Is SECDEF Austin a Traitor?

Does a bear crap in the woods?

Last Monday, Marine Corps General David H. Berger rebuked Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s edict requiring all Armed Forces personnel to submit to Covid-19 vaccinations under threat of court-martial or discharge, said a source in Gen. Berger’s office who overheard a heated conversation between them.

Gen. Berger telephoned the defense secretary minutes after he said in a press conference that the Covid-19 vaccination is needed to maintain military readiness and that he would enforce the mandatary vaccination policy regardless of FDA approval status.

“There will be no mandatory vaccinations for my Marines,” Gen. Berger said.

In a transcript of the recorded call, Gen. Berger lambasted Austin and branded him a traitor.

“Under no circumstances will Marines be compelled to take a potentially hazardous vaccination that the FDA won’t even fully endorse,” Gen. Berger told Austin. “You are a coward and a traitor, manipulated by people pushing bad policy on the men and women who provide security to our nation. Neither you nor your puppet president has authority to enforce such a policy.”

Austin argued that mandatory vaccinations have always been a requirement for soldiers enlisting into the Armed Forces, and they, as property of the U.S. government, have no right to decide whether to take the Covid-19 jab. The federal government and President Biden would decide for them, Austin said.


Elizabeth Marsh

(the full story here)

In 1756, Elizabeth Marsh was captured by Barbary pirates and published her experiences in her book, “The Female Captive: A Narrative of Fact Which Happened in Barbary in the Year 1756, Written by Herself”. The book recounted the story of her experiences as a captive in a precarious and dangerous situation and reflected on the threat of sexual violence and her bid to survive by whatever means possible.

Elizabeth Marsh’s story begins in Jamaica, where her father was working as a carpenter for the Royal Navy. Her parents then returned to Portsmouth, England, where Elizabeth was born in 1735.

Initially spending her youth in Portsmouth with her younger siblings, the influence of her uncle would be most important as he provided for the education of his niece and nephews. Her uncle, who held a good position in the Navy Office, would also go on to secure his brother a desirable position in Menorca.

Now happily stationed on the island, the imminent outbreak of conflict between Britain and France forced the family to be moved to a garrison in Gibraltar for their own safety.

Not long afterward, Elizabeth embarked on a solo voyage back to England to reunite with her fiancé, whom she had met in Gibraltar. However, her ship soon found itself in dangerous territory.

As the ship was to receive protection from the naval warship Gosport, the journey was not expected to be hazardous, however not long after its departure from Gibraltar, the warship deserted the vessel leaving the ship vulnerable to attack.

On 8th August 1756, the vessel found itself in difficulty.

Elizabeth documents this doomed voyage, describing vividly the moment the Moroccan pirates came into sight:
“it was thought more prudent to wait for them than, by trying to escape, run a risk of being put to death if they should attack us, for they were well-armed and very numerous.”

The Moroccan corsair had a crew of around 150 men and 20 guns.

Seized by pirates, the ship was then taken to the Moroccan city of Salé, located in the northwest of the country….


He said that she was fat…

“Clean up at table eight.”

MikeW, I suspect that this may remind you of your dragon lady girlfriend from back when.

In Los Angeles, there were the South Side Scissors, a Vietnamese girl gang. Most of them were both young, attractive, and remorseless. I saw one of my guys chatting one up. She was working at a coffee shop in Little Saigon. I cut into the conversation as he was getting her phone number. I said, “get it from her parole officer.” She had just been let out after doing a minimal sentence for murder.


Meme of the Day





WASHINGTON, D.C.—Many Americans are frightened of the Biden administration’s talk about a new lockdown, as they’re still reeling from the economic effects of the previous lockdowns, but President Biden is assuring people that this one will be quite temporary.

“This lockdown will only last one month or until the total collapse of our country,” Biden told the press, “whichever is sooner.”

According to Biden, this new lockdown could last up to thirty days but most likely would end even sooner than that when, due to further economic and political pressures, the federal government completely collapses and the country is taken over by QAnon warlords. In that situation, the lockdown would also not be enforced and would be officially over.

“For this lockdown, I’m just asking you to hold out a little longer,” Biden said, “just until I’ve completely lost all my power and anarchists storm the White House and imprison me in the White House kitchen walk-in refrigerator. Or for one month. But no longer than that.”


Red Mist – not yet on the best-seller list…

Scientists are baffled by it, Government agencies are trying to control it, and soldiers are sent insane by it. But the rain keeps falling, the fire keeps burning, and the red mist calls for its own.

An unlikely duo of an American fixer and a British psychologist are forced together on a journey to find answers which will leave government agencies and scientists in awe as the physical laws of space, time, matter, and ancestral energy are revealed by Loki’s Fire.


