Toobin, the perverted CNN Analyst, entertained viewers with his defense of Ketanji Brown: Pedophiles caught with child porn DESERVE lighter sentences… because times have changed.


Can someone please tell me exactly how times have changed when it comes to pedophilia? As far as I’m concerned the only people who accept this bullshit are people (possibly to include Toobin) who have strange affinities for children.



The Ukrainian T-72AMT is an upgrade of the old Soviet T-72A. Though Ukraine has about 1000 of these, the vast majority are in storage and are not combat-ready (yet), hence their absence from the frontlines.


AM-1 Tulchanka

It’s a Russian ATV armed with a PKM and an AGS-30 automatic grenade launcher.



It’s an Iranian armored Winnebago urban assault vehicle with light armor, a machine gun and a plow,


Identify the AFVs

you should get this one right off – but will you?


  1. Phrases that sound good as long as you don’t stop to think about it.
    That line ‘Times change & people change’ was common back when I was a callow youth.
    Even then I thought: so…we no longer have wars and crime, amirite?

  2. Times indeed do change but that does not necessarily mean that all the changes have to be skewed one way. If the government won’t punish sex offenders somebody else will have to fill the gap. Having said that though I don’t believe the government needs to stick its collective nose in the bedroom as long as the acts are with consenting adults.

    If the government continues to pass lighter sentencing on some sex crimes, say involving a child, then all bets are off and society as a whole will end up providing justice.

  3. Bill Murray will be very disappoint that the Iranians have stolen his up-armored Winnebago idea.

  4. ” tell me exactly how times have changed when it comes to pedophilia?”

    Times have NOT changed, for certain kinds of people. Such as Hollywood people. To them, Roman Polanski, a (figuratively) great man, was merely ahead of his time. To parallel Descartes’ ontological argument, we must conclude that it is more progressive to rape a child than to view images of a child being raped. Polanski therefore is more progressive than some mere consumer of child pornography.

    We should have pity for Polanski, a tormented genius who wrote in his autobiography: I am widely regarded, I know, as an evil, profligate dwarf. No man should have to go through life believing that others hate and despise him. He is The Real Victim in all of this, and don’t you forget it!

    • Spin the narrative every way possible won’t change a child has been harmed by an adult who knows exactly what they have done.

      • The pervasiveness of child molesters – and rape in general in Hollywood was only scratched with Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Michael Jackson, and that ilk. It’s institutional and pervasive, so it’s shielded with politicians who run interference (among others). Cash seems to hide a multitude of sins. Doesn’t it always.

        How many of Epstein’s clients are behind bars or have been fed to the woodchipper? Remember that many of those children were murdered after use to prevent disclosure. It’s not even a secret. And yet, the child rapists remain secure in their mansions and in the halls of power.

  5. The affirmative action/woman’s studies smartest ever law scholar SCOTUS shoo-in spent three days tap-dancing around every question, including the pedophile/child porn one. Embarrassing and shameful. Apparently her “faith” doesn’t come into play with her decisions. What faith would that be Ms. Jackson, Satanism?

    Really liking the kitted out ATV…the grenade launcher is a really nice touch. Would come in handy when the Zombie Apocalypse happens after the mRNA DNA Force Multiplier kicks in right before November and those still alive after the vax/booster/reboosted take a turn for the worse.

    Reagan and Trump. Real men. Toobin, geez (isn’t he a verb now?)

    • What faith would that be Ms. Jackson, Satanism? It’s taught and it flourishes in our institutions of higher learning.

      I’d say that if she has no idea what a woman is, she should not sit on the US Supreme Course. Ask any fifth grader what the difference is between a boy and a girl and you’ll see that they’re a lot more prepared to answer that question than our SCOTUS nominee.

      There is that quote from the woman watching the now-famous women’s NCAA swim meet when a negro who self-identified as male challenged her assertion that the participant was male. He asked if she was a biologist. She said, “I’m not a vet, but I know what a dog is.” TOUCHE!

      • Heard that…quick-witted retort. My current hero. Just the fact some nimrod was trying to argue with her does not bode well for half the human race. Maybe the mRNA Juiced Factor kicked in taking over this clown’s brain.

        The trans-self-delusion is getting more stupid by the day, and given legs by the talkers and morons…but foretold (Rom 1:24-32).

  6. it was fun, but embarrassing, to watch her three brain cells bouncing around in there trying to find a way to answer the questions in a coherent way that would thread the needle. is that really the best legal mind they could find? i don’t see a mind at all, legal or otherwise.

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