The Mola Mola

They produce small and vulnerable offspring at a rate of around 300 million eggs per fish per spawn cycle, their fecundity surpassing all other vertebrates on earth. They’re about as sharp as a baseball and their anatomy is ridiculous to the point of them literally being classified as plankton for years because they just sort of get blown around by the ocean and look confused, but because they lay more eggs than ANY OTHER VERTEBRATE IN EXISTENCE, evolution can’t stop them.

Their biggest defense is that they’re massive and have super tough skin, but they are occasionally hunted by sharks or sea lions sometimes and they just sort of float there like ‘oh bother’ as it happens

Even funnier, because they eat nothing but jellyfish they’re really low in nutritional value anyway, so they basically survive by being not worth eating because they’re like a big floating rice cracker wrapped in leather.

If there is a human counterpart it would be a grievance studies major at a university in the USA. They’re like the lilies of the field in that they toil not, neither do they spin.


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The 2020 election was the fairest and most corruption free in history… and yet the democrats sent 73 attorney’s to Arizona to stop the audit of the election machines. Riddle me that.


Motorcycle helmet laws


Australia – not much population in the middle




Countries with a Financial Transaction Tax


What is your TIME worth?


2021 Average Annual Income by US State

Annual Wages (average)

If all of the numbers on all of the charts don’t exactly add-up, fear not. The chart above is based on 2015 numbers, so it’s six years out of date. It shows general ratios.



  1. According to a friend who had a kidney transplant, most transplant recipients are very much in favor of no helmet laws because that’s where a lot of donor organs come from……I have no idea if that’s true or not, but, sounds logical.

    • er nurses call motorcyclists “organ donors.” helmets are only rated to 15 mph crash. who goes 15mph? they do protect against bumble bees to the forehead tho. caught one between the eyes doing about a hundred exercising my freedom in Arizona, nearly knocked me out. that’s one freedom i gladly gave up.

      • Helmets are nice when you’re riding your motorcycle and run into a hail storm, unexpectedly. That’s happened to me.

        I’m pro-helmet, but as to helmet laws – I’m more of a libertarian. Let people do as they please.

  2. What is time worth? In the creative world where I live you can’t charge anything like enough for your time without out pricing yourself in a market of people who don’t understand the value of their time. People buying also don’t recognise the time that goes into creating something and they can get it cheaper mass produced. I feel for really good artists who get nowhere despite their work being brilliant when there is utter rubbish being sold for millions at Sotheby’s for millions.

    • Rubbish? Nonsense. You are revealing your bourgeois pretension. You’re better than that, Jules. You must educate yourself. [1]

      To take but one example, Damien Hirst is a genius of the first order, clearly surpassing Michelangelo, and Dürer, and Monet, and Renoir [2], and any and all of your random pre-Raphaelites. Anyone who dislikes, much less is critical of, Hirst is a pretentious midwit.

      But what does it take to be recognized as a True Art Genius? The collaboration of critics. Now many critics are weird, marginal people (they may wield power, but there is deep insecurity and resentment within — remember, The Secret Is Resentment) who lionize the weird, the deviant and the ugly, because those speak to the self-loathing void they carry within themselves. Having a patron also helps. Hirst was fortunate to have Saatchi as a patron. Saatchi being a discerning man of the loftiest sensibilities, as befits his sort, also saw fit to create Tracey Emin. Emin may appear to be a perpetually constipated (seriously, look at her expression in photos), smirking, semi-illiterate, but she is also clearly a genius. Sarcasm aside, her stuff, particularly her self portraits, remind me of Egon Schiele (whose work literally makes me physically ill [3]), only with less talent.

      This is the great and wondrous world of High Art. Ugly things created by ugly people (or hucksters, which I would actually prefer), praised by deviant weirdos, and supported by persons such as Saatchi. Is it a deliberate FU to the Western Aesthetic? Or is it more like pus leaking out of spiritual abscesses? You make the call.

      [1] I despise people who say “You’re better than that” and “You must educate yourself”.
      [2] “Loathsome Renoir. How to reconcile his sublime mastery of light with his bland, plump women with fat little boneless fingers.” Or something like that (I stole that from somewhere, but can’t remember the source, or the exact quote).
      [3] True story. The Boston MFA had a show of Klimt and Schiele. I was literally nauseated after walking through the Schiele exhibit. The Pretty Korean Girl could not understand my visceral (in both senses of the term) reaction. On Gastrointestinal inpatient (hospital) service I’ve sectioned and poked through melena (bloody stool) fresh from the patient’s bottom – also true story – and been less nauseous.

      • Bourgeois – Moi? Darling, I’m always one glass of Chateau Bélair away from ruin.

