Memes, Maps & Mendacity

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Name the Mystery Aircraft

NOT a B-24




Flight Control Map of America

This Map is for BW Bandy


Maybe I left California and moved to Arizona BECAUSE I own a Ford F-150. I never thought about it – but – maybe.

Still True (after the fires)?


Genetic European ancestry in Central and South America.

Balkanized Pacific Northwest?




Hey Beans, She Likes You

It looks to me as if she’s looking for a meaningful relationship and not just the standard STD swap that she’s accustomed to.


A Meme-for-the-Ages

26 thoughts on “Memes, Maps & Mendacity

  1. Not a B-24. Hint–it’s a cargo plane. I had actually forgotten that they built these. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. I’ve heard that they were less comfortable to fly than a B-24, but I can’t say why.

  2. I knew it was a C-87 but the guns in the nose threw me. After looking it up, I think it is the XC-87B which never really existed but one crash damaged airframe was sort of converted.

  3. The F-150 is about right here in Kansas. The largest dealership in the county, a Ford dealership, has a lot full of them. Quite a few Silverados and Dodge Rams as well.

        1. Dated opinion from a retired car peddler. Average costs to get a truck trade front line ready. Ford $800. GMC/Chev $1,200. Dodge $2,000. These are 2010 figures.

          I personally don’t want small displacement engines boosted with turbo chargers.
          Years ago I had a Ford E-350 with a 6.9 non boosted diesel. Never felt a lack of power even at high altitudes.

  4. Well, starting from (almost) the bottom up (see what I did there?) if’n I was single, I’d tap that. Eh.

    Maybe the increase in CO2 and other toxins was the cause of that wreck, due to impaired cognitive ability. Which is a known side effect of wearing masks all the damned time. Known before the Covidiocracy in fact.

    As to Australia’s wildfires, there were two major causes: Ecoterrorists wanting to force Australia to be more green (by burning everything… I think there’s an issue or two there. And… Muslims just because muslims… Lightning was also responsible, for a very very very small percentage.

    As to that spit of land? We need to take a 200 mile swath of Canada all along the coast from Washington up to the main body of Alaska. The Canadians aren’t mostly using it.

    A lot (usually B-25s, but some others) of bombers were converted into transports post-war.

  5. I like the meme for the ages, but I am visual. So. Speaking of which, will the .50s start holding on the maskheads? Breathe, wind (perhaps this is someone/thing else unless yr mind is a computer), squeeze trigger. Boom. One less tyranny vector.

    Problem? Solution.

  6. I love the point of view.
    And with all the truck owners on that map, I can’t believe the demons were allowed to steal the election.

  7. Definitely like the meme for the ages.
    I will try to be the exception and be a sane Subaru driver for Brig. Kinda hard to be too frisky with it since it is seriously under powered.
    I wonder what sort of punishment was meted out to the arsonists in Australia that started all the fires? There is certainly a case to be made for flogging in the public square but I doubt there was much more than a few months in prison or a slap on the wrist fine.

  8. Ford was really pushing the turbo six 10 speed tranny when I bought my F250 last summer. I wanted a big v8 with 6 speed tranny. Finally found 1 in western Louisiana 300 miles away . My wife loves it, but I am searching for a 6 to 10 year old turbo deisel. New one has too many bells and whistles. My truck was sending me text messages , my son turned that off.

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