Southpark Strikes

Privileged and spoiled, Meghan Markle has been left ‘upset and overwhelmed’ for the past few days at how she and the former prince, now known as just plain Harry, have been depicted in an episode of South Park. The episode, titled ‘World Privacy Tour’ pokes fun at the couple’s multitude of grievances, while Meghan is introduced as a ‘sorority girl, D-List actress, person-of-color, influencer, and professional victim,’ by another character.

They nailed it.



h/t John Derva (Oslo, Norway) (PS – John is my brother from another mother. I just wish that he lived a little closer than Norway or I lived a little closer than Arizona)

Author Ray Bradbury published the book Fahrenheit 451 70 years ago. It’s more relevant than ever. The book can be said to be in the same category as Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World published in 1932 and George Orwell’s novel 1984 published in 1949.

In the 30s Nazis burned books that didn’t fit their definition of what was correct. In our days, Roald Dahl’s books should be changed so that the words are adapted by a narrower circle of people. Those who insist to have defining power and the right to change and rewrite history, remove literature and paintings assume the role and are given a good opportunity to exercise their work. It is gladly funded by the taxpayers over public budgets. They think a lot about what words can be used and what you should be allowed to see.

In Sweden, they have come a long way in that process and Astrid Lindgren’s books will be adapted to the new age of what is correct. Photographs and pictures of professors who have been of great academic importance will be removed from the walls of a Swedish university.

The latest is relevant at the National Museum where painter Christian Krohg’s painting will be replaced with one that is politically correct and that does not violate the Swedish and Danish director who has no sense of what Christian KrohG conveyed at his time.

We have all had examples of how the demand that a bench with the name of Carl von Linné is removed from Tøyenparken and the statue of Ludvig Holberg was long overdue removed. Even the statue of Winston Churchill has been demanded removed.

Ray Bradbury rewrote this over 70 years ago and gave the following explanation of why it was important for some to remove what they defined as offensive.

When Montag fails to show up for work, his fire chief, Beatty, pays a visit to his house. Beatty explains that it’s normal for a fireman to go through a phase of wondering what books have to offer, and he delivers a dizzying monologue explaining how books came to be banned in the first place. According to Beatty, special-interest groups and other “minorities” objected to books that offended them. Soon, books all began to look the same, as writers tried to avoid offending anybody. This was not enough, however, and society as a whole decided to simply burn books rather than permit conflicting opinions. Beatty tells Montag to take twenty-four hours or so to see if his stolen books contain anything worthwhile and then turn them in for incineration.


It will Bomb (again) without Ron Pearlman

Almost two decades after the release of the Guillermo del Toro-directed Hellboy, the character is getting yet another reboot. Millennium Media has confirmed that Hellboy: The Crooked Man will enter production next month in Bulgaria, Deadline reports. Casting for the titular character (originally played by Ron Perlman and then David Harbour) is yet to be announced, but the new film will be directed by Brian Taylor, best known for the Jason Statham action movie Crank.

Perhaps most interesting is that the comics’ original creator Mike Mignola has written the script for the upcoming film alongside Chris Golden. Both were reported to have worked on the script for the 2019 reboot by The Hollywood Reporter, though Andrew Cosby ultimately ended up with sole credit for writing the screenplay. The 2019 reboot is widely considered to have been both a commercial and critical failure, bringing in roughly $55 million at the box office on a budget of $50 million.

But Pearlman is 72 years old now…does he have another Hellboy in him?


  1. As you sow, so shall you reap… Harry & Megan are getting what they deserve, IMHO. Re Hellboy, Pearlman was the ‘perfect’ actor for that, and I don’t think he could repeat the actions at 72. I know I sure as hell can’t… LOL

  2. South Park hit the nail on the head with the World Privacy Tour. Harry and Megan have to generate income to support their lifestyle. The job might as well be as professional victims.

    Hell Boy, we will see. Hard to beat the original and I agree with Old NFO, Ron Pearlman’s stunt double would be very busy, or would it just be CGI?

    Fahrenheit 451, 1984, Brave New World. It seems as if the powers that be are trying their damnedest to use these books as how to guides rather than the terrible warnings the authors meant them to be. Kinda glad I am pushing 70 and won’t have to endure much of this but feel sorry for my kids and grand kids.

  3. Just call me Harry and his stupid wife dropped a deuce in the hallway, smeared it all over the walls, and then demanded the Royal Family apologize to them before they deign to consider attending Charlie’s coronation. The Prince and Princess of Canada set themselves up for ridicule. Boo freaking hoo.

  4. South Park does it again! Hats off to them.

    Don’t give two hoots (or even one) about That Couple. SLW watched a “documentary” about them, and I was appalled at it. Nothing but fluff, lies, and more fluff, casting them exactly as how they want to be portrayed. Rubbish!

    I read Farenheit 451 in the mid 1960’s in high-school. Wound up reading everything Bradbury wrote, and even have a signed book of his my sister got for me. He was quite good at what he did, and told great stories.

  5. Wikipedia:
    Bradbury considered himself a political independent.[80] Raised a Democrat, he voted for the Democratic Party until 1968. In 1952, he took out an advertisement in Variety for an open-letter to Republicans, stating “Every attempt that you make to identify the Democratic Party as the party of Communism, as the ‘left-wing’ or ‘subversive’ party, I will attack with all my heart and soul.”[81] However, Lyndon B. Johnson’s handling of the Vietnam War left Bradbury disenchanted and, as such, since 1968 he voted for the Republican Party in every presidential election with the exception of 1976, when he voted for Jimmy Carter. According to Bradbury’s biographer Sam Weller, Carter’s inept handling of the economy “pushed [Bradbury] permanently away from the Democrats”.[80]
    Bradbury called Ronald Reagan “the greatest president” whereas he dismissed Bill Clinton, calling him a “shithead”.[82] In August 2001, shortly before the September 11 attacks, he described George W. Bush as “wonderful” and stated that the American education system was a “monstrosity.”[83] He later criticized Barack Obama for ending NASA’s crewed space flight program.[82]

  6. The South Park episode on the royal duo was hilarious, as was the one on trans bathrooms. South Park is pushing the envelope again.


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