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China In Focus (video) update


The Land of the not-quite-right


John Armstrong jr.

A daguerrotype of John Armstrong Jr, 1840. Armstrong was the last surviving delegate to the Continental Congress, dying in 1843. He is the only delegate to have been photographed. He is holding his shotgun (fowling piece) and is patting his bird dog on the head. How do you think he felt about the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment?



And in Russia

Pulling the MiG through town.







23 thoughts on “Memes and Mischief

  1. I suspect the Chinese highway photo shows a normal highway opening up to 25 tollbooths (I counted ’em) then narrowing back down.

    Still, no place to be.

  2. who was that polish merc that said he didn’t know how it felt to kill another human being, he’d only killed commies? all these commies over here need to be loaded up and shipped to china. all we gotta do is tell them there will be free stuff there. we can send blm folks to Africa and tell them its a free vacation tour as part of reparations, then close the borders.

    1. Sound advice. Return the communists to the worker’s paradises, and the BLM people to Africa where their lives will really matter.

  3. Great photo of arming up a P-47. And then my wandering mind said “Ya know, you’ve got some linked 50 cal hanging on the wall in the man cave”. Indeed.

    The linked rounds are 1.25 inches apart on primer centers. If my math is right, that’s 288 rounds in nine yards. Wiki says 350 rounds per gun. Times 8. That is a lot of weight. At a cyclic rate of 800 rpm per gun, that’s about 100 rounds/second.

      1. I used to have linked 20mm on my wall. I think that it’s in a garage in a box now. They were from a CIWS (USN air defense artillery). And I had some 25mm as well, but it wasn’t linked. The old den looked something like the Imperial War Museum during its glory years. Today, it’s toned down a lot.

    1. x2….the Comment culture is rudeness on steroids. (as I comment, but in a good way)

      Used to be “mind yer own bidness” was the respectable norm. Problem is these losers have come from behind their screens and taken it to the streets…walk the wrong way in the store or not wear a stupid mask and they’ll comment to your face. Putzes.

      1. Some do. But rarely to my face, I think. I took the granddaughters to a Culver’s (fast food place) for lunch yesterday. Everybody wore masks but us. Everyone stared. I stared back. Nobody said anything. Maybe it was the Kimber 1911 in the cross draw tanker holster?

        1. Out in the county the commissioners voted 5-0 to treat us like adults, but in the county seat the mayor broke a deadlock vote in the council to mandate masks. I found this out yesterday when the son and his family came down to help me celebrate my birthday. The planned restaurant denied me entry because I had no mask. I won’t be back. We went to another place in the next town where the owner said it was none of her business whether we wore them or not. They had better food anyhow and we will return.

          1. Adapt or die…holds true more so than ever. Some businesses have chosen to lose my patronage because of their weak-mindedness. So be it. UPS delivers.

            LL- Yup, a polite “Don’t even think about it” look, coupled to the holstered weapon usually has the desired affect. Most of them are cowards.

          1. Not brandishing if it’s holstered. Maybe it is demonstrating that a potential exists, and I’m a man of peace. However these days, if I’m with my grandchildren, there is very little tolerance for situations where they could be put into harm’s way.

  4. I like the SWAT one, but a stern talking to is NOT the correct therapeutic approach. I’m sure stern-ness is some sort of hateful patriarchal construct. The therapist must engage with the victim [1] to help [appropriate pronoun] understand how [appropriate pronoun] has been oppressed by the white-dominated inherently racist system. The next step is to jointly create a plan to obtain reparations. Because cash payments, vouchers and transfers, free health coverage, complete immunity from criticism, and de facto immunity from prosecution are NOT enough.

    [1] victim. Remember that the person who got stabbed, shot or raped is NOT the victim. The so-called “perpetrator” is The Real Victim. TRV is merely acting out because of genetically-transmitted oppression. The person who was stabbed/shot/raped is almost certainly to blame for having triggered the poor Real Victim.

    MiG towing (heh). My last year of college the AFROTC somehow got a post-Vietnam fighter onto the plaza on the Engineering Campus. It was just — there — when I showed up for my 8am class. By mid-afternoon there was a mob of students from the Arts Campus marching around chanting and shouting at the ROTC people. They had signs reading “This bomber killed millions in Vietnam!”

      1. With apologies to Robert Harper: Millions of those bastards against defense, and not a single one of them for real freedom.

        Yeah, I did have to lookit up for Harper’s name. My bad.

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