Bullet Points

* I was just messaging my good friend John D. from Oslo. He said that he wanted to visit the USA before things got out of hand. I said that I wanted to visit Oslo before the next plague shut everything down. Then I read this:

Germany is set to re-impose its mask mandate in September despite the summer COVID wave already “losing momentum,” indicating such rules are being made permanent. Justice Minister Marco Buschmann announced that Germans would have to mask up this autumn when indoors and that the rules would be in place throughout the winter.

* CRD Salamander posted this in regard to expeditionary warfare.  I happen to be in full agreement in terms of how we should spend some of the money allocated. The Pacific Ocean is massive and seaplanes work (it’s been proved) for CSAR missions and for clandestine missions. They are the link that we don’t have and the Japanese have operational aircraft that they can sell us today that fit the missions.

* I have noticed that democrats really like to throw around the term “oligarch” as an anonymous Bogeyman/Enemy (sometimes they specify the Koch Brothers but that’s as far as it goes) and react badly when you point out Pelosi and Schumer are oligarchs.

* Camela, the Veep, just compared not being able to kill your unborn child to slavery. She pretends to be a negro all the time when we all know that she is an Indian and was a privileged child.

* What did Ted Kennedy (Lion of the US Senate), say when Mary Jo Kopechne told him she was pregnant? “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

* BRM suggests that the media is ignoring the woke wars against agriculture, against workers and against national sovereignty. The farmer’s protests in The Netherlands and growing protests in Germany; revolutions in Sri Lanka and near revolution in Panama and a massive sense of dissatisfaction with the Obama III/Brandon agenda is never covered. If anyone opposes the government anywhere, the media brands them as Nazis, even if it’s just a farmer who wishes to keep farming on his own land.

* WSF’s car broke down – but not completely. At least there is a plan to save Banner from discomfort.

*Agree or disagree – the best Gatorade flavor is fruit punch – red.



Campers sucking up the bandwidth where I live is the bain of my existence. If they want to experience nature they can go for a walk and absent that can read a book.

You could even go Zip Lining like my grandson…


A Lesson from Oz

We should have shared this meme with Australia (Aus) before they handed all theirs in,  allowing the government to treat them like subjects.


Crowe – returns to the scene…


Stored nuclear waste (commercial fuel from power production) by US state.

It’s good to know that the government only selects the best educated with sound leadership skills to manage this.  Creatures like Sam Brinton.


  1. Wow
    One mention of my blog in your blog and hits and comments are exploding. The mechanic working on my car was complaining of pain and yesterday went to the emergency room. They did a MRI. Turns out he has four broken ribs! He assures me in two or three days he will be back to work. Until then, Sisty is Banners destination during the day.

    • It’s important that Banner remains comfortable despite the difficulty you endure — just because. I note that you were not receiving savory gifts from everyone in your building before Banner showed up (haha).

      I’m sorry that your mechanic isn’t feeling well. Four broken ribs are nothing to sneeze at. Having had broken ribs, the very idea of sneezing makes my eyes water – and not in a good way.

  2. “Germany is set to re-impose its mask mandate in September despite the summer COVID wave already “losing momentum,” indicating such rules are being made permanent.”

    I was thinking about using up my FF miles to take another trip to Paris, but figured they would do the same thing. They don’t like the unvax/boosted/compliant any either. Maybe next year after they collapse?

    • Rome is plagued by mountains and mountains of trash and feral dogs. Paris is a lot like San Francisco these days. Germany buys off each insane thing to come along (a lot like the USA) and many parts of the country feel distinctly Turkish. Austria is off the travel list too.

      I don’t know what to say.

    • I have 200′ Ponderosas north of the shack and Starlink requires a clear shot north. I’ve thought about Viasat and that may be the only workable internet solution upgrade from Verizon that I use now. I have a clear area to hit satellites south of me.

      • We’re gonna need decent bandwidth for the “Running of the BullS–tters” PPV.

        Can’t mount the Starlink dish on the roof peak and clear the trees? Dish angle is latitude dependent but ours is roughly 15 degrees off horizontal (fairly flat to the sky).

          • Simple – mount the Starlink receiver on top of the trees !

            Maybe your friend with the OH-6 can help?

            Are the grandsons still around? Sounds like a good job for youthful vigor!


  3. Nuclear waste: back when I lived in Nebraska, they joined with several neighboring states to form a waste compact. The genius politicians in NE thought that, because there is a large aquifer under the state, no one would want to place the site in NE. All the other states voted to put it in NE (I’m reminded of the line “if you’re wondering who the mark is, you ARE the mark”) and NE tried pulling out. There were a bunch of suits being filed, but I moved out and have no idea how it ended.

    • I have every confidence that it ended badly.

      Yucca Mountain (NV) was built to hold nuclear waste at a cost of billions and then Harry Reid nixed it. So it’s empty.

    • We already know underground locations which have proven to contain radioactive materials for millions of years: uranium mines. So mix the radioactive waste with chemical waste to dilute it and put it back into the mines.

  4. Germany can never be punished enough. Never. Russia is next on the Enemies List. We live in a world created by self-pitying narcissists who cannot shut up about their “own” suffering [1], while completely ignoring (or worse, reveling in) the suffering they themselves have caused and continue to cause. Speaking of which, if certain people had ANY self-awareness, they’d stop making noise about “oligarchs” lest people really start paying attention to just who so many actual oligarchs happen to be.