        Let me reconsider now I have educated myself through the modern day art critic.

        Damien Hirst? – Why didn’t he invent dot-to-dot? Genius.

        Klimt – pfft, you can’t trust the pervy Austrians. Sit down love, let me look at your form. What do you mean what am I doing under my painter’s gown? Oh! I’m just cleaning my paintbrush, Adele! Honestly.

        Schiele – Raw, psychological disturbance. Ego-centric genius that would be an influencer on today’s Instagram were he still here to paint us a pretty selfie.

        Michel Angelo – Well, he was just hob-nobbing with the Catholic hierarchy and setting his angel free, so to speak.

        Dürer -He was a barrel of laughs, wasn’t he? The stoic German revealing his true lack of personality. Shame he couldn’t be as colourful as our Damien Dot Freak, eh?

        Monet – I’ve been to his garden in France and quite honestly I was more interested in the early bird offer of moules et frites with a glass of Champagne. Total mess, just like his art.

        Renoir – Well, he was clearly off his tits on something with his flamboyance and impressions of garden parties and guys in boaters and wife beater vests.

        Now Tracey Emin and her unmade bed. Why didn’t Da Vinci think of that, eh? He missed a trick there. Here we have a true polymath. What an absolute talent! Such flair and ingenuity. She looks like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle. But that in itself is art, is it not? Anyone who can shame all the people she has slept with into a traveling piece of tent art is someone who truly speaks to the souls of those who have absolutely no connection or empathy with… anything. Oh, to be such an artist.

        Anyway, must go. I have just received my colour-by-numbers book from Amazon and I’m a palette of acrylic paints from becoming The Artist Formerly Known As Jules.

    • What would you do with all that money? An A-M DB9, sure; a yacht; a boy toy on the yacht, or three; an executive jet; your own dive bar in Texas. But would that make you happy?

      • My bunker complex. Paying off the family’s debts. A hand-cranked Gatling or two, and the ammo to support it. Maybe one in the original 1″… Some cannon. An M548 just because. A really nice 20×30 train room and all the N-scale stuffs I want.

        Maybe a small machine shop.

        And it’s not would all that make me happy. The question is, would it make being unhappy easier? And the answer is…. yes, yes it would.

        • I had a boss once who was very wealthy – like Soros wealthy. But he was a humble man who started off with nothing and built it himself. He told me, “I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor and rich is better.”

          He raised a big family and gave most of his money to worthwhile charities and died happy.

      • Err, YES! Can you imagine how cool my dive bar would be? This needs to happen. This is true art and people would remember it for years. How it made them feel; their memories of each visit – kaleidoscopic with insanity.
        So, I’m starting a crowd fund right here right now. Show me your money and I’ll show you a good time 😉

        • You’re thinking too small. Widen your vision. You need a whole town, built around the bar, shooting range, and boot emporium. I haven’t given it a lot of thought but I could open a small restaurant there. I’d call it Cuchara Grasienta and would specialize in tacos, fish & chips (an homage to Jules) and t-bone steaks. In addition, I’d offer my services as bouncer and town marshal. If it was good enough for Wyatt Earp, it’s good enough for me.

          As for the town’s name, I leave that to you and the people on this blog. I might open a fishing tackle store as an adjunct to Cuchara Grasienta. We either need a lake or we need the town to be on the Brazos. It just wouldn’t be proper to have a town and not be able to go down to the river, sit, and think, with a fishing pole in hand.

          I know that LSP would open his gun store, and I don’t need to go into competition with him.

          I’d need to build a shack within a short walk from the bar. Just a small affair with an air conditioner, a bed, a shower, and a reading room. With the restaurant close at hand, I can eat there. No heart healthy food, Jules. It wouldn’t be called The Greasy Spoon for no reason.

  3. Mora Mora- Now there’s a metaphor for the Democrat party…they “reproduce” to overwhelm the system. And that face reminds me of The Hologram in Office, floating around looking lost. And when they come for him once they’ve determined he’s done, he’ll be like “Meh”.

    Always rode my bicycle without a helmet (that era when we didn’t need body armor to go outside). At a daily 20-30 miles figured better get one. Never had a problem until one day was heading downhill at a good clip on a stretch of PA back road and a young whitetail hops out and starts running next to my front wheel. Braked hard but it was pushing hard left, and I/we go over. Deer looks confused hops up, looks at me, then runs off. The tuck and roll and chest landing spared the head. Bike was fine. Head was good too. Worst part nobody believed me until I showed them the road rash. Bought a better helmet.

