I think that a lot of people feel the same way.


Some say that bacon is the solution. It is delicious, it wards off Muslims and by eating bacon, we’re saving the plants that the Green New Deal Democrat movement love.


It’s always worth asking, isn’t it?


True. I can’t bring myself to slaughter gentle woodland animals for their flesh. It’s simply not fun. I was ruined.

This works for me these days, if I’m going to hunt the neighborhood animals (I live in a very and forgotten remote corner of America). Everything else is there for another purpose should the need arise.


  1. Figure you might admire this collection of work Larry, there’s some superb handcraft work here: http://contemporarymakers.blogspot.com/
    Some of the rifle makers archived are hand drilling and rifling their barrels with wood framed Colonial era equipment. The make the tools to make the weapons stage.
    Very fine photography.

    • OT, Phil Carson, you are sorely missed at BustedKnuckles! People have wondered where you wandered off…

      • Hey man! Nowhere’s really, thanks for asking. Sure you can relate. I’m trying to keep my perspective, sometimes this unbelievable stupidity with the globo=pedo’s trying to wreck our great country really gets me pissed off to the point I loose my cool. Want to save that energy for when it gets really sporty.

    • Beautiful work.

      I suspect that even in West Virginia one could derive a lot of satisfaction hunting deer during the black powder season. I know you guys like your smokeless powder weapons. Don’t blame you. But taking the field with a flintlock weapons not only connects you to heritage, but it helps even the playing field with the prey.

      • You certainly hit on a relative cultural subject right there. Actually there’s a pretty large following hunting with bows and front loading muskets. WV F&G offer extensive seasons and special variances if you hunt with primitive weapons. Depends on county, with all the types of seasons you can take up to 11 deer. Then they will run land owner days, kids under 16, sometimes they need to cull the does and you can take an extra or two. Plus like if you have crops, kill permits are basically a phone call to the county game warden. My neighbor and I shared 10 kill tags last summer. Great way to try different weapons. Built a 300BLK last spring, got a real good look how that caliber performs, what bullets where effective. Took an inline .50 TC muzzle loader, machined the barrel to 16 inches, very quick handy musket, using .44 sabots and lead projectiles, worked as well as the original 24 inch length.
        The bag limits and long season probably has a lot to do with going primitive. Its fun anyway you go at it, and nothing like filling the freezer and canning up, wholesome deer meat. Put a mess of it thru the grinder and make jerky. Got to be careful, you can put a hurt on a gallon bag of the stuff real quick. My wife makes up taters & carrots from the garden with deer meat. A can of that in February, pan of biscuits, oh Lord is that scrumdilly, she makes our dog food too. It is all said and done an exorbitant food cost savings. “Don’t waste nuthin”.
        If your discreet, don’t get greedy about it, and doing it because of hardship, usually you won’t get bothered for off season acquisitions.
        The mass and greens support a very large population, some years be more twin fawns than single. Very lush forests in our AO, and with the constant logging it provides a lot of rich secondary growth.

  2. Wild rebel that I am I went to WallyWorld this morning at 7 am and went down aisles the wrong way, didn’t wear a mask, and – wait for it – one of my favorite employees who was unmasked against their rules and I hugged. That’s right – we hugged right in front of the store while he was watering the plants in front of God and everybody.

  3. Stunning handiwork, all of it. makes you want to pick it up and use it….like the scene at the beginning of Last of the Mohicans.

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