Living in 2020

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It goes without saying.


The 2020 Vibe


How Long Do You Sleep?

I don’t know who pays for these studies. I can only guess that tax dollars do. I mean, who else would do that and why would anyone (outside of my idle curiosity) want to know how long adults are sleeping in 2020.


Politics for Millennials


2020 – the year of flag confusion

They’re lucky that antifa terrorists didn’t firebomb the B&B for flying a Norwegian flag.


Favorite Bands (based on location of formation)

The results of the research are allegedly based on where the band was actually formed, obviously not where they currently are. The research comes from, where fans rank what the best band from each state is. So all of these bands are ranked by fans. I don’t know that it’s limited to 2020, so I don’t want you to be misled.


Reenacting in 2020

Where’s the social distance? Where are the masks?

They will all likely die of the plague…


Most Commonly Spoken Languages in the US in 2020

Comment for John D.  – The Swedes are beating the Norwegians!


Hiding Cash in 2020

Tax heavens around the world, in Spanish, likely prepared for the use of narcos. The Plague, and other 2020 delights haven’t stopped the narcotics trade.

Tax Havens Worldwide

19 thoughts on “Living in 2020

  1. Nice to see my home county sleeps as little as Vegas, not that there’s anything to do around here at night. I’ve always been a Night Owl and procrastinator, I might be skewing things.

    I have a friend who does AWI re-enactment; he has entered the bunker for the forseeable future.

    Swedes vs. Norwegians – well, there are like 7 Swedes on Earth, and only about 3 Norwegians, so they have an edge. Although… do they still all think they own each others’ countries? That might skew the population numbers.

    1. Vegas never used to sleep. I don’t know what they’re doing these days. I think that they’ve fallen on hard times.

      I don’t think that a bunker is a bad idea. It’s not for me, but I can’t criticize.

      1. Your lair and it’s seclusive nature qualifies as bunkering even though you haven’t told us if you have an actual bunker or not in your complex (because opsec, of course.)

        1. I think that it’s been established that I live in a compound which includes defensive measures. There’s about 1500 square feet of space that had to be blasted into bedrock, concrete poured, etc. Is that a bunker?

          Do mine shafts constitute “bunkers”? That’s an age old question. The feature film and docu-drama “Dr. Strangelove” exposed a mine shaft gap that the US might have had with Russia. They weren’t called bunkers were they? No, mine shafts, where robust men would consort with women chosen for certain attributes to keep the human species going.

    2. Grew up in Midwest Swede territory. One odd saying I heard a time or two – “a thousand Swedes ran through the weeds, chased by one Norwegian”. Wondered why Swedes would say that???

      1. >why Swedes would say that???
        “Ve vas trying ter get avay from der schmell.”

        Sorry, John. Just channeling my inner Swede.
        (Though admittedly the Swedish Disaster said I was more like a Finn than a Swede. You could see the existential pain in our Finnish friend’s eyes when Swedish Girl made her proclamation. Heh.)

  2. I think that the band, Talking Heads, actually formed in Rhode Island when they were students at RISD. Kings Of Leon or Flaming Lips should, in my opinion, be the entry for Oklahoma.

    1. You ARE the band guy, so who am I to argue? I snatched the maps, I didn’t make them. I relied on them like America relies on Fauci.

  3. “Why would anyone want to know how long adults are sleeping…?” Initially, I would bet big bucks that taxpayer money commissioned this research. Huge Bucks. Once the data are in, however, there are a few among us who would be interested in this data, such as:

    Mike Lindell, who touts providing ‘the best night’s sleep in the whole wide world’. Those ‘My Pillow’ people, who have cornered the advertising market on every channel, would love to get their hands on this raw data, and start smothering these no sleep zones with wall to wall advertising. Lucky us.

    1. Other than Mike Lindell, I don’t know who would want to know or care how long people sleep, but the taxpayers likely shelled out seven figures for the comprehensive study – a snapshot in time.

      1. I completely agree; there’s no doubt that all of this foolish research into an ‘issue’ that is a non-issue was funded by my tax dollars (and yours). Same type of parasites that somehow got that shrimp on a treadmill funded are at it again.

        At least it’s a good thing they got rid of ear marks to offset this kind of research/shenanigans, huh? Otherwise we would start running deficits…

  4. As my wife would say in Danish: “Nu har vi prove det” (“Now we’ve tried that.”)

    Despite it not yet quite soon to be almost over, I’d rather not repeat 2020.

      1. Ticks me off these reprobates could ruin an entire year for Americans, at will, and Congress et al sit there with their thumbs up their collective a—s. I want it back…they owes us normal folks for dragging life into their wallowing cesspool of filth. Somehow there will be stout retribution for these lowlifes. Thinking Jason Bourne could probably take someone out with a pocket Constitution. Beyond that, only God Himself could have mercy on them.

  5. I guess the main reason is that more Swedes migrated to the US than Norwegians. The figures I have are around 1.3 million Swedes and close to 900k Norwegians.

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