It’s gratifying to hear from people who follow this blog from a thousand fathoms down. So here’s to you, crew of SSN 770, USS Tucson! Peace through superior firepower!!


  1. Intrepid warriors, patrolling the far reaches of Neptune's domain in regions of the ocean where light dimly reaches.

  2. Respect.

    A few years back, 1980s, a friend talked about his time in subs during the last big one (WW2). I asked, stupidly, "Wasn't that dangerous?" He replied, "Not any more than being a rating in a big ship, you're about the same depth under water."

    Neat guy, fought on the WRONG side of the Spanish Civil war, but made it back to sanity.

    • LSP, it wasn’t until I read LTC Cooper’s stories on the “The Epic of Alcázar” and “Swordnotes” that I knew what was the right side of that war. It was his view that Francisco Franco was a Roman Catholic first, a Spaniard second, a soldier third, and a fascist fourth.

      The other side, the Republican forces, were pure atheistic communists

      The Old Guy

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