Re-enactor Porn for Beans


Handgun Porn for LSP

Better to have LSP shoot it than me…


  1. Larry. You are probably surprised at me commenting two days in a row. Regarding your dragon lady comment. Yes, the clip certainly does remind me of Hoa. In Hoa’s favour I would have to say that, at just under five foot tall, very slim, and very fit, fat was the last thing you would have called her (and, given her temperament, I mean this quite literally). Hoa’s hair was much longer too, came down to her buttocks. She was good, and I mean very, very, very good, with handguns, particularly with the 9mm Browning Hi-Power which I obtained for her, and also with the suppressed .22LR Colt Woodsman pistol. As I think I have mentioned before, she had ivory grips, and it was real ivory, custom made for the Browning. Most of the Vietnamese women and girls working with us (most were in their late teens/early twenties, so they were girls really. Hoa was an exception, as she was nearly thirty) were young, pretty, and remorseless. There is not much empathy in a teenaged girl ever, and even less when they are working counterinsurgency.

  2. has no one in dc heard of john doe v. donald rumsfeld? scotus held that the jab cannot be forced on troops even in wartime.

    • They could give a rat’s ass what the law says.

      Remember Gulf War Syndrome? Caused by the jab, my friend. When I deployed to Ras Al Mishab with the Navy, it was the CIA who saved me from the shot – because they smelled a rat.

      • oh i know gws well. my good friend has it, even the va doc admitted it. his dna is so hosed his wife had 3 miscarriages even though she is perfectly healthy. he can’t enjoy retirement, he’s stuck in a chair with debilitating pain all over among other afflictions. its doubly sad because he was such a fun loving and happy guy, always ready to lend a hand , loved kids dearly. would have been a great father and grandfather. heartbreaking.

  3. I saw the footage of Austin getting off of the plane wearing both a mask and a face shield and that certainly doesn’t scream “courage” to me. I’m with General Berger. While I wasn’t given a choice about inoculations, they were with tested vaccines for deadly tropical diseases, and I was bound for the tropics.
    No girl gang experience, but there is a young ethnic Vietnamese woman who comes by the range now and then. She’s always polite and friendly to me and she sure loves to burn through ammo.
    Never tried a .45-70 derringer and I believe I’ll leave that to LSP. I did sample one in .44 magnum and that was enough.

    • “I saw the footage of Austin getting off of the plane wearing both a mask and a face shield and that certainly doesn’t scream “courage” to me.” Mike Myles down at “90 Miles From Tyranny” captioned a photo of him like that as Darth Stupid. Austin’s new nickname.

        • Indeed. Obviously deficient people like that get put into high places not only because of the direct damage they (can be manipulated to) do, but because it breaks morale of those under them.

          To have to pretend an idiot isn’t an idiot, or a freak isn’t a freak, eats at your integrity. As Theodore Dalrymple (IIRC) noted, the purpose is [your] humiliation. Austin as SecDef, in part, serves the same purpose as that Dr Rachel Levine person does in HHS.

          • I found the photo SiGraybeard mentioned. Seems appropriate. The current administration seems to seek out the least qualified for leadership positions. Chipman is another who comes to mind.

  4. Finally! A military leader with a pair. Would love seeing the body cam of that exchange. Yet, why is that the exception? And not just military. The wussification of America is painfully more real than anyone could have imagined.

    The White House Resident, aside from stating “350 million Americans have been vaccinated”, and has clearly forgotten American Government from Junior High, believes he has a right to direct/demand/order States around. One or two governors have told him to go pound sand, yet Mr. Early Lid will again subvert the law and Constitution…and no one in Congress is asking for impeachment.

    The well known smelly substance is about to hit the rotating device.

    Purchased Red Mist…currently in the reading queue. MrsPaulM read the sample…she said, “This is really good.”, which is seriously high marks from her.

    • I’m at a point of outrage in my life. And that means that I need to cool my jets. Think upcoming Sunday Sermonette.

      As MikeW will testify, there are people who are best left alone. This is why I retreated to the Mogollon Rim. Biden and the other TRAITORS in his regime keep pushing it. It’s not ‘me’ that they need to worry about but there are some treacherous lines you should not cross – like forcing POISON on soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines.

      • You (and the rest of the good folks) are in good company, Levin is about ready to blow a gasket.

        What is our recourse when those who took an oath to uphold The Constitution, don’t…in fact flagrantly violate it for Socialism?

        MrsPaulM is not a violent person, unless someone is harming an animal…she believes a civil war is the only way to stop these treasonous scumbags from their path of wrecking the foundations of our country.

        I am thinking similarly.

          • What recourse do we have? Even low-level School Board meetings are getting more chaotic as parents push back because these AH’s are telling parents what their children will learn, not the other way around. Yet despite this heavy outcry, The Oversteppers sit up on their power-pedestal directing the rent-a-cop to remove any dissenter from the room.

            Anarchy requires a proper response. God help us.

          • The pushback with school boards appears to me to be symbolism over substance. If the parents really cared they would take their children out of the government schools. There are alternatives.

            The best way to get the school boards’ attention is to defund them; most are funded based on the number of pupils.

            Parents have a choice. They can make themselves feel better by having spoken up, or they can actually do something to protect their children. I am afraid not many will be in the latter category

  5. I have shot a BFR 45/70 and recoil was manageable. I have never shot a derringer of any variety so 45/70 would be beyond my meager capabilities. I will also leave it to LSP but I would ask for videos.

