It appears as though we’re now the United Socialist States. So where do I pick up my free ObamaPhone? Apple is a proud supporter of Joe and Ho. That should mean that the new i-phone 12’s will be “free”. Right? If it’s not forthcoming, I should be within my rights looting the store and taking one. Democrat rules.


Dems Threatened Govt Official, Her Family And Pets In Order To Obtain Govt Transition Funds For Biden

I don’t expect that it will be picked up by the mainstream media.


If you Need to Travel

You’ll want a negative Covid-19 test to wave around.  It’s a flourishing business. Capitalism thriving during the New World Order?

“In France, seven people were arrested last week for allegedly hawking doctored coronavirus tests at Charles de Gaulle International Airport, the Associated Press reported. The suspects, who were not identified, were charging up to $360 for the fake tests…”

You’re going to need to have your global vaccine passport if you want to cross national boundaries. It’s a very progressive idea – even while progs want to tear down the wall between the US and Mexico. All pigs are equal. Some are more equal than others.

That the Rockefeller Foundation is one of the three founders of CommonPass should surprise no one, considering they basically laid the groundwork for it in their April 21, 2020, white paper2 “National COVID-19 Testing Action Plan — Strategic Steps to Reopen Our Workplaces and Our Communities.”


Ninjas – Wearing Masks

Looking for free stuff – yes, they must be Democrats.


Down Under…


On this Day in History

The Battle of Montgisard was fought between the Ayyubids and the Kingdom of Jerusalem on November 25, 1177.

The 16-year-old King Baldwin IV, seriously afflicted by leprosy, led an out-numbered Christian force against the army of Saladin. The Arab force was routed, their casualties were massive, and only a fraction managed to flee to safety.


    • You can put in your claim for reimbursement on the cost of Thanksgiving dinner. Find your local democrat commissar and drop off the voucher.

  1. Somebody has to pay for all that “free stuff” and it ain’t going to be the tooth fairy. It will end up being the working “class” as usual. The aphorism “There ain’t no such thing as free lunch” is just about always true.

    • Just sprinkle a little fairy dust over yourself and you’ll wake up to realize that everybody owes you a living…ok, maybe it’s LSD.

  2. That first cartoon? It’s far more truthful than any other representation of the Pilgrims that I’ve seen in a long time. Yep. My pilgrim forefathers and foremothers were fucking communists before Marx and Engels made it ‘cool.’

    Bastards learned… Learned hard.

    Fucking communists. And that’s where the Deep State wants us to return to. A state of communism, or a communist state.

    F#$# me with a wood chipper.


    As to raccoons? My personal experience is summed up in three words: Load, Fire, repeat.

    At my old house, one year the f’in hippy socialist neighbors fed the trash pandas for over a year, and then left. The little bastards attacked my house. I attacked them. I only had a .22cal Remington 510 single shot bolt gun, but I racked up 31 kills over the summer.

    I hate raccoons.

    Quigley? One of my favorite movies. Then again, I’m a big Tom Selleck fan. Love his westerns.

    And whenever the outnumbered Crusaders got their collective shite together, they made a great killing, punching far above their weight in numbers. But the slightest disharmony made the Crusaders lose. Makes me believe they were, when united, fighting with God’s help.

    • If the Crusaders were able to exploit a heavy horse charge, they almost always won. They needed cohesion (as you note), terrain and they needed support. The charge was a short event, like modern armor, and required light cavalry (light lancers) to pursue a broken enemy.

      Life is life. Americans are armed. Molon Labe.

    • Careful there, Beans. There’s a reason Kenny Lane always writes RACcoons.

      Good on you for pointing out that the Pilgrims didn’t come here to establish religious freedom (much less separation of church and state) as a principle. They came here because they were such annoying people that no one back home wanted them around.

      As to free iPhone 12s. It appears that they cost $799 if you want to buy one for cash money without some bundled coverage plan. Being under $950 it sure looks like they’re functionally free, at least in California. I had to spend WAY too much time on the Apple site to find the price. But the time was not wasted. I learned that the iPhone-using world (or rather target demographic) is about 75% persons with kinky hair. And apparently at least one terminal AIDS patient (“night selfie” photo). Swarthy sweaty heroin-addict chic is so 1999; straighten it out, Apple!


    Somebody has to pay for it. I think we’re approaching an Atlas Shrugged period of time.

    I agree with Beans about his solution to the Trash Panda problem. Had some friends in SoCal that had a family move into their attic, and it wound up costing about $35k to completely remediate the damage. Special permits were required, special procedures, the whole nine regulatory yards. I know we have them in this area. I’ve seen rabbits, squirrels, foxes, and deer all over the place, and one of our neighbors had them raid their chicken coops several years ago, and the neighbor next to them had a couple get trapped in their garage. I just haven’t seen any of the little varmints here in ‘da hood.

    “Quigley” is in the media library here. Always worth a watch.

    • My solution involved a box of .22 shorts, maybe cost $3.00. I should have used LR, but I was worried about stray shots. The Shorts are good for a coon kill at about 10′ and that’s how close I was shooting them. Most only took 1 shot, though the last one was full of eldritch energy and I capped that Mofo 9 times before he finally achieved unity with the ambient temperature.

      I know people in the local city who have been coon attacked. The city regs are pretty stupd, no shooting, traps must be turned over to Animal Control, that type of stupidity. My friend just utilized his daily intake of diet Coke to provide pseudo-silencers for his pistol and he went-ahunting. Yeah, fill a 2L bottle with loose paper fill from a paper shredder and it’s good for about as long as it takes for the paper to catch fire. But he had fun doing it. That and shooting them with a crossbow (also illegal in the city), stabbing them with a spear (illegal in the city), hitting one with his truck (illegal in the city), trapping them in metal trashcans and then tossing a chlorine and brake fluid bomb in (verrrry illegal everywhere,) He only nabbed 18 of the little bastids.

      I hate raccoons. Well, citified raccoons. Wild nature raccoons, the ones you can eat, are okay as long as they stay out of gunfire range. But trash-eaters? Ruins the flavor and they are just vicious nasty little pecks.

      Damn you, BATFE, for ruining my ability to try to blow up a raccoon with a stick of dynamite. My dad said it was very fulfilling when he did it. Then again, my dad went dynamite fishing during WWII, so his idea of fun was slightly warped.

      • .22? I hit a coon in the head with a .38 special ball at six feet and it only knocked him off the shelf. I finished him off point blank on the floor with at least two more.

    • DRJIM – John Galt fled to Colorado (in Atlas Shrugged), but you’re ok where you are. Ouray is cold in the winter. It does feel as if we’re playing that out.

      You can also use a pelet gun against raccoons. Give it a few extra pumps and you get a velocity close to that of a .22 short with a bit less noise, and you satisfy the politically correct city dwellers you live around. Why is shooting them with a crossbow illegal? What about a long bow? They’re masked and the trash pandas are clearly democrats. Open season, no bag limit.

      • I’d forgotten about air rifles! My Korean buddy has a small farm out by Diamond Bar where he grew specialty vegetables for Asian restaurants. He had a hell of a problem with rabbits and gophers (cue Bill Murray) eating his produce. He tried various BB/CO2 pistols, and none had the range he needed. He finally got a “$350 class” air rifle with a small scope, and after a couple of months his rodent problem had decreased significantly. The pellets it fired could punch through one side of a galvanized steel garbage can (and dent the other) at about 20 yds, and would drop a small critter like a rabbit with one shot provided he got a good hit.

        And if I need a larger caliber, I have plenty of 2ltr Diet Coke bottles and a cross-cut paper shredder to fill them with…..

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