Kebab isn’t Evil.

You can visit LSP’s blog where he is TAUNTING the general public with his evening meal of Turkish kebab. No, he has no shame…neither LSP nor his vicious blue hell hound.

I don’t know whether or not LSP will cook his kebab on swords (as is traditional) or not, but when you’re cooking with LSP, it’s likely that there will be swords involved in the production. (P.S. I called him and he confirmed that he’s using swords – figures)


LSP can write his own food blog, let he and his blue sidekick eat kebab while I’m opening a can of Spaghetti O’s, up at the White Wolf Mine.

But, what about Turkey (beyond shwarma)? They’re in Libya, Cyprus, Syria and now Armenia, stirring up another genocide, by all accounts.

Azerbaijan, former Soviet Republic, Islamic stronghold and Turkish proxy is stirring things up, funded by none other than the Turkish Sultan. Armenians are sensitive to this issue because Turkey is responsible for the 1915 Armenian Genocide, where they massacred 1.5 million Armenians under the rubric of ‘ethnic cleansing’.

Two Armenian women pause for a photo fighting the Armenian Genocide in 1915

Last month, the Turkish sultan said they would finish what their ancestors started. I’m not sure why the cleansing is necessary beyond the fact that Armenia is Christian.

Historical Retrospective

September 28 1920, Sarikamish–The Treaty of Sèvres promised extensive territory to Armenia, though its final borders were awaiting a final decision from the United States.  Kemal’s government in Ankara refused to sign the treaty, however, and prepared to render it moot by invading Armenia (yet again).  On September 25, he gave the orders for the advance into Armenia, which described as an “obstacle to communications with the Muslim peoples.”  There had been some fighting throughout the summer, but the Turkish advance began in earnest on September 28 near Sarikamish, taking the town the next day.  Armenian resistance stiffened soon thereafter, however, and the Turks were stopped short of Kars. This time, the Turks and Erdogan, their current sultan vow not to be stopped.


    • Yes, I expect you to feel sorry for me, Wolf oven and stove notwithstanding. LSP is a good grill master

  1. My better half is of Armenian decent. She knows her way around guns and knives and is a very good sporting clays shooter. I think there’s something to that whole apple falling not far from the tree thing.

  2. No doubt LSP is a finer cook than I’ll ever be. A weapon of some kind always seems to be present when he’s in the kitchen. Cooking with weapons present doesn’t seem to make me a better chef, but at least I don’t feel naked.

    • Yes, weapons are always present when LSP cooks. Some suggest that his secret seasoning is gunpowder.

  3. Mr. Wolf!

    Such a pleasure to talk this afternoon and you’ll be pleased to know the grill’s fired up. Moving on. Yes, I’m more than happy to act as fleet Padre/Executor when we sail on Mozambique with the LCS fleet.

    Of course you = Admiral. That said, can we get some guns on the ships and maybe some armor? I’d hate to see one of our boats go down to 7.62×39 from a random waterborne “technical.”

    Just a thought.

    • The Littoral Combat Ship with its tiny 25mm rifle, is not up to combat with much. But it could be effective against small, unarmed craft.

  4. Seems like Iran and Russia would be the wild cards on that map. Azerbaijan has a salient waiting to be snipped off by Russia, at least on a flat map. The actual terrain may have a thing or two to say about it.
    There are pictures out there and descriptions of what the Turks did to the Armenians that do not bear repeating in civilized company. The main lesson is, anytime someone wants to take your arms away, it is time to buy better weapons and more ammo.

    • The Armenians didn’t have a second amendment. Neither did German Jews. Similar results. As you point out, they’re historical mile markers for people with eyes to see.

  5. The Armenians seem to account for themselves pretty well in these clashes. I don’t think Turkey really wants to get into it with Russia, so I expect mercenary proxies on both sides.

    No one ever seems to win in Nagorno-Karabakh, to bed the locals can;t see their way clear to not fighting.


    • Proxy wars usually serve to enrich people, or there wouldn’t be a war. Following the money is useful.

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