In Arizona, it’s called “camping”. In Europe, it’s called “wild camping”.  Tolerated/not tolerated – see the map.


Map of Planned Florida Wildlife Corridor.


The nine major civilizations of the world, according to Harvard Professor Samuel Huntington in his book “Clash of Civilizations“.




The Swedes, Norwegians,  and Germans get around

Territorial Expansion


It’s a fair question


Identify the Tank


  1. COMMANDO STINGRAY light tank; USA.
    Main gun is a 105mm cannon; 1 X coaxial MG (turret); 1 X MG (commanders hatch).
    Designed/produced as a private venture in the 1980s.
    Currently the sole user is Thailand.

    A very interesting challenge; thank you very much for the brain gymnastics.

    Soon I will send you some tank/armor pictures from the local tank farms for your enjoyment.

  2. Like your maps. The small CO county at the top near center is Jackson County, population>20,000, where several residents are relatives, especially in the Walden cemetery. Not much there in the way of amenities but some excellent saloons.

    • The Mad Moose and The River Rock inside The Antlers Hotel…really good. Walden is great 3/4’s of the year, colder than a witches you-know-what in winter, hearty folks over there.

      • Spent the summers of my youth bucking bales at the foot of Buffalo Pass. Hard times there now with wealthy absentee owners buying the ranches and consolidating them. Where a ranch supported a family, there is now a manager and a few hired hands. Not unique to North Park, that is happening all over the West. Other than logging and some oil exploration, not much going on for young people.

        A few years ago, the annual 4th of July Rodeo was nearly cancelled due to snow.

  3. A number of years ago, a Swedish foreign exchange student arrived in a Nebraska city…said city was gearing up for their high school team’s game against a neighboring city – whose team name was the Swedes. The foreign exchange student got to walk into the school on the first day, greeted by signs that said ‘Beat The Swedes’.

  4. Had to wait for Martin to verify that I had no idea about the tank…again.

    Cool Expansion map…progress right? Now, if we can saw off California things could improve…better yet, swap the Lefty’s for the cargo floating off shore (do Conex’s float?).

    Funny to see Norwegian’s in Texas…don’t get along well with heat. MrsPaulM keeps the bedroom window open all Winter, and I freely admit (at this point in life) 52 degrees inside is pushing it. Heh.

          • Oh, SNAP!

            Seamounts are strange things. Being a diver, I’ve putted out to a spot on the big water, dropped down in the middle of nowhere to find the “bottom” of the ocean 60′ instead of 2,000′ all around it. Diving seamounts is always interesting because you can site big pelagic fish that you would be unlikely to find otherwise.

            Submarines don’t like them.

  5. The Florida maps strike me funny. What the Wildlife Corridor looks like (to me) is an attempt to stop development in areas that are undeveloped. None of the greenish areas encapsulate any city of any size. That’s not to say there’s no wildlife in these more rural areas. I’ve almost ridden my bike into a deer a few times, but always while riding after dark (which means over 10 years ago). We’ve seen wild turkeys off the sides of busy roads, along with deer, wild boars and coyotes.

    And the American Alligator sightings map is funny when overlaid on the wildlife corridor. Plenty of sightings that aren’t in the corridor. I was walking into the office one morning (late ’80s or early ’90s), this time of year when it’s not fully daylight between 7 and 7:30, and saw what looked to be palm frond in the walkway. As I got closer, I realized it was 4 or 5 foot gator. Gators always have the right of way, so he got the sidewalk and I walked around that part of the sidewalk into the parking lot.

    On the Space Center, they’re everywhere. On cold days, they’ll come up onto the banks to warm in the sun. At night, just shine a flashlight across the surface of any body of water and be astounded by the number of reflections.

    • In Florida, if there is a mud puddle, one must assume that there’s a gator in it. There are wild coyotes that roam the streets in Southern California, harvesting cats. Cougars take mountain bikers and remove babies from their carriers in public parks in broad daylight. You have to appreciate your position in the food chain.

      Where I live now, city people bring their yappy little dogs into the forest and let them off the leash to run around. (I saw a wolf for the first time in a long time, down the street near where the foxes live).

      The campers post fliers offering rewards for their beloved pets. The closest that they could come to recovering them is scraping up the scat left behind.

    • A few years ago I moved test cars around for Roush who has/had an operation in Naples. In the West we call truck delaminated tire treads scattered on the highway “alligators”. The folks in Naples took me on a test drive and pointed out real alligators, a common hazard they explained.

      • I don’t how much damage the little guys would do if you hit them, but those big gators that could eat a big feral hawg whole could take out your rig.

  6. McDonalds
    In 1973 buddy who had a POV was driving us around Lawton, OK looking for off-base housing after we had been posted to Fort Sill.
    Lunch time neared and he suggested we go to McDonalds.
    I asked, “What’s a McDonalds?”
    He said, “I thought you were from California”?
    Never heard of McDonalds in Northern Calfornia.

    Mississippi Territory:
    I has never heard that there was a Mississippi Territory until last year.
    I discovered that my gggg-grandmother on my mother’s side was indigenous to Tibet and had settled in the Mississippi Territory in the late 1600s.
    I would really like to know more about how that came about.

    • I recall when McDonald’s and Taco Bell were new. Being from SoCal, born in Redondo Beach, I was of an age to experience those wonders. To be fair about it, the concept of fast food was somehow miraculous and cheap. There’s nothing cheap about McDonald’s today.

  7. Why the hell is camping illegal in (parts of) Europe?

    Or is it a euphemism for being a hobo?
    Or, being Europe, a Gypsy-suppression measure?


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