    [1] No, DeVontae Jones is NOT a “7th generation slavery survivor”.

    Is that Jussie (the great humanitarian) Smollett with Sam (the dogf*er) Brinton? Both are stunning and brave! What wonderful inclusive and diverse times in which we live.

    Leading graphic is interesting. That is of course an ouroboros enciricling Yggdrasil. But is it Jormungandr? Jormungandr is the world-spanning Miðgarðr serpent, but not the worldS-spanning serpent. I would argue that the ouroboros in the graphic is purely symbolic of a cyclic, ever-renewing cosmology. But I’m neither a theologian nor even Norse. What do I know about this stuff?

    • The serpent is always nibbling away at the roots of the tree of life…

      We can’t hate Russia and Germany enough and can’t love Israel or Communist China enough. In the case of China, there are a LOT of Fang Fang types making the rubber chicken circuit in political America and they’re willing to love legislators long time. So I kind of get it. I don’t hate Israel but there is sort of an unquestioning linkage of what they want to what it is they think that we should want and that bothers me.

      Jussie has been kept down by the man his whole life. He’s clearly a brave victim. He wanted to go to Subway at 2 am in the winter in Chicago when those two MAGA people beat him up. How tragic. Such a racist thing to do to a wonderful, and talented actor…

  5. I like Russel Crowe, looks well fed. Must have gotten a few leftover “aren’t I merciful” bread loaves after Gladiator wrapped. Then again, a lot can change in a man after 22 years, as I can attest despite daily activities. Schwan’s ice cream might have something to do with it.

      • He comes Monday, need to see if he has stock on the Golden Nugget bars…a weakness…but hey, life’s too unpredictable- especially these days- best to eat dessert first.

          • I’d rather die in a Golden Nugget Bar coma before an AOC prediction of the Earth hurtling into the sun or some other Lefty nonsense that manages to convince itself man is killing the planet. I have weeds stronger and more purposeful than most Lefties.

  6. I get the notion that sometime in the not very far future we’ll be mining that stored nuclear “waste” for some very valuable material.

  7. What nobody hit? I say lemon-lime. Just me. Was partial to Powerade as it was less sweet. Might not be anymore.

  8. Concur on the Red Gatorade. Re the rest, what can I say… Other than being Trans, Brinton has NO qualifications for his actual job. He’s minimally qualified for a GS-12 position… sigh

  9. Yes on the Shin Meiwa. I would eventually like a US machine. Boat-hull Herc is acceptable, a clean sheet flying boat would be ideal, as long as we don’t A-12 / LCS / MBT-70 it. Should be built from the ground up as modifiable to scooping water bombers.

    We need about 500, Coasties need them too.

    I always thought the lemon-lime Gatorade was least repulsive, then the orange.


  10. I can drink the lemon/lime straight out of the bottle, but I have to cut the fruit punch with about 30% water.

    Every time I see Gatorade I think of the Bug Juice dispensers on the Iowa….and the rumors it was good for cleaning brass….

  11. Japan as a quick fix for an amphibious aircraft and then something with faster legs than 350 mph for rescues over long distance before rescue is no longer needed. Thankfully doing away with the Department of Education will fully fund the procurement.

    Mr. Brinton: I wonder how much of his selection was due to wokeneess. Or maybe a combination of wokeness and the sure knowledge on the part of the current administration that nobody would criticize him because everyone would then accuse the criticizer of harassment of some sort or another. I also wonder exactly how well he is doing his actual J.O.B. not what designer frock he is wearing when doing it. But again you can’t ask those type of job performance questions without offending somebody or other.

    Too bad Starlink is not an option, I have heard absolutely rave reviews from two people I actually trust their opinion on. One was for the mobile system. Maybe a very long coaxial cable and a signal booster?

    Can’t do hardly any Gatorade of any variety, all of it is too sweet.

    • Our beta Starlink arrived whilst I was out of town. Mrs, who barely knows which end of the screwdriver to pick up, unboxed everything, tossed the dish out in the yard, hooked up the cables in the correct manner, plugged everything in and WALLAH! 100 MBPS, +,- 25 MBPS during the beta period and above that now. Very stable unless there’s a massive thunderstorm parked above the house. Sweet. Do like. Do recommend. Go and do thou likewise, if a signal can be acquired, of course. Elon has an app to help you find a good place to locate the dish.

      • Our experience as well, robust now for a year and half. Life changing, and not giving my cashola to Verizon for a lousy 40gigs. In fact, we just switched to PureTalk, half the price, same coverage.

        Not presuming against LL’s experience or knowledge, but I’m about ready to load up the work trailer and head to the WWM to “assist” so LL can have the bandwidth he deserves. Gotta be a Starlink solution within 100′ of the hovel. Top of a power pole or something.

  12. Lower sugar raspberry lemonade Gatorade.
    Only Safeway carries it in my AO.
    I cut it about three parts Gatorade to one part water unless I am sweating profusely.

  13. My favorite gatorade was strawberry-kiwi. Why? Well, the taste wasn’t bad and the color was light enough that if you puked it up it wouldn’t stain. A very serious consideration when wearing custom-made surcoats.

    Worse I saw was some Teutonic knight (white with black cross) who had some of that nuclear dark gatorade and he basically tie-died his surcoat.

  14. Brinton and the Admiral are repellent. The Russkies are laughing at us and rightly so.

    Outward and visible signs of inward and moral degeneracy.

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