A pariah nation with a morally bankrupt theocracy clinging to power. Clearly Creepy old Joe Brandon and his regime would be drawn to them as they search for a friend. The rest of the world sees them and the Brandon Regime, for who and what they are.


USS Amphitrite (BM-2)

Off Rockaway, Long Island, New York, on April 23, 1919. The impact of Monitors on the American Navy post-Civil War was significant and lasted past the First World War.

As you look at the photo you may wonder why the low freeboard doesn’t just cause the ship to sink. They did sink if they ventured from rivers and harbors into the ocean where they flooded…oh, they do


Bullet Points

* Explosion at Hoover Dam – The explosion was confirmed as occurring in a transformer at 10 am today. The fire is out and no one was injured. I don’t know how many turbines will spin down as a result of this, but I’m sure that the grid is robust enough to handle the demand for A/C and keep all the electric cars fully charged.

* Woke Congressional Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and other Congress donkeys were arrested outside of the Supreme Court today protesting the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Ocasio-Cortez was seen walking escorted away by police with her hands crossed behind her back as if she were in handcuffs, but she was not. At one point she uncrossed her hands and raised her fists to the other protesters. Leave them in the shitty DC Jail as long as the Jan 6 protesters. have been and serve them the same dog food. Wait for the howl as they lose their respective mid-term elections while they’re in cages.

* From Dr. Jordan Peterson to Christian Churches. Young people, particularly young men are facing an unparalleled demoralization inculcated by an extremely damaging ideology.


Identify the Aircraft


Memes for You





  1. I can’t think of nothing better for the “woke” congress critters, except exile to China, after being tried for sedition.
    I worked for a man who’s father flew an F-8 in the Navy. He was busted once, with a wingman, for a low flying buzz over a sailboat on a lake. He wasn’t busted for a lighting his afterburners after a long drop over a friend’s house. His friend, who was a classmate at college, was under a trailer when that happened. It took a few stitches to repair the damage, his cows took days to settle down, and his wife still laughed when the story was told.

  2. Friendship: Iran supposedly now has enough fissile material to make a couple of simple atomic bombs. I would be disgusted but not surprised if in the spirit of friendship we gave them tips on weaponizing whatever device they come up with. Kinda like the Clinton presidency almost certainly did with Communist China.

    F8: Either that plane had really tall landing gear or those canards? on the bottom rear folded up out of the way during landing.

    Agree with you that the congress people, persons…what the heck is the right pronoun anyway, should have housing and food provided by the DC police. It is only right.

    Despite having some problems of his own (doesn’t everyone) Dr. Peterson has a pretty realistic outlook on life and some good suggestions on how to succeed. Young people especially would gain a lot by reading his thoughts or listening to his podcasts.

    • If Iran launches on the Jews, they’ll pound that place to dust with their nukes in inventory. I wonder how informed the Grand Mufti or whoever the bastard is on such cause and effect matters?

      • Too hot to continue laying flagstones today so I am inside in the AC and bothering you ;-), at least until it cools off.

        Absolutely agree that Israel would send Iran back past the stone age if Iran fired a war reserve nuclear round at them. But nuclear weapons are used everyday, if only to scare the dickens out of your neighbors. As you well know they bring a certain gravitas to the political table just by the sheer virtue of a country having them. I would hope that the Grand Puba knows this very well…but I have been told that hope is not a strategy.

        • I was driven inside by the heat around noon. I did not accomplish what I planned to accomplish – too bad, so sad.

          • Seems to be a common thread, 65 and cool one day, 88 and blasting sun the next. Mowing pastures is okay in the heat, but actual manual labor on outside projects is not a lot of fun when the body isn’t yet acclimated. Then I think back when I was a kid, same thing then as now only my dad isn’t here to “encourage” me to finish what I started…that’s on me. Thankfully there’s plenty of Schwan’s in the freezer.

        • I thought they WANTED to return to the stone age – wouldn’t that just be helping them? I prefer glow-in-the-dark 🙂

    • Nothing more than that. My guess is that a sub was detected and they have it contained in US waters. Now trying to force it to surface.

  3. I’m not a congress critter, but I was handcuffed at a Holiday Inn once. Everyone still wants to date me.

  4. I’m not a congress critter, but I was handcuffed at a Holiday Inn once. Everyone still wants to date me, though.

  5. Saw elsewhere that the New Zealand police are starting an investigation into the high number of deaths resulting from the COVID jabs. Hope it’s a good and detailed look and that some of the Doctors of Death, along with their enablers, get arrested and jailed.

  6. I notice from news photos that there are no fire barrier walls between those transformers @ Hoover Dam. They are lucky they didn’t lose more than one. Someone should ask why those are divided with a fire barrier, which were standard when I worked at Florida Power Corp long ago.

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