    No surprise at all that the government (or at least people with positions of power within it) would poison citizens (military or civilian)

    Kudos to General Berger. I wonder how long it will be until some accusations of impropriety force him to retire.

    • +1 on General Berger. Wonderful to see a man of that rank who still has integrity.

      .45-70 derringer? Takes a better man than me. My Bond Arms .45, lost in the unfortunate Horsetooth Reservoir boating accident, was “way plenty”.

  6. I first started shooting 45-70 in ’73 with a Trapdoor Springfield rifle. In the early 80’s, I had the opportunity to shoot a T/C in 45-70. IIRC, it had a 12 inch barrel with Magnaport cuts, a 2-1/2 power L.E.R. scope, and a pachmayr grip. I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it was to shoot with factory ammo. 45-70 in a derringer? No thanks.

    +1 on the outrage. 45-70 makes a wonderful addition to a mental health day on the range.

    • Agreed on the .45-70. The standard load is indeed pleasant to shoot though it can be hand loaded to some pretty impressive levels. Those should only be used in actions strong enough to handle them of course. I’ve shot the caliber in several platforms, both single shot and lever. The most recent was in a Model 1881 Marlin that someone brought to the range along with some black powder handloads. That one was fun.

      • Never commented here but read a lot. I think we go to the same range, in a park, as we do not live that far apart. Maybe I will see you there.

  7. Austin is NOT winning friends and influencing people, he’s driving them out of service at a helluva rate with his BS pronouncements. Glad the General stood up to him, because Milley sure as hell isn’t going to. Re the derringer, OUCHIE!!! That’s gonna hurt to shoot!

  8. The second medieval photograph, the crossbowman? (Yes, he’s a crossbowman, you can tell from his shield.) That shield is a pavasse, a small one, but still… Meant to be tied to a post hammered into the ground so the crossbowman can kneel behind it and reload. The backside is laminated wood, the front is a linen canvas, and between them is a glue full of animal hair. A decent pavasse can stop a longbow arrow, a heavy quarrel or bolt or even an early handcannon or handegonne (from a reasonable distance, not up close though, and most handcannon or handegonnes were fired within 10-20 feet range.

    I especially like his helmet, which is a sallet, you can tell from the little eyeslit above the script. Painting and decorations on helms were very popular, as it kept the metal from rusting. Of course, one could also just brown the armor, which is let it rust lightly and then rub oil or grease into the surface, which makes a darned-good rust preventitive.

    As to the FedGov poisoning people, well, the FDA has been doing it since it was started. Like supporting vegetable oils over lard or animal fats. Or the attack on red meat. Or the stupid food pyramid. Or, well, most any of their ‘scientific studies.’

    Regarding slavery… there is pretty good historical evidence that more whites have been taken as slaves by blacks and other Africans than blacks taken as slaves by white western Europeans. But we’re not allowed to talk about that. Just at the Battle of Lepanto, something like over 10,000 European Christian slaves were rescued (and may have been considerably more.)

    As to traitors, that pretty much matches all the senior level of the current administration, and, unfortunately, quite a few of the previous admin (looking at you, Mattis.) Not to mention the high level bureaucrats that should have been all lined up against the wall and shot come January 21st, 2017. And, of course, doing the same thing to everyone of the Obamski’s regime.

  9. There are some things that just should not be done. 45-70 in a derringer is one of those things.

    Unfortunately, I will now assume that General Berger is not long for the service. I think it quite possible that in a fit of depression over the current state of his beloved Corp he will very likely commit suicide. It seems to be going around these days.

    I heat blued my armour to prevent rust and it worked fairly well. Of course dealing with rust is what squires are for.

  10. So I had read about General Berger’s outburst. Does it appearing on your blog mean that it happened and isn’t just rumor?

  11. Afraid the report about Berger is a hoax, supposedly originated at Real Raw News, a satire site, but a lot of sites have picked it up and reported as truth.

  12. Geez, SECDEF gets called out by the ranking USMC General? In public? Not exactly a career-enhancing move, but good for the General.

    Some of the Import Car meets I went to had Asian gangs in attendence. My friends knew them, and said outside of the car meets, you didn’t want to hang out with them. Some of their girls were quite attractive, but had a certain look to them, like balck wido spiders.

    The meme is timely. I’m starting to see similar things on FakeBook. And I remember the stories of tainted alcohol during the Prohibition.

    Regarding Biden….The Sheeple Still Slumber. Or maybe it’s “Sold Out”.

    A 45-70 Derringer? No thanks!

  13. In the 80’s one of my mates carried that same gun as a backup – 45/70 over 2.5 410. I was shooting a lot of 44 mag at that time, I shot it several times at a row of empty 55 gal. drums. Recoil was brisk, but not really painfull, Rem. factory 405 gr. softpoints. Penetrated 1 drum both sides, 1 side on the 2nd and large dent on the remaining side. The grip is 1.5 inches thick, and it weights (mine now,20oz). It only has 1.6 inches of barrel ahead of the bullet so not much velocity. I was left it in my friends will and I handle it when I drink to absent friends.

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