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British Anti-Knife Campaign & American Culture

The British are very worried about knives. I’ve carried a knife all my life. Same with a firearm, but that’s beside the point. They have campaigns to show you that not carrying a knife is somehow virtuous.

There was a situation in Reno circa 2014 when I was there with a British guy (who doesn’t follow this blog), and he brought his dad. His father started an anti-handgun rant at a buffet where we were eating. I’m not a buffet guy but my friend liked them. (beside the point) I told “dad” that he simply needed to get some trigger time to get used to firearms in America, and suggested that at least 10 people in the buffet must be armed. He was in denial. So I unholstered a 1911, jacked the round from the chamber, removed the magazine and handed it to him. I thought that he’d have a cardiac incident right there. His face turned red, his eyes bugged out. I put the mag back in, loaded one in the pipe, put one back in the mag and then slammed it back and holstered it.

I have some wicked knives. I don’t think that he would have liked those any better.

Knife free?

England went from “we will fight in the air, we will fight on the sea, we will fight on the land. We will never never surrender” to whatever this garbage is.



If you go to Scotland, take a moment to visit Jedburgh. It’s a small, picturesque town but it has an interesting past. It was the pirate town for the Border Reivers who thieved cattle

Operation Jedburgh was a clandestine operation during World War II, in which three-man teams of soldiers of the British Special Operations Executive (SOE), the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the Free French Bureau Central de Renseignements et d’Action (“Central Bureau of Intelligence and Operations”) and the Dutch and Belgian armies in exile were dropped by parachute into occupied France, the Netherlands and Belgium. The objective of the Jedburgh teams was to assist allied forces who invaded France on 6 June 1944 with sabotage and guerrilla warfare, and leading local resistance forces in actions against the Germans.

The name of the operation was chosen at random from a Ministry of Defense code book – but it still made a lot of sense.


The Taiwan Flap

Palau John Hennessey-Niland is the ambassador to the tiny country of Palau, an archipelago of over 500 islands in the Micronesia region in the western Pacific Ocean. The country is among 15 nations that formally recognize Taiwan over China. Amb. Hennessey-Niland accompanied a delegation led by Palaun President Surangel Whipps Jr. to Taipei early this week. …more from ZeroHedge

It begs the question of who is running the USA. I frankly don’t know, not since the old boss (Trump) left office. I don’t know whether China knows. Is it a multi-polar administration with power sharing between Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing, CNN, and Black Lives Matter? Nobody thinks that it’s Jo/Ho. All of those Chinese bribes must be going SOMEWHERE. But the Pentagon’s position regarding China is “forward deployment.” And the State Department (see above) is reacting to China pulling its pants down in public in Alaska.



  1. At this point, I don’t think anybody really knows who’s running the US. (Former US?) I’ve heard it’s Obama, Valerie Jarret and some of Obama’s loyalists. I’ve also heard it’s an unorganized group of career bureaucrats – deep staters. That would be schizophrenic since there are so many contradictory interests. Then there’s the theory it’s globalists like the World Economic Forum, George Soros with his minions, and so on. A group mostly set on plundering all of the wealth and possessions of the US.

    Forward deployment is good as a deterrent – for as long as we’re considered a deterrent so maybe another week? I think if we’re not there and stating plainly that we’ll move to protect Taiwan, China just goes in. I don’t think Joe would do that, even if he was coherent (Joe’s version of coherent). And even if we are there saying we’ll protect Taiwan, if Xi (or whomever) thinks they can take out that forward deployment, even with lots of losses on their side, they still go in. They seem pretty cavalier about losing a couple of tens of thousands of PLA/PLAN.

    • I was spitballing the issue with a knowledgable friend. He didn’t know either. All we can do at this point is guess who might be in charge. That’s not much of a comfort to our allies.

  2. At what point does the current administration’s actions become treason, and is there anything that can be done to stop them?

    Loaded questions, but the Republicans are showing how bought in and useless they’ve become.

      • So we’re screwed. Thought so.

        Was out doing some tractor work, heard a portion of The Hologram’s Pander to the Left tax us into prosperity crap…lunacy that adds insult to injury at the express hand of the morons running the show.

          • Wasn’t on purpose, but figured I’d take one for the team once it came on the stream. We have breached the “no representation” for the good guys realm. From what snippet I did hear, America is toast.

  3. One anti-knife slogan I’ve seen states that “Only cowards carry.” Other than the times I’ve flown, I’ve been practicing cowardice for decades now since there’s always a folder on me and I have a number of fixed blades if need be.

    • “Only cowards carry.”

      I’ve seen a variant of this aimed at (you’ll pardon the expression) American diversity. The poster featured some “youths” and proclaimed, You don’t need a gun. Real men duke it out. One would think that was parody, but apparently it was sincere.

      Curiously for a head-up-4th-point-of-contact state, Mass overall has few knife laws, but Boston, Cambridge and Lynn all ban carrying anything more than 2.5 inches. [insert “that’s what she said” joke here] So I have a Byrd (Spyderco second line) “Robin” with a 2.4-inch blade (the nice titanium-scaled version, thenk yew verra much — got it on deep discounted closeout :-). Various silly persons at the office got all excited about this: “Why are you always armed?”

