my above feudalism comment and this one. But it’s dark times, dark times indeed.

    1. I don’t know what can pull us out of the hole that we’re dropping into. The Trump miracle gave us some breathing room but that’s gone. Maybe mid-terms and impeaching Jo/Ho but the Republicans are mostly RINOs.

  11. One would be amazed at the cases of old sweaty dynamite that has come out of abandoned mines in the gold country of Northern California. Nitric acid, mercury, and other useful chemicals were, on occasion, found back in the dark.

  12. Re: the “you are not special” image with respect to the coming Depression. I had a very interesting conversation with my new physical therapist yesterday. I went in for my assessment (I have a tendon issue from a fall) and the guy asked me to do a couple squats and such. As soon as I was done he told me two things. First, he said, he knew he could get me back and going because it was clear I worked out and didn’t hesitate on movement — and I could easily integrate his exercises into my routine. Second, he said that the big problem he runs into is that almost all of the people he deals with in my age group (I’m 66) are so deconditioned that it’s impossible to just work one issue — if you push on one thing something else fails.

    Right after that, I went to see my pastor for some church business, and we started talking about some of the older people who are having health issues. It was almost the same conversation. It seems like an awful lot of people my age spend all their time on the couch and are so deconditioned that they have no reserves in case of serious stress.

    I’m very concerned that if things get bad, there will be a huge spike in mortality among people my age — even worse than happened with covid. They can barely walk to the mail box. How can they expect to do the physical things necessary to increase self-sufficiency even a little? If you are old and deconditioned, it will take a couple of months to get up to being able to do useful movement under stress. It’s not an issue of becoming some hot body builder — that’s a lost cause at 66. It’s an issue of being able to do life-maintenance tasks during hard times. I have a bad feeling that people are going to lose the “I’ll start next week” option pretty soon, and they will pay a serious cost for choosing those limitations.

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