The US States are divided in half by population.


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Pirates prefer chokepoints where their prey is concentrated. More or less now as then.




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Identify the tank


Maxwell Trial

The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, the socialite who stands accused of procuring young girls for the sex predator Jeffrey Epstein, who died under mysterious circumstances, began last week.

Nobody has seen one picture or video of Ghislaine Maxwell in custody or in court. I wonder why there hasn’t been ONE picture or video coming out since she was allegedly arrested. Is it actually Maxwell behind that mask? Or is she vacationing in the South of France?

Many believe high-ranking officials across multiple governments and celebrities were caught up in the sex ring Epstein allegedly ran, and that the powers that be within our government are invested in preventing these details from coming to light. I am entertained at the number of CEO’s who resigned for health and family reasons when their names, displayed in Epstein’s black book, were made public. Anyone would think that the power elite is comprised of pedophile deviates, whores, pimps, etc.


East Timorese Crisis.

13 October 1999. Soldiers from HQ Western Force (WESTFOR) come ashore at Suai in the first Australian tactical amphibious landing since WWII. Where were you?


  1. Personally in 99 I was cursing the training accident that got me a medical discharge a few years previously. A lot of my friends went to Timor.

    Several of my uncles fought the Japanese there including two much more opposed landings.

    Most of the fighting in 99 was later when the Indos realised that they could shoot and runaway as Australian soldiers were not allowed to shoot at fleeing targets. Only at attackers. The joys of politicians trying to run things from 3000 km away

    • No, they weren’t. For instance, the Mississippi Gulf Coast is heavily Conservative.

      I would say that they put in several counties in various places to make the numbers work out as they desired.

  2. Maxwell- Seems one attorney came down with an “unknown” illness (as reported). Expect more shenanigans to…need to protect “Our Betters Great Resetters” named on The Ledger. Cockpit door was always closed on flights to give the pilots plausible deniability…as if what they didn’t “see” would mean anything beyond what they got well paid to forget. Satan’s minions running amok.

    The Brits still see us as the Colonies, but I love their sense of humor…saying that as an unabashed Top Gear BBC/Clarkson’s Farm/Grand Tour aficionado. Clarkson, Hammond, and May are brilliant. Now, if those guys could get Jules on to drive the “reasonably priced car” ’round the track with friendly Brit-style banter, I pay to watch that in a heartbeat.

  3. Anyone would think that the power elite is comprised of pedophile deviates, whores, pimps, etc.


      • “role models”

        Exactly. Joe/Ho are examples of the rewards you can expect if you serve your masters properly. But Joe and Ho will never be true members of the “elite”.
        Ghislaine was born into the “elite” and had it good for quite some time, but she will probably be thrown out of the troika as a distraction for the subhuman masses.

        • The elite (your betters) have a vested interest in holding Maxwell silent and immune. She and Epstein weren’t elite, but they served and serviced the needs of the great and near-great in what is apparently one of the very most important industries.

          You see, to be elite (noblesse oblige) is to make every day stressful, and the ability to fly off (maybe hundreds of times) to Fantasy Island or a remote dude ranch to relieve tension is critical to have them oversee us as they need to do because THEY are our brain trust. I mean, what would happen if we had no Hollywood icons, or corporate moguls? If there were no tech oligarchs or European royals? Could England survive without Prince Charles to lead the way? Or an America without Clintons?

          Maxwell must be shielded and allowed to get back into business.

  4. 1999 I was still in school, but from what I heard later Timor was a mad scramble to find the basics including little things like enough ammunition to equip the guys going over. Allegedly nearly stripped the stores bare.
    The good side was that started some real investment into defense, just a pity 25 years later it’s going “woke”.

    • Many said that the deficiencies of the East Timor Campaign brought about a realization of the need for change in the Australian military and intelligence establishment. I thought MikeW might comment on that.

  5. Britain’s lost Empire.

    No small thing to visit the Indian Army room at Sandhurst.

    Remarkable that such a tiny island should’ve done such a thing.

  6. Alabama population is surprising. The center of the state to the west/north west along I22 is one of the most barren strips of interstate I have experienced. Once out of Birmingham it is hit or miss if an exit has a gas station.

  7. Ah, Ghiselle. People wonder why she hasn’t Arkansided yet like Jeffrey. And the answer is, well, he was the face of the operation but she is the brains behind it all. And she has dirt ready to drop on everyone involved, kink of like Wikileaks but more Wickedleaks, if she so much as falls in the prison shower. So everyone, from guards to other inmates to the whole Justice system, is walking on eggshells and holding their breaths.

    You can tell who controls whom by who gets to make the rules. Ghiselle is making them right and left. No leaks, no information shown, no nothing. I mean, there are more leaks out of ultra-top-secret meeting than there are from her trial.

  8. october 99? unbeknownst to me, about to be divorced, lol….tank was an enigma. soviet obviously. dashika mg, but no bore evacuator on the main gun tube and return rollers on the suspension. i didn’t think they used them until the t-64 or t-72. i was a tow gunner for several years but i never heard of an is-3. could there be another nomenclature for it?….had no idea about the cigarettes. a couple decades ago i entertained the idea of smuggling them. its easy, low risk, and very profitable. at least until your second offense.

    • It was a WW2 Heavy. Weak driveline and range, great armor for the day and IIRC a 122mm gun. Lots of whup-ass for the era. Sort of a Soviet Tiger II. Long out of service by the time of TOW. T-10M was the only descendant still around then, and quite obsolete.


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