    Maps- The USA has to get it’s act together…but since I’m intentionally ignoring the treasonous reprobate godless immoral liars and cheats, unsure how that will happen as the tune from DC and Statehouse loudmouths never changes, even with strong vocal opposition pushed by half us out here in flyover land. Yet the result is our Constitutional Republic is being forced down the drain.

    Right now my time – and $3 – gets a cup of coffee. But I’m doing my own stuff for a change, much happier. Got lucky on the timing for once, ended my last project March 2020 before things got gnarly weird.

      • I don’t bill hourly. It’s by the job/project, or project phase. The stuff I do is specialized enough that there is not that much competition out there. Then again, there aren’t an army of clients clamoring for my services, either.

        • Valuable skillset/expertise affords higher prices. Doubtful anyone would prefer a cheaper grinning idiot brain surgeon over a serious one at twice the price. Good to be set apart from the crowd (including our Faith).

          Figured a new Federal helmet law EO by now, full face of course to continue the Danger!Danger! fear-mongering. The Laramie Post Office clerks were wearing some sort of chin shield thingy. Weird. But maybe this baloney is waning as more people awaken their brains after a year of fog. The Fowch flip-flopped again.

          BTW – To be perfectly clear: THERE WAS NO VOTER FRAUD! …as I hear repeatedly from the Left. Yeah, ’cause you stole it and have the seats-o-power, you cheats. AZ may be the chink needed to undo the lie.

          • I don’t believe in re-incarnation, but if you tell me that the Mola Mola is how the woke come back, you may be able to persuade me.

  4. an Arizona auditor claims they offered her 10 mil to walk away. nothing says fair and honest like a 10 mil bribe offer.

    • I’m sure that the donkeys would be thrilled to throw $10 mil (in taxpayer dollars, I’m sure) to walk away from the audit. An honest audit will create a problem for them, going forward, and for the voting machine companies, and the democrat senators and reps in Arizona.

  5. The hourly labor rates in the EU are so that I’m guessing they must be the burdened labor rate – actual pay plus the overhead the company pays to support the worker. A Euro is about $1.20, so those numbers shown are even higher than they look to Americans.

    Denmark’s highest wage of 45.80 is $55.41.

    • Yes, the numbers have to include burden rate, but the EU numbers are high. In many EU countries, once you’re hired, you have a “right to the job” and if you’re fired, your employer must pay you on the order of three years pay. It’s why things are much more expensive there.

  6. In Rhode Island, the driver doesn’t need to wear a helmet, but a passenger does. Just to keep people guessing.

    Australia: nor around the edge. Nor anywhere.


    • I don’t know how warm it gets in RI. You’re on the seashore. However Phoenix in the summer – helmets bake your brain when the mercury climbs over 110.

  7. The best thing about our elections is how they’re so honest and free of corruption. That’s why Joe Biden’s the popular leader of the Free World since records began.

    Take heart, the gates of hell will not prevail. And yes, I’m looking forward to Juliette’s bar in Texas.

    • She has big plans for her rural Texas bar & shooting range & boot emporium & wolf preserve.

      Juliette has said that she will also sell root beer floats at her bar, which would make it a bit unique among Texas dive bars.

      • We need a good name. Or, does my bar have no name at all? Should it be one of those places that only the greatest of bar dwellers know about?

        • I’ve already named my restaurant (see above).

          You need a name for the bar and one for the town, or would it be the same?

    • True story – The Simpson Desert is massive. I wanted to do an expedition across it, stopping at points of minor interest but never got around to doing it. Likely never will now.

    • It will be branded racist, Islamophobic, homophobic, transphobic, etc. and written off as part of the Great White Right Wing Conspiracy that Bill Clinton and Hillary warned the nation about. Move on, nothing to see here, WEAR YOUR MASK, WSF, you superspreader. We’re all going to die in four years because of global warming and you’re worrying about voting machines.

  8. That’s an “interesting” looking fish.

    I think you’re bonkers if you ride a motorcycle without a helmet, but I support your right to splatter your brains all over the pavement.

  9. In Jules’ Texas town, we do need a church. I was thinking that LSP could handle that as an adjunct to his gun store. Come for the guns, stay for the sermon?

    I see Mike_C running the cat house; WSF managing the train station along with DRJIM (as they build an atomic bomb in the basement; Riverrider could handle the town militia – drill meetings held at the bar; Old NFO could manage hunting safaris into the bush to kill feral hawgs; PaulM could team up with his missus at the local doctor/vet under one roof. It doesn’t matter that he hasn’t had formal training – we’d need a trail surgeon and that doesn’t require book learning. A rusty pocket knife and a bottle of Oh-be-Joyful should suffice. Kle – town psychiatrist, RHT could run the rifle range along with WWW, Beans, deputy marshal (one bullet only).

