Earth’s surface without water.


Russian Armored Police Bus

Yes, it’s a mobile pill box but the Russians have learned to travel in comfort.

But the Space force one-ups them.


Hair Color – Originally


Here’s what Africa would look like – if countries were as big as their population sizes.


Reforestation in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal 1900-2010.


The Great Wall

If you stretched the Great Wall of China along the European coastline, this is how much it would cover.

Visiting the Great Wall of China is a touristy thing to do if you’re in Beijing. I did it once myself. They take you to an area that has been restored and it is amazing. Obviously the Chinese had a different take on border walls than the Democrats. However those same donkeys feel that a great wall around Washington DC would be a really good idea – to keep the riff-raff out.


Florida – divided

I’ve spent more time in Redneck country – but also spent time at JSOC in Tampa and can’t tell you what the difference was, but I’m not the cartographer.


Charles Nungesser

Charles Nungesser was French WW1 Ace who favored the Nieuport 17.   He holds the record for the most decorated Croix de Guerre medal, with 28 palms and two stars.

He was by all accounts, an arrogant ass, but there is no doubt that he could fly and hunt.

He figured that he would have been more heavily decorated if he hadn’t spent half of the war in the air killing Germans and the other half in the hospital with multiple injuries including broken legs and a jaw.


  1. The hair color distribution is interesting. Inconsistent by latitude alone. How does it match with earth’s magnetic poles (pre european expansion)?

    • A joke. How sad.

      And here I thought that the Jo/Ho regime could boost the Russian economy by ordering a couple hundred thousand of them. They could ring DC like a wall of old Soviet junk and it would have been so progressive.

      • I don’t care if it’s fake, now I want an armored train on an articulated bus chassis.

        It definitely needs a couple of those auto-mortars the Soviets came out with in the ’80s.


  2. Married to a Scandinavian blonde…the map concentration is fascinating. Could have something to do with a primary fish diet?

    Thinking the Dane’s would prefer the wall graphic to cut across their southern border…not open for immigration and a big beautiful wall would help.

    Due to lockdown idiocy we did not take our trip to St. Pete (we will no longer fly and be forced into close proximity to a troublesome general public). Last trip a year ago the town enacted a paper straw mandate, stupidest thing ever, yet half the people there were in support. That was the start of a slippery slope trend. A trip to Key West was interesting, but “felt” odd. Turns out the LGBQRSTXYZ?crowd had descended on the Keys, deciding this area was now theirs.

    Aren’t most combat pilots minimally “highly confident” types? I’ve always thought you needed to be. Arrogance would be the next level progression. Will have to wait until late June to see Maverick to get the truth in the subject. (Kidding, but should be good followup.)

    • Maybe Biden’s call to Putin was to place an order for “The Bus”…he could park it inside the razor wire as a Roach Coach for the troops, each section could be a different menu choice.

      Come to think of it, DC needs a better fence than cyclone…all those Keystone workers could start building a massive wall around the place, managed by Trump Development Corp.

    • Campfixer,

      Key West has had a large gay crowd for decades. Place went down not long after the Navy closed the submarine base in the ’70s. The local government thought tourism would be a great thing for the locals. Now the city is full of those from out of town and those who are out of luck.

      • Naval Station Key West is still there, or was last I heard. Not the sub base. NSKW is a small anti-narco base, or was the last time I was there. I didn’t get into town. Just landed there on a bounce. I was told there were too many fruits and nuts and too much traffic to make it worth going into town for lunch, so I had a sandwich on base.

        • Fredrick & LL…makes sense when tourism takes over, you get what you get. We were up in Marathon, took the day trip down. MrsC hadn’t been there since she was a kid. Had a great lunch at Southernmost Beach Cafe, watched the sunset (no green flash tho), and generally enjoyed “looking around”. Won’t go back…would rather run down to Joanie’s Blue Crab Cafe’ in Ochopee and take an air boat ride in Everglades. Authentic without the crowds.

    • There are certain classes of military people where an oversized ego is necessary to survival. One is the pilots/aviators/astronauts and the other is the SPECOPS types. You have to be able to act quickly and decisively or you’re dead. If you hesitate or doubt yourself, you become a spastic.

  3. Yep, Boca Chica is still there. And no, you don’t go into town. Years ago we had a bumper sticker than said will the last American out of South Florida bring the flag. The Yankees had taken over, except for Miami, and the Cubans were manning the barricades!

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