      “I’m not ‘armed’, I’m dressed. It’s like wearing your watch or putting your phone in your pocket. It’s a useful tool.” Perhaps not surprisingly, I am considered a bit of an eccentric by a number of the folks hereabouts.

        • I carry a Leatherman as a matter of course, so I suppose I’m doubly cowardly. Real men duke it out? I’m 5’6″, 175, and 70 years old. I’m supposed to duke it out with 6’2″, 225, and 28? I suppose I’m a triple coward because it ain’t my fists he’ll be tangling with.

        • I’ve worn out Gerbers….

          Agree with Jim above. I’m too old to run, and too young to die, so don’t screw with me. And If you try and mess with my grandson, you’ll be talking to St. Peter before you hit the ground….

      • Mike-If you were a Sikh, you’d be obliged to be armed with a much larger knife.

        WSF-You’re a trouble maker.

        • Funny you mention that. We had two young Sikh MDs (okay, MBBS) here a couple of years ago. The big imposing one (as opposed to the amiably goofy one) was improbably best friends with a Pakistani Muslim guy (who admittedly was quite relaxed about his Muslimness). One day PMG stopped me by the cafeteria to ask my opinion on some police-involved shooting in the news. Since he was a pretty nice guy I engaged. PMG wanted to know how it could possibly be justifiable that the cop shot, and if so, why didn’t the cop shoot the assailant in the foot and thereby stop him. Five minutes in and I was getting nowhere trying to explain the ridiculousness of trying for an insanely optimistically hoped-for disabling shot in the foot (/eyeroll), only generating more questions and objections from PMG. Out of exasperation I flipped open my knife and handed it hilt first to PMG who was standing about a meter away.

          “Let’s pretend the cop COULD shoot a charging guy in the foot while under stress. Now pretend you want to stab me with that knife. If I shot your foot clean off right now [1], would that stop you from putting the knife in my guts?”
          PMG sort of froze and stared at me. “Uh. Um, I’m sure it would hurt a lot.”
          “Yeah, fine. But would it make you unable to stab me? And that’s not even considering if you were hopped up on, say, PCP.”
          PMG can’t or won’t answer and diverts. “Why do you have this knife?”
          “So I can cut things.” I look over at the Big Sikh, who is leaning on the wall silently convulsed with laughter. “Why don’t you ask your buddy, he’s supposed to have a kirpan on him at all times.”

          “Actually Mike, I never took the Khalsa vows, so I don’t have one.”
          “Ah. Yet you have the turban, the hair, and the steel bracelet.”
          “You know the five K’s!”
          “Not really. I don’t know the names, but do know the other two are the comb and the magic underpants.”
          “They’re NOT ‘magic underpants’! They are to remind us to be modest and also to …” At which point the Big Sikh cracked up. PMG at that point was quite embarrassed and was trying (and failing) to fold my knife at the time (a CRKT with an admittedly non-obvious frame lock). So I got it back from him, did the one-handed folding maneuver, and clipped it in its usual place all without looking. Cheap street theater to be sure, but it gets inside people’s heads.

          [1] of COURSE I used my best Clint Eastwood voice when I said “shot your foot clean off”.

  4. A knife is the most basic of tools- giving them up is infantile.
    It’s not about crime, but about creating an utterly dependent class of serfs. People who can’t run a stick, or change a tire, or pull a splinter, or trim a toenail without state supervision.
    A method of turning perfectly good human beings into dependent farm animals.

    Made a new acquaintance, a few years ago who started in on the anti gun rant, just like you posted- He could not accept a lot of people were armed around him, and freaked when I cleared and handed him the weapon. (no way would I do this now, as vindictive as people are)
    I had had the guys acquaintance for some time, and thought it might be a useful illustration to show normal people carried guns. Maybe pry the mental thought-block aside a bit. Nope. Not a chance. Logic is not part of their world.

    If deplorables with guns were a problem, they would know about it.
    Like the wu-flu- if it was really a problem, we would all know a dozen people who died from it.
    Wasn’t it Orwell who said the ideal state of propaganda is when people will deny the evidence of their own eyes, in order to believe the current narrative pushed by the state?
    If an entire nation can be convinced the virus is a certain death, when it has a 99.7 % survival rate,
    it is very possible they can also be convinced that “domestic terrorists” (all three of them) are an existential threat and use it to excuse a massive crackdown on any conservative position.

  5. There is an old saying. “Never pick a fight with an old man. If he’s too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.”

    I see these men being beaten down by fifteen inner city youth and I keep shouting (at the TV), “Give the bastards a round a piece.” But they never do. I don’t get it.

    I love knives. It could be said of me that I’m a knife person. I’m also a tomahawk person, but that’s another story. 0-10 feet, a knife ends the argument if you’re willing to feel the warm spurt of your enemy’s blood. Many people are not, but you get used to it.