    • Sounds like a well developed plan in the making…we’re in. As I’m “The Help” – as trained by the MrsVet – my job is to hold the patient down and hand her things with special names, sometimes Duct Tape is required. And if power tools and a hammer are needed, I’m your guy.

      Oh, and I have some art NOT of the classics we can hang up…but we’ll leave that to Jules as clearly she has an eye for such things…altho Mike_C might toss in his two cents.

    • I’m in, most ricky-tik. The kind of place where they check you at the door for weapons, and issue you one on the spot if necessary.

      As an aside, there used to be a joint in Freeport, Texas (that’s South of Houston, for you geographically challenged Yankees) quaintly named the Enola Gay Bar, back in the days when “gay” had a different meaning.

    • Sounds like a personnel and customer relations job, not my forte.
      I can do either if necessary, and am actually good at the latter, but I’d rather take a beating – within reason – than have to do either on a daily basis.

      • You could work on your bedside manner. It would expand those skill sets.

        Refer dissatisfied customers to the town marshal. Beans might carry a sword or a mace – who knows what he’d come up with?

  10. Loving this. I’m totally in! There must be a ghost town by a river we can take over! I’m sure I’ve been to one in Texas.
    The dive bar needs to be the best of America meets the best of England. Fish and chips with a side of heart attack taters. Bangers and mash with crispy American bacon and a biscuit. Hard liquor, pints of mild and real ales. Good Lord, I’m salivating at the thought!
    Shuffle boards, pinball machines, bar skittles juke box and bows and arrows. Topless English bar wenches with clown noses.
    I think I’ll call the place “ Wish & Sips”

    • If there isn’t a ghost town, we can build one and create a legend around it. That’s what writers and a PR department is for. Think the Frontierland subset of Disneyland, with a church and gun store, Wish & Sips bar, boot emporium and rifle range, and Cuchara Grasienta to handle the culinary needs of the belching tourists. Mike_C seems to be reluctant to accept management of the cat house (Named Soiled Doves). We can build it above flood level on the Brazos or include a levy to keep the structures safe when it inevitably floods.

  11. Agreed. If we’re talking Frontierland subset then leave the soiled doves to me. As tradition has it they should be boosting Muleskinner sales followed by turning tricks upstairs in the dive bar. I can Madame that set up on a barmaid come bed rocker rota.
    Mike is maybe better placed as a town spy. He’s a good mentalist and will sniff out the weak and wily and those trying to infiltrate the town with nonsense. Plus, as a cardiologist he will know exactly what to slip into a drink to stop the beating heart of some nefarious traveller that drops by wearing a mask or gets caught trying to smuggle in a kale smoothie.
    This town, LL, it’s Futopia.

    • I think that it’s true, Mike would enjoy the job of chief of spies more than managing cashflow in a fleshpot.

      • Writing of which – tomorrow’s blog includes a discussion of the BMC (French Mobile Military Brothels), now adapted by the Ukraine to use at the Russian Front (the Donbas Region).

        I wouldn’t have included the brothel in frontier town but I watched “The Unforgiven” on DVD recently and Skinny’s Billiard Parlor had a central role in the plot as did Strawberry Alice, ringleader of soiled doves. And I thought to myself, “Can Jules run a true Western Bar without including a comfort station upstairs?”

        The Palace Saloon in Prescott, Arizona (home to our fellow blogger BANDMEETING) used to be run by Virgil Earp and had that same arrangement. Today they serve adult beverages and bar food and the waitresses will join you at the table.

  12. I propose “Wolf’s Gulch” for the town name. If it doesn’t have a gultch nearby, we can build one near the newly constructed ghost town…..

    • Naturally I approve of Wolf’s Gulch for a name. And as it evolves into sort of a “Westworld”, constructing an actual gulch (maybe with a wooden railroad bridge spanning it) wouldn’t be much of a problem.

        • This is beginning to channel 3:10 to Yuma…guns, dust, railroad, a few of the – shall I say – rougher element, and a barnwood town centered around a watering hole with good food from both sides of the pond (but cold pints, non of that warm stuff). Should keep things interesting (hey, we have bloggers who know tradecraft and weaponry and Greek!). Loading the work trailer…when do we start? Should mill our own lumber tho.

  13. I would suggest Wolfs Gulch would need a Hog Parlor on the edge of town. 2adult pigs can eliminate an animal corpse , say maybe the size of a human in about 8 hours. This freewheeling metropolis will likely attract undue attention from nosy officials. Getting rid of evidence could become an imperative . Would be cheaper than a backhoe, and at the end of the day you got bacon.

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