Early Irish immigrants to the U.S. brought the tradition of making a jack-o’-lantern at Halloween. According to Irish folklore, Jack was a blacksmith who had tricked the devil on several occasions. As the story goes, when Jack died, he was denied entrance into both heaven and hell. When the devil turned him away, he gave Jack a burning ember.

Jack hollowed out a turnip to carry the ember and give him light. The Irish remembered this story each year by carving scary faces on turnips and placing a burning piece of coal inside. However, when the Irish immigrated to the U.S., they discovered that pumpkins were more readily available and made better jack-o’-lanterns than turnips. Eventually, candles replaced the burning coals.

And this could be total BS. It may be neither lore nor a legend. But it makes a good story.



    • Sanpaku eyes is a thing.

      If AOC, Schiff, and Nadler did not exist, and if one wrote a work of fiction in which those three (among other Congressional freaks) were invented characters, one would be accused of the worst sorts of discrimination and playing to negative stereotypes.

      • If, on the evening of 9/11/01, you wrote the story of the election of Barack Hussein Obama, a mixed race president that traveled the world telling everyone how much the USA sucks, then the election of Donald Trump to the presidency – an FBI coup attempt and the AOC Squad, Shifty and the crew — the plague, a sham impeachment, murder hornets, etc. up to this point where a senile 78 year old Biden was running for the presidency with a whore as VP with the media colluding – you would have been locked up as insane.

  1. Its always something with those practical Irish, but aside from pie and invoking great Autumn harvest images, what else is a pumpkin good for if not to carve and put a candle in?

    Uncle Fester eyes…the look on EVERY Dem and Lefty Nov. 4th.

      • Save for the mask, your header pic looks like “Deer in the Headlights” Biden wandering around the stage (including cranial smoke) while his “Not a Doctor” wife Jill chats up the ten people standing in their COVID safety circles during one of their micro-rally’s. This is the proverbial “Emperor has no clothes on steroids”. Worse, and scarier than a Goalie-Masked Michael on Halloween, is there are people who are all in for this reprehensible charade of idiocy. Stupid is…

        Come to think of it, the movie came out in ’81, almost the same time Biden started his congressional “career”. Coincidence?? I think not.

    • In the practical sense, pumpkins are for cow and other livestock fodder. They grow late in the year, last a long time even if left in the fields, and, most importantly, grow well in absolutely terrible soil, as long as there’s plenty of water. Around here in Rhode Island, the bog ones (that make poor pies) have always been called “cow pumpkins”.


      • And it saved him from obscurity.

        He volunteered for WWII in the Army, transferred to the AAF and then requested to be a glider pilot, serving in the CBI.

        How many of today’s pampered Hollyweird princes and princesses would do that?

        • As I recall, his parents took all of the money that he earned as a child actor and blew it – leading to legislation that protects the earnings of today’s child actors.

  2. I like this post for the idea of all these Irishmen, sorry, Irishpeople, hollowing out their rock hard turnips and filling the grinning cavity with a burning coal in honor of Satan.

    It sounds, somehow, like a… Biden rally. Dunno why, just does.

    The hopefully one-day cadet sends his best and thanks for the note 🙂

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