    • I like tomahawks and I used to be pretty fair at throwing them. About 25 years ago a photographer at a local paper got a nice shot of me throwing two at once. It caught me at the end of my follow through with two hawks parallel in mid flight. Damn I wish I had a copy of that shot.

      • The 3 lb short handled sledgehammer that has rode in my vehicle’s floor well for decades has never raised a policeman’s eye, nor has the palm sized ball peen on the seat beside me. There is usually a Gerber Multi somewhere on my person.

  6. The UK’s spirit’s still there, but it’s well hidden by the traitors, snakes and oligarchs who run the country.

    They won’t like it when the backlash occurs. Mind you, maybe they’ll be overtaken by a war, with their mighty army of 70k persyns.

  7. Yep, the Brits are getting ‘touchy’ about everything, but they can’t seem to take the knives/etc. away from the Muslim immigrants… Strange that…

  8. I’ll see your 12ga, and raise you two 357 mags. I guess 22LR will be “pocket change”….

    Never knew that about the flour sacks. I knew clothing was made from them, but didn’t know the manufacturers upgraded their sacks, at no cost, to “fabric quality” cotton vs rough cotton, until I just read about it.

    Poor England. Such a glorious past reduced to this….

  9. What did the Brit think the kitchen used to prepare the dishes on the buffet with, spoons? Maybe the Brit thinks food originates as portions in plastic trays, it’s never been part of a whole plant or animal.

    Is it a multi-polar administration with power sharing between Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing, CNN, and Black Lives Matter?

    I am a fan of the idea that the real rulers in the US are several thousand persons, who sit on multiple large corporate boards. Rich and powerful movers and shakers who are kingmakers, but thousands of them so the policy they coalesce on as a class interest is full of strategic disagreement and fighting for advantage. ‘Follow the money’ seems to work, and is straightforward. Warren Buffet wants bailouts. Bill Gates wants to be sole source of the internal passport system.

    Groucho Marx: ‘Who are you going to believe, me, or your lying eyes?’

  10. “Logic is not part of their world.”

    That reminds me of a writing I found tonight; ‘Perception has a tendency to outweigh facts in the world of the ignorant.’

    For many, their world must be shaken before they will consider their perceptions. Since it seems that is right where we’re heading, there will be a lot of need mental healing forthwith. This is so since reality takes such a huge bite from those who have spent so much of their time struggling against that very same reality. THESE Are interesting times!

    Yes, quite so, to carry is to be dressed. I feel naked otherwise. It has been so since boyhood.

  11. I used to go everywhere with 4 knives; 2 Swiss army, a Gerber Paul folder and a Leatherman. I could do most anything with them. Cook, fix most pre-computer car problems (well, jury-rig) do reasonably serious first aid, manage grooming, build numerous things, obtain entry to theoretically secure places, etc ad infinitum.

    Then I had to pack them when I flew.

    Now I can’t carry them at work – the State and Company say I can;t have them in the School Zones I deliver kids to and, I shit you not, What if the kids get them away from you?…. my response tends to be, well, I’d be a lot more impressed with the kids than I am now. They’re kid’s for Pete’s sake.

    Besides, it’s not as though the TSA scans the kids before they board – they could already have guns, knives, bombs… I sure as hell might have when I was a kid. Hell, they’re allowed to openly carry sporting goods, like those delicious kid-sized aluminum baseball bats – I’ll take that any day against a knife.

    They trust me with a 15 ton school bus and the lives of the passengers and bystanders, but not a utility tool I’ve carried since I was single-digit years of age. Plus, now if a kid’s choking
    and Heimlich (etc.) won’t do it, I have to watch them die while waiting 10 or 15 minutes for EMS instead of doing a trach.

    The world is astonishingly stupid and gaining.


  12. i remember when it was a right of passage for a boy to get his first ,very own, old timer or case pocket knife. swore i heard angels that day my stepdad gave me one over mom’s objections, lol. i lost that one to the principal in fourth grade when i cut a bully on the playground, in self defense of course. but i saved my drink bottle deposits and bought another at the country store in a few days. no background check required. i don’t recall having to cut anybody since, but i have saved a couple of appendages by cutting an article of clothing caught in a hay bailer or the like. imagine not having a knife and your loved one’s clothes caught in machinery…

    • Always carry a pocket knife, since I was a little kid.

      A number of years back one of the local ranchers, a Gold Card Member of the PRCA, WWII navy man, and a Sheriff Mounted Posse member, was offered an Honor Flight trip to DC (gettin’ misty in here as I had the honor of doing his Memorial Service). Tells me he gets to DIA, going thru security and TSA nudge frisks him, finds his 60 year-old Old Timer and confiscates it. I would have paid money to watch that deal.

      • One of the times we came out here I forgot to pack my knife when we left for DIA. Yep, they took it. The TSA guy pointed out there was a FedEx office in plain sight, and I was welcome to leave the line so I could send the knife on ahead, but there were long lines, and I didn’t want to go through them again.

  13. My great grandmother told her daughters , and they,theirs.
    “Never marry a man who doesn’t carry a knife. He is unprepared . He will not protect you and cannot handle even a minor problem. “

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